Busy girl = Grumpy girl – 13th June 2019

Bella woke up in a good mood this morning. She was excited to go to ballet this morning. She’d woken up a little later than she should have. This meant we were in a little bit of a rush this morning to get out of the door. It was a bit of a battle to get Bella dressed. Although she was happy she wanted to sit at home and watch TV. As much as she loves ballet I think after a busy week of being in and out she was just over it all. I eventually managed to get her into her ballet outfit and we set off to her ballet class – with an apple.

When we got to class, everyone was already there. We quickly took off our shoes and went and sat on the mats ready to start. The only problem was the apple had to come with us. I’m sure there’s some rule about eating in class but I could not prize the apple off of her. She didn’t really want to join in much of the first half of the ballet class. She did however get excited when a new girl turned up who happened to be from her toddler group.

Bella kept munching on her apple but eventually gave it up when Miss Paige brought the wands out for their rainbow dance. Bella joined in nicely but instead of following Miss Paige when it was time to flutter around the room she went to her own area of the room and went round in circles.

Next up time for jumping, of course Bella happily joined in. Although she wanted me to lift her when she jumped. This however was not happening. It hurts my back to help her jump. And also she can jump. She did very well jumping although it seemed a bit more like skipping at times. Miss Paige was very please with Bella’s progress and that she can jump now. All her practising has paid off.

She joined in with the rest of the class well. And of course enjoyed the best part of the class. Dancing with Twinkle, rocking her to bed and brushing her teeth. She loves Twinkle. I keep thinking about buying her one so she has her own at home but then I think it’ll just be another soft toy to add to the collection.

When we got home I discovered a large box in the living room. That told me Daly was awake as someone must have let the box in. It didn’t walk in here on it’s own. Bella was amazed by the box, I told her it was for her and we’d open it in a minute. I opened it up and Bella helped me open it so we could see inside. It was Bella’s new car seat.

I went upstairs and thanked Daly for bringing the box in for me. I had completely forgotten it was coming today so hadn’t warned him the box was coming. I felt bad because he was started to get into night mode.

I went back downstairs and started tidying the kitchen and making Bella’s lunch. For some reason on a Thursday I’m motivated to do the house work. I think it’s because we have an hour and a half between ballet and nursery. I know I have to make Bella’s lunch for half 11 so I don’t really see the point in sitting down for 30 minutes.

I made Bella her lunch and Daly came downstairs to see what I was up to. He wanted to go get the car washed so he headed off to get that done before it was time to take Bella to nursery. I asked him if he was able to tidy the living room for me while I cleaned the kitchen once Bella was at nursery. He agreed and off he went to wash the car.

Bella was enjoying her down time watching CBeebies. I got Bella dressed in her nursery clothes. Once again a little bit of a fight but we managed to get her dressed. Daly returned from the car wash and we both took Bella to nursery.

We dropped Bella off at nursery. She was so excited when she went in. I wasn’t sure how she was going to be with the grumps she had had this morning. I just hoped she wasn’t going to throw to many fits at nursery. Daly and I went back home and continued with our housework.

Daly finished his job of tidying and hoovering the living room and then he moved on to his favourite job, cleaning the car. I swear he lives for cleaning the car. If he’s bored you can bet he’s out at the car, cleaning something on it. I mean he’s got this whole little valet set.

It quickly became time to go get Bella again from nursery. Daly parked outside while I ran in to get her. Turns out Bella had had a wonderful time today. I was surprised but apparently she’d happily played in the water. So much so she’d had to be changed. But at least it was just her trousers this week. Her top had survived the water.

When we left nursery, Bella spotted the car parked across the other side of the road. She saw daddy was driving it and I had to remind her it was a busy road and she needed to wait until I told her it was safe to cross. We didn’t want her to get squashed by a car. I had promised Bella a biscuit for how good she’d been all week. She may have been a little grumpy today but we’re all aloud to be grumpy every now and then doesn’t mean we don’t deserve a treat for all the good behaviour. So we popped to Costa so Daly and I could grab a drink and Bella could have her gingerbread ice cream cone.

We were seeing Daly’s parents so Daly could help his dad with something that needed doing on his car. It was good though because it meant they’d be able to see Bella and neither of us had seen his parents recently. We arrived and had to wake Bella up. She had eaten all her gingerbread ice cream cone and fallen asleep. She wasn’t very happy we’d woken her but she was happy as soon as she saw Grandma and Grandad.

Daly and his dad tinkered with the cars and then we headed over to see Zach and Cathy. We had arranged to go and see them. Bella loves spending time with them and it’s nice having a chilled out evening with good friends. When we first got there Bella, Cathy and Zach were playing with the cats tunnel. Bella was putting it over her head and trying to pass her body all the way through it. It’s so funny because Zach taught her that on her birthday.

We decided we should probably get some food. We were having chips from the local chip shop. Daly, Zach and I all had burgers, although the boys weren’t impressed that I had salad in mine. They don’t like rabbit food. Bella enjoyed a sausage and some chips. She must have been hungry, she finished all her food. Obviously all this business made my grumpy child also a hungry child.

She kept asking Cathy for juice, so poor Cathy was up and down to the kitchen to fill Bella’s juice cup. Bella was getting a little restless and I was getting worried she was going to get destructive. She had already knocked over my drink twice. To try and calm her down Zach put on some Tom and Jerry episodes. She loves watching them with Grandad so we guessed it was going to work at Cathys.

After a few Tom and Jerry episodes Bella got a little bored so she started playing with the coasters. She has some weird thing about coasters. First it started with her sharing them out between herself, Daly and Zach. She then rounded up all the coasters, including the one my drink was sitting on. Once she had all the coasters she used them to make pictures. First up Bella made a dinosaur, then a snake and finally a lion. It was so cute how she tried to make the animals and then announced to us all what the animals were and matched it with their sounds.

We had moved on to Road Runner episodes on the TV. Bella found these extremely funny. She kept laughing when the coyote ran into something or he was blown up. Bella had realised that the same thing was playing on the computer as playing on the TV. Cathy has the computer linked up to the TV. Bella found it extremely interesting that the same thing was playing on both screens. To get closer to the action she climbed up to join Cathy on her computer chair. They had fun playing with the computer together. Bella has got such a lovely bond with Cathy. It so cute to see.

As the evening went on, Bella decided she wanted to sit back with Uncle Zach. Daly had disappeared off on the phone, Bella gathered all her bits together and put them on the sofa with Zach ready for her to join him. As she went to get her juice Daly came back and sat on the sofa. Bella was horrified ‘NO DADDY!’ I’ve never seen Bella get so upset. She was so angry Daly had sat with Zach. She didn’t care that there was plenty of space for her on the sofa. Daly stole her space with Zach. Uncle Zach is Bella’s. She can get very possessive over people it’s funny. It was lovely to see however. It’s nice to know she has such a lovely relationship with her Godfather. It’s a special bond they have, it’s lovely. And I’m aware I keep saying lovely and cute – I seem to have forgotten all other words today.

Anyways, night all and let’s see what adventures tomorrow holds for us.

Love CiCi x

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