Mummy’s rest day – 14th June 2019

Once again I struggled to wake up on a Friday morning. I set my alarms to try and take Bella to Dawn and Grants for 10.30ish but nope it wasn’t happening. I just kept hitting snooze. I think my body just gives up when Friday comes. I have no idea how many times I hit snooze.

Eventually I dragged myself out of bed at about 11am. I thought any later and we’d miss Grant. He was off to drive the bus this afternoon so I wasn’t sure if we’d make it in time. We got up and got dressed so we could go to Grandmas. Bella wasn’t very happy we didn’t have any bananas for breakfast.

Off we went to Grandmas, The weather was gorgeous outside. I dropped Bella off with Daly’s parents. When we got there Grant wasn’t there but Dawn told me he had only gone to pick up the bus. So luckily Bella hadn’t missed him. He turned back up just before I headed home.

When I got home I was so tired so I climbed back into bed with Daly. He was awake watching videos and relaxing before he went to work. So I snuggled up to him but tried not to doze off. We eventually decided we should get up and face the really world as much as I just wanted to sleep.

When we got up and emerged downstairs I hung the washing out on the line. I’ve now go to that point in life when I look out the window and think wow, brilliant weather for drying. Quick get the clothes hung out. While I was hanging the clothes out I discovered all but about 10 pegs had gone funny and there was no way I was using them to hang the clothes up with. This meant I needed to go into town and buy some pegs before I could hang my washing out. I persuaded Daly to come into town with me. I said he could chill at the pub while I ran round to Poundland.

It actually worked and Daly got dressed and came into town with me. I quickly popped into Poundland and picked up some wooden pegs. Can’t moan when you get 120 for two pounds. I went back to the pub and we sat chatting with Ed and Nathan for a bit.

Before we went back home Daly needed to go to Food Warehouse to pick up his dinner for work. I also picked up some dinner for me as well. I don’t like the idea of cooking a full dinner when it’s just me. A 1 pound microwave meal does the job.

We went back home and Daly said goodbye and dashed off to work. Now it was time for me to actually relax. I ended up laying on the sofa for the rest of the afternoon watching Friends, I’m going back through all the episodes again. While I was watching the TV I was editing my photos from Brighton so I could get the blogs up. So I wasn’t exactly watching the TV but I can’t stand the quiet, I like to have some background noise.

I went back over to Dawn’s at half 7 to pick up Bella. When I got there Bella was being changed but she was happily still munching on her dinner. Uncle Wayne was round and he told me how Bella had been playing with his dog Buzz. She’s normally to scared to go near dogs so that was a huge step for her. We all went and sat in the garden enjoying the evening and chatting.

Dawn and I had decided we were going to go down and see our friends Char and Richard. We said goodbye to Wayne and down to theirs we went. We sat and chatted about things that had been going on while Bella raided their sons toy box. She managed to find all the Paw Patrol toys and a couple of PJ Masks masks. I was quite surprised when Bella came running up to me wearing one of the masks. Didn’t think that was something I’d see her do but then again it might just be me whose funny about masks.

We had to head home as it was Bella’s bedtime so we said goodbyes with hugs and kisses and home we went.

Hopefully next Friday can be a little more relaxing with no trips to town. We will have to see.

Night all, and lets see what adventures tomorrow holds for us.

Love CiCi x

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