Getting creative – 8th June 2019

Once again my body did not want to get up this morning. I knew we needed to be out of the house by 10am if not before. We were going to my friend’s Shaunagh’s this morning. We’d tried arranging it for a few weeks ago but where Bella had been ill we didn’t really want to chance going round there and Bella feeling worse or throwing up everywhere. That would not have been pretty.

I was planning on getting up at 8.30am this morning – which is like the earliest I am willing to get up ever. But my body had other thoughts. I pressed snooze on my alarm I don’t know how many times. I just did not want to wake up. At half 9 I eventually dragged myself out of bed and hunted through the drawers for something for Bella to wear. She woke up and decided to help me. It was miserable outside again so long sleeves it was. She chose her cute Paw Patrol dress with leggings we had bought her for Christmas. Normally knowing what we were going to do at Shaunagh’s I wouldn’t let Bella wear nice clothes but I thought I’ve always got a washing machine at home so it’s ok.

I’d messaged Shaunagh to let her know we were going to be a little late and we finished getting ready to go out. Just as we were going out the door Bella marched into the kitchen and announced ‘cookie please’ She wanted one of the biscuits I had made yesterday. I was quite surprised considering the face she’d pulled yesterday when she had one but didn’t really see the harm so I gave her a small one to eat in the car on our way over.

We made our way to Shaunagh’s and she met us on the door step. We went inside and Shaunagh and I enjoyed a cup of tea while Bella had some juice. Now Shaunagh and Jake have a dog. I’m not a huge fan of dogs but I don’t hate them but Bella is very unsure. Luckily Herbie is a very well behaved dog. He happily sat and just watched Bella play. He’d come over to me for a fuss but leave her be. While we were chatting and enjoying our cuppas Bella found some tubes that slot into each other and played with them. She lined them up next to each other and tried slotting them back together.

We had gone round to Shaunagh’s to do some baking with my mini cook. First on the table to bake was some Dory cupcakes. We poured the mix into the bowl and then Bella helped crack the egg.

Next she helped add the tablespoon of water and then the teaspoon of oil. Considering the cakes were suppose to be vanilla the mix smelt (and tasted) like strawberries – weird. Then it was time to mix. Bella helped Shaunagh mix all the ingredients together but she was a bit timid helping. Not sure why. She loves baking. Normally I’m not allowed to help her.

Once the mixture was all mixed together it was time to put it in the cupcake cases. Bella had already placed all the cases in the tray and now it was time to fill them. Shaunagh helped her scoop the mixture out. Bella was very good at scrapping the mixture of the spoon into the case. Once they were all filled it was time to put them in the oven.

While they were in the oven we tried to encourage Bella to lick the bowl but she was having none of it. In fact she was getting a bit funny every time some mixture on her fingers. She just kept saying yuck!

While we waited for the cakes to cook we made the icing. With Shaunagh’s help, Bella made the butter icing to go on top of the cakes. It wasn’t the most appealing icing though. It just seemed like there wasn’t enough of it and although we’d measured out the right amount of butter the mixture seemed very running.

Shauganh washed up the bowls and then we moved onto making our next baked item. This time it was unicorn biscuits. The only bad thing was there was no cutter so I cut out the stencil that was inside the box for us to use to cut out some unicorns when the biscuit dough was made.

Now making the biscuits required Bella getting messy. She had to mix the dough with her hands. She was a bit unsure to start with but the more she realised it was ok for her to get dirty and she enjoyed squishing all the butter in she tried very hard to hand mix it.

Shaunagh had pretty nails so didn’t want to get them all messed up by dough but luckily I don’t have any nails yet so I dived in to finish off the mixing. I hate the feeling of dough mixutre. I think I can see where Bella hates to get her hands dirty. I just hate the texture and the horrible greasy feeling afterwards. However the dough got mixed and I rolled it into a ball so Bella and Shauagh could roll it out and turn it into biscuits.

I was really impressed with Bella’s rolling pin skills. She struggled if it was at an angle but she did a really good job of rolling the dough out.

They rolled it out and then Shaunagh used a knife to try and cut out some unicorns. She cut out two and then gave up. It’s so fiddly using a cardboard stencil and then trying to go round the edge of it to cut out the unicorn. I think I need to invest in a unicorn cutter for next time.

Because of how fiddly it was to cut the unicorns out Shaunagh found Bella some normal biscuit cutters. These worked much better. Bella enjoyed placing them on the dough and then squishing them down to cut the shapes out. Considering the mixture said it only made 6 unicorns we managed to make loads of biscuits.

We popped them in the oven and waited for them to cook. The washing machine man had turned up to fix Shaunaghs washing machine so we had to vacate the kitchen so he could work. We decided it would be the perfect chance to ice the cakes as they had been out of the oven long enough and had cooled down. We sat up to the dinning table so they could be iced.

Shaunagh placed the icing on the cakes and then Bella added the rice paper designs. The icing that we hadn’t be thrilled with that had come with the cakes, we only used for two of the cakes before we stopped and resorted to ready made icing. That worked much better and looked alot nicer as well.

Jake returned home while we were icing. As soon as we’d finished icing the cakes, and Shaunagh had re iced the first two with her icing Bella grabbed a cake and decided she wanted to eat it. It was obviously very yummy because it quickly disappeared. She very sweetly shared the cakes out so each adult had one, and then ate another herself. Shaunagh quickly put the rest in a box so Bella didn’t eat them all. I have to say they were very nice cakes.

We started to take the biscuits out of the oven. For some reason they were all cooking at different times but that didn’t really matter. While we were waiting for them to all cook and cool. Bella and Jake were playing with the tubes, using them as eyes, a microphone and even a telescope. Eventually the biscuits were all cooked and cooled so it was time to decorate.

Shaunagh melted some white chocolate on the hob and covered the biscuits in the chocolate while Bella decorated them with hundreds and thousands and stars. ‘Sprinkle, sprinkle’ They were very pretty biscuits. Bella concentrated hard when it came to decorating the unicorn. Making sure she covered it’s mane in sprinkles.

We had a little pause in the cooking while Jake and Bella played. I’m not sure what they were doing but I know it involved running from the bedroom to the bathroom and back. All you could hear was footsteps and giggling. Sadly Bella got a little over excited and ran into a unit bumping her head. We had a few tears but once she had a biscuit and blanket she was happy again.

It was the adults turn for cooking. I had a chocolate brownie mix and Shaunagh had some red velvet cupcake mix. We set to work making our cakes while Bella sat on the sofa munching on her biscuit.

Once the brownie and cupcakes were in the oven to cook Bella appeared again ready to lick the brownie bowl. This time she want to lick the bowl and all the spoons. She ended up covered in chocolate but she enjoyed herself.

We had a little down time while we waited for the cakes to cook. We popped the TV on for Bella and Shaunagh and I enjoyed another cup of tea. The cakes were finally cooked so we pulled them out the oven and Shaunagh decorated the red velvet cupcakes and then we all enjoyed cupcakes and brownies.

I was keeping an eye on the time as I’d left Daly at home asleep and knew we needed to get the car back to him before he started work but I also needed to make sure he was up in time to go to work. I know he checks his phone as soon as he wakes up so I sent him a Snapchat and then kept an eye on it to see if he opened it. I always give him until half 2 to wake up by himself. Half 2 came and went and the Snapchat wasn’t opened so we said goodbye to Shauagh so I could go home to wake him up.

As soon as we got home Bella was fussing and saying she wanted her nappy changed. So we went upstairs to see if she needed the toilet. And low and behold she did. She didn’t actually need her nappy changed instead she wanted the toilet and that seems to be her way of telling me. Once that was dealt with, we went into wake daddy up.

Daly woke up and we chatted for a bit while Bella played with the items on the window sill. There’s a group of three owls she loves to play with. Apparently the baby owl is Bella, the middle owl is mummy, and the big owl is daddy. Once Daly had finally woken up fully we went downstairs. Daly got dressed and while he was packing the car I had the idea to turn our downstairs toilet into basically Bella’s toilet as she struggles to reach the upstairs toilet and skin. For some reason their really high but downstairs they are standard height.

So once Daly had gone to work I emptied the toilet of everything and cleaned it thoroughly. It had been sort of used for storing things and for the cats since mum died. Bella was happy playing and watching TV while I worked. After cleaning everything, taking all the recycling out and removing the cats stuff the toilet was finally clean. I set up the toilet for Bella with her seat and step. I even moved the toilet roll holder so she can reach it herself to try and give her as much independence as possible.

I got Bella her to show her what I had done. She seemed a bit nervous to begin with. She’s always been told she’s not allowed in there because of the cats so it’s a bit of a change but she seems to prefer the toilet over the potty so I thought this was a good way to go about things. The cat tray is still in there but Bella knows not to touch it and is supervised in the toilet before anyone panics because their tray is still in the toilet.

As Bella was a little weary of using the toilet I suggested we made a sign to go on the door that Bella could make and that way she’d know it was her toilet. We got all the paints out and I found an old canvas I had bought for an art project years ago. Bella carefully chose her colours and made sure she washed her brush between each colour. She painted beautifully and was making sure she was so careful not to mix the colours. While she was painting we discussed what the different colours were. She’s starting to get there with colours, she remembers blue and green but gets muddled with the rest.

As she still had paint left over when she finished her sign she wanted to paint a person. First she painted their feet and then their face making sure it had eyes and a nose. Next up was the tummy although for some reason this persons tummy went right down his legs. And finally some hands and hair. The paint by this time was now completely mised up into a muddy purple colour but Bella didn’t care and was very happy with her finished person.

So we’ve had a very busy day today with lots of different creative outlets. I’m sure tomorrow will be a far more chilled day and hopefully the toilet training will continue to be successful.

Night all and let’s see what adventures tomorrow holds for us.

Love CiCi x

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