Mum’s Half Birthday – 10th June 2019

Today is mum’s half birthday. Mum liked to celebrate her half birthday over her real birthday. Celebrating in June means it’s easier to do things and go out for the day. In December it’s cold and horrible and too close to Christmas so no one has any money and everywhere is booked up meaning you can’t get into restaurants or activities.

In honour of mum’s half birthday I had arranged for us to go out as a family for a meal at the restaurant we used to always go to with mum. It’s not much but with people working and nursery we couldn’t really go out for the day. Beside the weather has been miserable all day, I don’t think any of us would have really wanted to go out.

As it was a special occasion we all got dressed up. Daly spent his time running round trying to find his jeans. He thought he’d left them at his parents so he had headed over there to see if they were there. He returned with a big bag of clothes but he wasn’t hopeful his jeans were in there. Instead he had asked me to sort out his suit trousers for him so he had something smart as all he had if he didn’t have his jeans were tracksuit bottoms.

While he was running around looking for his trousers I did my make up – and so did Bella. She went a bit crazy with the highlighter and blush. I didn’t realise until later in the evening when I realised her eyes and nose were pink and sparkly. Oh well this girl loves to play with my make up, especially my highlighter.

Once my make up was done it was time to get dressed. I’d chosen a blue and black velvet dress I had bought while shopping with mum one time. I wasn’t too sure on it. I seem to have a very long torso so it means dresses all seem to have very short skirts on me. Once I was dressed it was time for Bella. Daly was home and dressed himself by this point so he was sat on the sofa keeping an eye on Bella. I had found out a black flowery dress that Rachel had bought her for her birthday and some tights where it was miserable outside. I had brought them downstairs before I got ready but could I find them now. No I couldn’t. I hunted upstairs in our room, Bella’s room, the washing pile on the landing to see if I’d dropped it there. I then hunted downstairs in the washing pile to see if it had ended up there, and all over the living room. I could not find it anywhere. It was driving me crazy.

I eventually found her outfit under Daly. He had sat on it. I was not impressed but we got on with getting ready. I got Bella dressed and then she chose her shoes for the evening. She chose her cute daisy sandals. Cute but not weather appropriate. It was torrential outside.

Now we were all dressed and ready we got loaded into the car. I packed us umbrellas and coats with the weather being so horrid. And off we went to the restaurant. We went past my sisters house on our way and they weren’t there so we guessed they must be on their way as well.

We arrived at the restaurant and Daly pointed out Rachel and Oli had just pulled up as well. We all got out into the pouring rain. I put Bella in her coat and Daly carried her to the door. We all huddled under my Mustang golf umbrella to try and avoid getting wetter than needs be. As we got to the door Oli and Rachel arrived as well.

In we went. Now it’s one of those places that says find a seat and then order at the bar but I had booked a table so it made no sense to go find our own table when we are suppose to have a booking and I had requested a high chair for Bella. So we had to wait for the waitress to be free at the bar so we could tell her we had a booking. Eventually the slowest server ever was ready for us. I explained we had a booking under my name and she casually said for how many? Five. So she wandered off and we followed her to a random table in the window. Is this any good? So they hadn’t actually prepared a table for us and there is no point in adding instructions to your booking because they don’t bother reading them or actually booking you a table. It’s just so you waste time waiting for someone to become free when they are extremely understaffed.

So we sat at the random table we had been pointed to and then Daly had to go find a high chair for Bella. Like I said completely worth that notes section on the booking. So we sat at the table. Bella insisted Oli sat next her and became very upset when Daly removed the chair to pop Bella’s high chair up to the table. Obviously Oli was the family member of choice today.

There were no childrens menus on the table so back to the bar I went to ask for a childrens menu. This meant another 10 minutes stood at the bar listening to staff chat and the queue get bigger and bigger. Eventually another member of staff turned up and was able to help me.

Back to the table I went and we all sat looking at our menus. Luckily the rest of the evening went well. We chose what we were all having and I had to write it all down on my phone. There was no way I was going to remember all our orders. Especially where drinks were involved as well. I went and ordered our food and then we sat at the table and chatted.

Bella sat at the table extremely well especially considering we were waiting for our food for over half an hour. She was happily entertained by Oli who was showing her magic tricks. We chatted about nursery and work and plans we had for the coming weeks but this was all getting too boring for Bella. There is a soft play area in the restaurant and Bella had caught sight of this. We were able to watch the soft play area from our table and Bella is sensible when she’s playing. She knows to come and get us if there is any problems so I’m quite happy for her to play with hovering over her. However she went in the play area with the agreement she came straight out when dinner came.

This seemed to play out well. About ten minutes after Daly had let her go off into the soft play our food turned up at the table. Daly went off to call Bella to the table. It started well, Daly called her and she happily came down from where she was playing and walked up to Daly. And just as she got there, she turned to run. Luckily Daly has fast reflexes so managed to catch her before she disappeared back into the soft play. This resulted in screaming and crying but this was quickly softened as soon as she spotted the food in her place.

We had a wonderful evening chatting, remembering mum and enjoying our meals. It was so nice to actually go out as a family and have a nice meal. Bella ate so well and was happy as soon as she started to get food inside her.

We didn’t stop for desserts, we all seemed very full from just our main course. I’d weighed up having an ice cream but didn’t really want to have one if no one else was.

We took a few selfies before we left the restaurant so we could remember the evening. And even a few Snapchat filtered photos. We said our goodbyes at the cars and then we headed home. I hope mum would have enjoyed the evening, we had some laughs and made plenty more memories for years to come.

Anyways night all and lets see what adventures tomorrow holds for us.

Love CiCi x

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