Making the best of an unplanned day – 5th June 2019

Daly was up early today. So not only have we been looking at a new car, my sister has just bought a new car. Daly was taking her and Oli to the dealership to pick it up this morning, so that’s why he was up early. He mnaged to wake me up, or should I say his stupid alarm woke me up. Rambling about the weather and the time. I was not impressed.

He disappeared off but I couldn’t get back to sleep so instead I got up and washed my hair. I went downstairs to do some tidying and just as I started tidying the kitchen I heard foot steps upstairs. Someone was awake.

I managed to get up stairs just before she panicked she was on her own. She was very excited to see me. For some reason though as I got to the top of the stairs she tried leading me into the bedroom. Now this is normal if she’s left something on the bed but she had her blanket, bottle and baby in her arms. So she had everything she needed.

We went downstairs and started our morning unplugged (without technology) no tv, no phone, no electronic games, it was lovely. It’s something I want to do more often. I always feel I’m far too reliant on technology even though we actually aren’t sat at home in front of the TV as often as I think. Bella wanted to do some colouring on her family table cloth we had got from McDonald’s yesterday. We both lead on the carpet colouring in different sections. I completed the dot to dot and Bella was colouring carrots.

We had got ourselves dressed and ready for Daly to get back as we had planned on going to look at another car today but also having a family day as is traditional on a Wednesday. I kept looking online for various things to do in Bexley – where we were viewing the car. I was struggling but I thought I had come up with a few options and we could decide as a family. I really didn’t want to go and see any animals today. Not feeling them today. I found a wood in Cobham though which has a Grufflo trail. Not very near Bexley but it had pulled it up while I was looking so even if we didn’t go today I’m thinking it’s a good option for another day. Especially when it’s nice.

When Daly got back we rang the garage about the car we wanted to view but sadly they were unable to do it today. That sucks but these things happen. It can’t be helped. At least we had driven all that way to be told there was no one available to show us the car. That put a little dampener on our day but oh well.

Daly disappeared upstairs, I guessed to put his phone on charge. When he didn’t reappear after a while I guessed he’d either fallen asleep or got bored of spending time with us. Bella and I played for a little bit longer. This time with her Paw Patrol skittles. Bella would pick up each skittle in turn and tell me who was on them. Her speech is getting so much clearer, it’s brilliant. After a while I decided to make us some lunch. Although our plans had fllen through I still wanted to do a family day but if we had lunch at home I wouldn’t have to buy it while we were out. Therefore saving my money.

Daly eventually appeared, especially as while I was making lunch I sent her off to find daddy. I convinced her daddy was hiding and she needed to go find him. On her way up to find Daly she decided to rearrange Nanna’s seagulls and meerkats. Once Daly appeared back downstairs we discussed what we were going to do with our afternoon. I wanted to go to the arcades. I had found Bell’s purse with all her 2p in that morning and I realised we hadn’t been to the arcades since probably our holiday in October. Daly was up to that and suggested getting hold of Oli and Rachel as that morning they weren’t sure what they were going to get up to. We hadn’t seen Rachel for a while so seemed like a good idea.

Off to the seaside we went ready to hit the arcades. Rachel and Oli were going to meet us there. We pulled up on the sea front and I got out and started taking photos looking out over the sea. There were huge grey clouds coming over the coast but it looked so pretty.

We went into the arcades and Bella chose her machine. She wanted to go on a 2p machine where she could win a little round teddy wearing sequins all over its body. Sadly that machine was broken so we moved over to the next machine with a panda covered in sequins.

Bella loves putting the pennies in the machine. She was standing on a stool so she wasn’t able to get distracted by the 2p falling down in to the little tray underneath as she couldn’t see it. She kept stealing my pennies though even though she had a Paw Patrol purse full of 2p. I now know how she manages to keep such a full purse.

While we were playing at the machines Rachel and Oli turned up. They disappeared off to play various games and I continued to try to win Bella a teddy out of the machine. In the end I had to settle for just a keyring.

We went off to find some more things to do. Bella found Daly in the zombie shooting game. She jumped him with him and gave it a go. It didn’t last long though. She quickly got bored and ran off to find something else. She first sat at Space Invaders and gave that a bit of a play then jumped in one of the Mario Kart seats. She happily sat there steering. I told her she could give one of these games ago but she needed to come with me to get some pound coins. We went and got some pound coins and then I let Bella choose which game she wanted to play.

She settled on Mario Kart. Bless her, she was too short to have her photo tken for the player picture. She tried hard with the steering. I was actually surprised with how well she did. She was actually turning the wheel along with how the track moved. Daly had to help her a little bit where her attention lapsed. But out of six players Bella came 4th. It was brilliant. I’m so proud of her.

Next up Daly and I took her to look at some of the ride on toys they had around the place. First she tried a western style horse and carriage. She happily sat shaking the reins. That was until I put the pound coin into the machine. She freaked. It was bouncing up and down and wobbling side to side. I’m guessing it was far too much for Bella. She jumped of it and ran to me. No encouraging was going to get her back on that carriage. So we moved on.

There was this kinda spinning tea cup ride. Bella had gone on it before when we were on holiday and really enjoyed it so I wondered if she’d like it again. We gave it ago. Bella was still a little unsure but she had Daddy there to hold her hand which seemed to calm her a little.

Then it was time for the adults to have some fun. Time for Dance Dance Revolution. First up Rachel and I. We both completed all our dances on the beginner level but I did alot better. Rachel’s scores were D, E and E and mine were B+, B and B. Not that I’m gloating at all. Hehe!

The boys then had ago. Oli decided he was going to give difficult ago. It did not work out well for him. It was so funny watching him. He really struggled. He looked like an octopus being electrocuted. Daly however stuck to the beginner level and that seemed to pay off for him. However Oli did burn more calories. Apparently he burnt about 37. Not bad especially as I only burnt about 15.

We were going to make a move over to the pier. We had looked at using all our tickets to get some prizes but in the end we decided to save our tickets up and come back and try and collect some more so we can try and get some bigger prizes. While we walked over to the pier I spotted one of those grab machines where you play until you win. This machine had unicorns in it. I was so close to winning two for Bella but the claw lost grip on one of the unicorns. So we only won one. Bella was still happy though.

Bella spotted a ride on toy bus and she jumped in. Her and the unicorn were going off on a wonderful adventure. Everyone else eventually caught up with us and we carried on to the pier.

As we walked along the pier Oli and Bella jumped into one of those boards where you stick your heads through and then take a photo. Sadly Bella was too short to use any of the other boards lined up along the pier.

Sadly everything on the pier was closed. The carousel, the helter skelter, the funfair stalls, it sucked. So back along the pier to the cars we walked. Bella kept running up to the edge of the pier to look through the bars. Now I have a massive fear she’s going to fall through or drop something. She had just got her little unicorn so I didn’t want that to go over the edge into the sea. I ran along side her going ‘stay away from the edge!’ She found it so funny and was running along giggling, trying to get in front of me. It was funny.

We decided we were going to go to another beach and buy some fish and chips for dinner. We were going to go to Tankerton – mum’s favourite beach. We set off in our seperate cars and agreed to meet up at a chip shop we use to always go to with mum. Rachel and Oli got lost and ended up parking the complete other end of the sea front. I managed to get hold of them via text but I thought they were already on the beach.

Nope, a few minutes after I entered the chip shop they arrived as well. We ordered our dinner and then agreed to meet at the sea front. And this time we achieved it without anyone getting lost.

We walked down to the beach. Bella was hanging on to uncle Oli the whole time. It’s cute, they don’t see each other often but they have a lovely bond.

We set up our picnic dinner on the beach. All sitting on the blanket. We sat and chatted while we ate our chips. Bella and I were sharing a portion of chips and I had bought us 3 sausages to share. Bella was very thoughtful, everytime she ate a chip she handed one to me as we. The same thing with the sausages. She’d have a bite and then she’d offer me a bite.

After dinner, Bella headed down to the sea with Oli. I sent Daly down with them so he could take some photos. Their little photo shoot turned into the boys seeing who could throw stones the furthest or skim a pebble the most times. Bella was joining them. She was enjoying herself so much she actually ended up in the se. I mean we knew it was going to happen.

We enjoyed the rest of our evening. Taking it in turns to throw stones into the sea, the boys making up little games, Bella seeing how far she could walk into the sea without getting really wet. Her and Rachel kept seeing how wet they could get the feet. Thats fine when your Rachel and wearing trainers but Bella was wearing sandals.

Eventually we decided it was time to call it a day and we said goodbye to one another. Bella must have enjoyed her day as she was quickly asleep in the car. A much needed family day.

Anyways night all and lets see what adventures tomorrow holds for us

Love CiCi x

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