I’m Back! – 4th June 2019

Did you miss me?

I apologise if some of the spelling or sentences seem wrong. My laptop is lagging badly today so it’s struggling to keep up with me.

Omg! The bug Bella had two weeks ago finally took me down after feel like rubbish for a week and a half. After getting home from the cinema on Saturday I ended up curling up on the floor outside the bathroom. Sunday I was in and out of sleep all day on the sofa and yesterday we were just getting ourselves back to normal and I was eventually able to keep food down.

Today we have been car hunting. We’re looking for a car for me so Daly and I dont have to keep sharing. Which will mean I can go out for the day and not be limited to only the days Dalys on days because I have the car. And we’ll also be able to go out at the weekend. Dalys only off 1 weekend in 4 so I have no car while he’s working and with carnivals coming up that’s not going to work.

First was a trip to maidstone to have a look at a car Daly had found. It was a Chrysler Grand Voyager. I love the way the cars are set out rather than your standard 7 seater. Bella loved it and kept running from the back to the front and pressing all the buttons. All she kept saying was ‘wow! Amazing!’ So obviously that style of car is a hit.

Daly took it for a test drive but I wasn’t feeling this car. Just didn’t feel right. So instead Bella and I sat in our car while I looked up some other cars we could go look at.

Daly eventually came back. He really enjoyed the drive and said it was a nice car. He had discussed some of the problems we’d spotted with it with the sales bloke to see what could be done. But we decided to leave it today. The one thing I really didn’t like was that one of the sun visor clips was broken so that really bugged me. I mean if we get that car I need to know it can be fixed.

Next up we popped in to see Richard and Joe at Land Rover. Daly really wants a Range Rover but I dont think it’s going to happen. We met them round by the workshop where they are situated. Daly had rung Richard to let him know we were there and they popped out to met us as we pulled into the car park.

Bella was getting really ratty over the fact she was stuck in the car. So I got her out and she instantly glued herself to Joe. It was really cute them walking over to the show room together while we drove over.

We made it to the show room just as Joe and Richard turned up. We had a walk round the various cars their had on the fore court before finding us some keys so we could have a little look around inside one of them. Bella kept running off across the fore court and kept Joe on his toes. It was nice having one of our adopted babysitters around. Also I hadn’t seen Joe for ages, he’s always busy, it sucks. Think we need a friend day soon. I mean he owes me quite a few meals so we’re going to have to make time for that.

Richard and Joe showed us round a car (I have no idea what it was I was starting to feel very overwhelmed by car shopping, especially as this was a brand new car) Joe showed me what all the different buttons inside it did while Daly and Richard looked at the boot.

Bella once again liked the car and enjoyed sitting in the back seat. But the best thing about being at Land Rover for Bella was the gravel. There was gravel all around the edge of the building. Thankfully she didn’t throw any at any of the cars. That would not have been good. I can’t afford to repair damage to a whole load of brand new cars.

We went into the show room so we could talk about if we were to fiance a car. We were looking at the Discovery 4 so Daly and the sales man sat and chatted about that fancy stuff while Bella and I played games on my phone. My anxiety was getting quite high, it always does when it’s something to do with a lot of money. Luckily Joe stayed with us and chatted to me so I didn’t have to deal with all the money talk. Not a good day to not take my medication.

Daly and the sales man found a Discovery 4 that they currently had at the site that Joe to take us to look at. We went and had a quick look round it but I was starting to feel more anxious so in the end I went and sat in the car with Bella while Daly and Joe played with the Discovery. Bella was getting a bit restless and was very hungry. I mean we’d been doing horrible adult stuff all day so I don’t blame my little peanut. Daly and Joe eventually finished looking over the car and we said goodbye.

We headed off to McDonald’s to get some lunch. Bella was very happy we had got some food. She told us her order before we even pulled into the car park. She wanted nuggets, juice and some chippies. She was so excited when she saw the McDonald’s sign, this is proof we go too often. She even got upset when she thought we were driving past and not stopping, I had to reassure her we were getting her some food.

Inside we went and sat upstairs, it was lovely and quiet. There were a few people upstairs but we pretty much had run off the upstairs. Bella chose us a table while Daly ordered our food. I was on the hunt for some ketchup and some colouring bits for Bella. There had those family colouring table cloths again so I grabbed Bella one of them but then ended up walking round the whole building looking for some crayons. Eventually I found some but as I got to the table so did our food. Oh well at least she had something to do while she was waiting for me to finish.

As we left I asked Bella if she’d like to choose a balloon from the balloon tree. She chose a pretty orange one, she always seems to choose orange ones. She obviously likes that colour. She sensibly walked down the stairs with Daly and out to the car where it was chucking it down. Where’s the summer gone?

We headed home to get some warmer clothes on, Daly had decided it was summer and about 20 degrees outside this morning. He’d gone out in shorts and a summer shirt at least I’d worn jeans and taken a hoodie with me. Both of us changed into trackies and hoodies. Daly to get warm and me to ease my anxiety. Comfy clothes make me relax. Once we’d changed we popped down to the pub for our usual Tuesday tradition.

Bella was extremely grumpy when we got to the pub even though she woke up naturally. All she did was cry and whine. I have no idea what was actually wrong with her but 4 fruit shoots later she seemed much happier. She kept insisting on going outside into the rain so she could splash in puddles and of course that cheered her up as well. My little outdoor creature.

Tomorrow we’re planning on having a nice family day so night all and let’s see what adventures tomorrow holds for us.

Love CiCi x

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