Brighton Primark Shopping Haul

As in my last blog, I told you we went to Primark in Brighton to do a bit of shopping. So as a change of pace heres our shopping haul of all the goodies we bought.

Summer Dresses

With the weather getting warming Bella loves to wear her pretty cotton dresses. They’re easy to put on her and they keep her nice and cool. I love these ones from Primark. They’re only 4 pounds so I dont mind if she ruins them and they are lovely and colourful. We’ve had to buy up a size. Bella seems to have had a growth spurt so we’ve gone from buying her size 12-18 months to 2-3years to make sure she has a bit of room in them to grow.

Summer Tshirts

I love Primarks kids tshirts. They are so cute and so cheap. I always put Bella in a tshirt for nursery and these are ideal. They cost £1.30 and the size Bella is now I can chose from the baby tshirts and the actual kids tshirts. I decided to get her a few tshirts with white backgrounds as their easier to pair with bottoms. I don’t have to find trousers that colour coordinate

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