Cinema trip for Paw Patrol – 1st June 2019

I’m still not 100% (In fact as today went on I became iller and iller but this is just a little blog about Bellas trip to see Paw Patrol. Normal blogs will resume soon I hope) I’m currently using anything I can to make me feel better but nothings working.

Now as it was half term I promised Bella I’d take her to the cinema to see the Paw Patrol movie. She’d seen the trailer when we went to Aladdin so she was looking forward to it.

Daly was working days so I had to walk into town to the cinema but that didn’t really bother me. I arranged with Nathan to leave the pram at the pub rather than try to lug it up God knows how many stairs.

We walked into town, dropped the prank off at the pub (saying hello to Nathan and Ed while we were there) and then walked down to the cinema. It was a beautiful day out today so Bella wore her pretty sunhat and marched down the street. All I could hear the whole way was her sandals going slap, slap, slap on the pavement. We eventually made it to the cinema and started the climb up the millions of stairs.

We went to the concessions stand and paid for our tickets. We also got a bag of popcorn each and I grabbed a bottle of water to hopefully help with the sick feeling. It’s funny if you go to an odeon or a cineworld the tickets alone would have cost me about 15 quid without snacks ontop but our cinema trip today cost me 9 pounds in total, tickets, snacks and all. Not too bad for a toddler cinema trip.

We walked up more steps into the cinema and I told Bella she could chose where we were going to sit as this was her cinema trip. She chose the row that sits over the entrance so your about 5 rows back from the front but it’s the front row in the middle (I dont think that made any sense) Bella chose her spot in this row but we sat at the end. It had this wooden sheet along the back of the chairs in front and over the entrance arch (I’m guessing that’s to stop people resting their feet on it) however Bella didn’t want to sit in one of the cinema chairs instead she sat on the floor eating her popcorn.

And that’s where she sat the entire film. Not that I minded. There were only a few families in there and she was glued to the screen. Better her sit there than be off and on the seat the whole film. Considering it was Paw Patrol and how there is normally a huge amount of plot holes it was a pretty good film. And not too long. It was scheduled to be 66 minute running time but that includes a Top Wing episode and a Butterbean cafe episode. I’m guessing to pad it out a bit.

During the Top Wing episode I managed to get Bella to sit in one of the cinema chairs but it wasn’t long before she got bored of Top Wings and wanted to explore the rest of the cinema. I ended up chasing her up and down rows of seats and even up and down the stairs. Luckily there was only us and another family but still not a very good example of behaviour.

As she became so restless we left the cinema before the extra episodes were over. She enjoyed the film though and that’s all that mattered. For her first proper cinema experience for her I think we had a pretty good mummy daughter date.

She told me all about the film as we walked back up the road to the pub to get her pram. She told me she saw Marshall, Chase, Ryder, Skye, Rocky, and Rubble (we tend to forget Zuma, poor Zuma) she told me they were superheroes and saved Ryder (oops spoilers)

When we got to the pub I got her a fruit shoot and we sat down to enjoy our drinks. I still wasn’t feel great but didn’t really want to walk home yet. While we were sitting Bella used the magnetic doodle board to draw Marshall.

So Bella had a wonderful trip to the cinema and we had a wonderful mummy daughter day. I need to work on my anxiety and do more things like this with Bella. Hopefully we have many more days like this in the future.

Anyways night all and let’s see what adventures tomorrow holds for us (or when I’m back to full health)

Love CiCi x

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