I don’t want to walk up that hill – 6th June 2019

Bella was so excited this morning when I told her it was ballet day and she was going to see Miss Paige. She was so happy. She nicely got dressed this morning proudly in her ballet outfit. She wasn’t too happy though that we didn’t any bananas that she could have for breakfast. Instead she had to have an apple but that didn’t please the little one. Eventually we were all ballet ready and headed off to her class.

When we arrived at ballet we were greeted by a very full class. In two weeks it seems to have doubled in size with children. Miss Paige was happy Bella turned up in blue, all the other children were wearing pink. I love Bella in her blue though. It’s a shame it’s hard to come by. Especially as all the Babyballet uniform is pink. I want to get Bella a Babyballet hoodie but they only do pink zip ones. The boys don’t have a zip hoodie but it makes life so much easier. Especially with Bella’s hair, don’t want to knock her bow out.

Miss Paige asked me if I was ok, which was sweet. I emailed them last week to say Bella wasn’t going to be in class as I was being taken to hospital and had no one who was able to take her. It’s nice to know they actually care.

Bella joined in nicely today. Never once running off which made a pleasant change. I mean we had one on the doors open to let some air in the room and even though we were sat right next to the door she never once tried to go out of it.

One of the dances we have this term is where everyone is fairies with their fairy wands. They waved them, and made a rainbow with the wand and then everyone fluttered round the room. When Bella went up to Miss Paige to get her wand, she also received her term 2 certificate. Bella was so happy.

Bella did well with her jumping. I actually managed to just hold her hand without having to lift her to get her to jump. At least that’s one win for my back. She’s getting heavy. I can’t keep doing that. Even when she does her bend and stretches and I hold her round the waist to balance that kills my back.

At the end of the session it was time to put Twinkle and Ted to bed. Bella had a Ted and very nicely rocked him to sleep before brushing his teeth and hair. She even blew him kisses. She snuggled up with him at the end of the class before saying goodbye and giving him back to Miss Paige.

I managed to get some nice photos of Bella with her ballet certificate at the end of class. It went a bit better than when I took photos of her with her first certificate. She actually smiled and looked at the camera this time.

After ballet it was time to head home for a snack and a break before some lunch. Bella enjoyed playing for a bit and watching some CBeebies. She had her lunch and then we got ready for nursery. It was lovely and warm outside today so I gave Bella some shorts to wear today rather than some leggings. I smothered her in sun cream before I dropped her off. I know she loves to go outside so I’d rather she comes home skin coloured rather than bright red.

When I dropped her off at nursery we had a little upset. Bella didn’t want to say goodbye to her hat. I refuse to let her go in to nursery with her straw hat. I know how upset she’ll be if it gets damaged or lost. I’d rather avoid that happening. Luckily she was happy to leave it in her car seat to wait for her. Inside I met with Bella’s new key worker and we discussed Bella’s speech and whether she needed referring for speech therapy. We’ve decided to leave it until September to see if her speech gets any better. Thankfully I used to be a Speech and Language Teaching Assistant so I know what to look for.

Back at home I sorted out my photos on the laptop. I needed to upload them to my google photos account and also update my facebook albums. I used to be able to keep them up to date easily but now I seem to struggle and end up having to upload to them every two weeks.

After sorting my photos I went upstairs to wake Daly up. He’s back on nights now so spent all day sleeping getting ready to switch his body clock over to nights from days. Turns out, when I went upstairs, Daly was already awake. He was lead in bed watching YouTube and TikTok videos. I joined him and decided to chill, watching videos. Just as I was getting comfortable my alarm when off to go pick Bella up from nursery.

After nursery we quickly went home so I could hand the car over to Daly so he could go to work. I had doctors so we were walking down. Sadly it meant Bella only got to see her dad for about 5 minutes. Bella had come home in trousers she’d borrowed from nursery but I felt it was too hot for Bella to go out in the sun in. I popped her into some dungarees and then we said goodbye to Daly.

We walked down to the doctors for my new patient appointment. Considering how worried I was about being at a new doctors, the medical centre was really nice. We weren’t waiting too long to be seen and I was in and out within 5 minutes. While we were waiting, Bella was looking at the recycling bins and asking me what they said and which colours they were. She was very good at remembering what each of the bins were, bottles, cans, and paper but she kept getting the colours a bit muddled. She knows blue though.

After the doctors I needed to go to Sainsburys to pick up some cat food and bread, I also really wasn’t feeling liking walking up the hill to get home yet. Bella might have been in our light pram but it was hot and I’d only just walked down the hill.

I thought as the weather was nice we’d walk via the play park. I didn’t tell Bella we were going that way. I wanted her to tell me if she wanted to go rather than me putting the idea into her head. As we walked past, she spotted the park and became extremely excited so of course we had to go in.

Bella had a go on all the different types of equipment apart from the swings. First off she had a go on the round about. This always seems to be the first bit of equipment we use. I spun her round on it and then she went on the older children’s climbing frame. She struggled a little bit with climbing up but I helped her. She loved going back and forth across the wooden bridge but wouldn’t use any other part of the climbing frame.

She loved the zip wire. I didn’t however. I stood her on the seat and then had to run back and forth up and down the line. That was far to much energy for me to use at 4pm on a Thursday afternoon in the sun.

Bella enjoyed spending lots of time of the climbing frame truck. There was another little girl sat on the truck pretending to drive it so Bella sat nicely in the passenger seat waiting for her turn. I was very impressed by her patience and her ability to share. After a while the little girl had finished driving and moved over so Bella could drive the truck. They swaped seats and then Bella played driver. It was wonderful to see Bella share and work so well with another child she’d just met. At least I must be doing something right if I’m raising a daughter who can be so polite with strangers.

At the park I was feeling a bit lonely so I messaged a few people just on a whim. I need more mummy friends. Or some friends in general. I think it’s starting to get to me the fact it’s just me and Bella most of the time. I love it when other people are around. I don’t get to see my friends often. It sucks. Being an adult is just constantly trying to schedule around every ones plans and it seems like once in a blue moon do the schedules match up so you can meet. Due to my message I sent out Ed messaged me from the pub telling me he had cookies. I still wasn’t ready to face the hill with shopping so I thought at least going to the pub I’d have some one to talk to or at least just sit quietly in each others presence.

Bella wasn’t too impressed that I wanted her to leave the park but the idea of cookies gave her an incentive to leave. Well I say it worked, it worked for about 10 feet and then she turned round and ran back to the park. I had to run back in after her. She wasn’t listening so I had to count down from 5. Sadly she didn’t listen so I had to put her in the pram so we could actually walk into town.

We eventually made it to the pub where we were greeted by Nathan and Ed and triple chocolate chip cookies. We sat at the bar and chatted while Bella happily ran up and down and played. She had half the pub to her self. She even helped Ed out a little bit, she was very eager to get behind the bar. She likes tidying up the fruit shoots and J2Os and organising the cups. Someone thought she was doing such a good job they gave her a pound for helping. She ran off to the pool table with her pound and put it in the table. She pressed the buttons and all the balls were released.

We put the balls on the table and then Bella took her shoes off so she could go on the table to pocket all the balls. That’s my daughter’s idea of fun. It made her day being given a pound so she could play with the pool table. I honestly thought she was going to use the money to buy herself some chedders.

Joe came and met us at the pub and I managed to have my catch up with him that we thought about having last week. We had a few drinks (mine were coke) and enjoyed Bella’s chedders that Ed let her have. She continued with her good sharing by giving myself and Ed chedders. After a while I thought we should really head home so Bella could have something to eat and I could get the cats some food.

It was time to face the hill!

I hate living up a hill. I thought I’d try to avoid the hill home. Instead of going my usual way home I went the long way, which meant I had to pretty much walk past the turning to go home and go up behind the house and come down the hill rather than up the hill. It probably took an extra 20 minutes but I wasn’t exhausted by the time I got home thankfully.

So once again not a day that followed a plan but a good day none the less.

Anyways night all and lets see what adventures tomorrow holds for us.

Love CiCi x

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