My day with Ariel – 18th June 2019

I finally got my lay in! First time in ages I was able to stay in bed and sleep as much as I liked without panicking that I was missing my alarms and I was suppose to be up and doing something. It was nice. Yet for some reason my brain knew I was allowed to stay in bed so of course I was wide awake. Oh well, I made the most of not having to be up. I just led in bed and enjoyed the idea of being lazy.

Daly had come into me when he finished work and asked me to wake him up at 12. I didn’t know why he wanted to be up but as soon as ‘What’s on your plate?’ started playing on CBeebies I knew it was 12 and I needed to get him up.

Bella decided that she wanted to go downstairs but I needed to wash my hair and needed to get Daly up. But down the stairs she went. However the stairgate at the bottom of the stairs was closed. So cue lots of crying and moaning at the bottom of the stairs because she couldn’t get through.

I went in to wake Daly up. Apparently he had been awake for a bit, not that I could really tell, he was lead in bed with his eyes closed. I think I’m aloud to think hes asleep if his eyes are closed and he isn’t moving. He’s either asleep or dead. So apparently he was awake so I left him to it while I tided the bathroom.

I had tried sorting out the airing cupboard. It was starting to become a bit chaotic. It doesn’t help it’s full of dad’s towels and duvet covers but he hasn’t lived here for nearly 9 months. I had filled the bath with everything from the cupboard into the bath so at least the floor was still clear. I wanted to sort them out so I actually knew which duvet covers can be used and the towels that are good. I sorted out the duvets that were dads and put them to one side and then the ones that were no good so they could be taken to charity. I then did the same with the towels. A lot of them were starting to look dated and needed to be replaced. It felt good to sort out stuff and also to have a tidy bathroom again.

I washed my hair and Bella was still sat at the bottom of the stairs still moaning. Once I finally finished my hair I went and joined Bella downstairs. I asked her what clothes she wanted to wear today. As when I had asked her last night she had chosen to put on her Ariel dress. She announced she wanted to be a fairy today so I sent her to fetch her Tinkerbell dress. She went and found it for me and then dived back on to the sofa.

I got her off the sofa to get her dressed but she had changed her mind. She wanted to wear her Ariel dress again. She even wanted the matching bow in. She looks so cute all dressed up as Ariel. While I got Bella dressed Daly had jumped in the shower.

It’s been really hot and humid today so we’d had the back door open. Ariel had decided she wanted to play outside so she was out there playing in the water tray and sandpit. Daly had come downstairs and called me out into the garden. Apparently we need to check the back gate again as somehow a mermaid had got into our garden,

After a little bit of playing in the garden it was time for lunch. Bella came and helped me in the kitchen. She didn’t tell me what she wanted but she became extremely interested in what I was making for lunch. I’ve decided I’m going to try eating properly and healthy, also we keep having to throw up the salad bits because they don’t get used. I lived on salads when I was at uni so I thought I’d make one of those salads for lunch today. Bella sat on the kitchen side and helped me share the salad between our two bowls.

Our yummy salad was made up of lettuce, tomato, cucumber, pepper, cheese cubes, luncheon meat and Bella’s had carrot in it as well. And of course to top it off a healthy dose of mayonnaise. Well mine was a bit of an over load but I don’t care, it makes it yummier.

We sat up to the table and ate our salads together. I finished first and then Bella wanted to finish her salad sat on my lap. In the end I finished her salad. She’s not a very salad person but at least she tired,

After lunch we got ready to go into town. Daly was dropping us down before he went to work. Little Ariel put on her little lacy pumps like mummy and went with daddy to get in the car.

She gave us a bit of a run around with the car, refusing to sit in her chair. Eventually the two of us managed to get Bella into her seat. Although there was a lot of screaming. I don’t know why she reacts that way at the moment, it’s weird. I don’t like how upset she gets but she has to sit in her car seat for her own safety and you know legal requirements.

Daly dropped us at the pub and I grabbed the pram out of the boot so we could walk home. Bella happily marched off to the pub while I said goodbye to Daly. I quickly caught up with her and met Ed in the pub.

Ed and I sat and chatted about what we’d been up to recently and how Bella had been. She was praised by other people in the pub on how pretty she looked in her Ariel dress and bow. She seemed very interested in the front door today so we had to keep going and bringing her back in to where I knew she was safe. She knows not to go out the door, she stops in the doorway or sits on the step but that’s not the point.

Cathy soon turned up and so did Zach which was a pleasant surprise. Cathy surprised Bella with a Frozen memory game. Bella happily sat at the bar making the pictures of Hans and Anna kiss. We commented on the fact that Bella is only two but makes all her toys kiss. I’m waiting for that conversation at nursery,

After chatting with Cathy and Ed for a while I decided we should probably head home so I could cook some dinner. On our way home we stopped in Sainsburys to pick up some facewash and shampoo. I also grabbed some more hair dye as mine’s been needed doing for a while so thats probably a job for the weekend.

On the way home Bella walked most of the way. Of course we had to stop to look at things. We talked about the colours of cars and flowers and brushed up on our road safety. While we were walking through the alleys Bella found a branch that looked just like a little tree. Which of course meant Bella wanted to bring it with us.

Once we got home I gave Bella a bowl of strawberries while I cooked dinner. I decided we were going to have some egg fried rice for dinner. While I was waiting for the rice to cook I tidied the kitchen. I’ve got this major motivation to tidy and sort and the moment so I’m trying to use it to keep the house in check.

We sat and had a lovely dinner together. Bella loves my egg fried rice which is lovely to see. She ate all of it up. After dinner Bella did some drawing and colouring while I finished the washing up. When I came in to the living room Bella had drawn me a robot. She told me all about it.

Finally before dinner, Bella and I enjoyed a fruit salad of apples, bananas, grapes and strawberries. My child is developing into an instagram child. I took a photo of my fruit salad and suddenly hers was put in front of my camera as well. So of course I took the photo for her. What am I creating?

Anyways, night all and let’s see what adventures tomorrow holds for us.

Love CiCi x

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