Hitting Potty Training head on – 28th May 2019

Bella has decided she’s ready to potty train. Bit of a foreign concept to me but we’re giving it a go. Today was our first day of hitting it hard. I decided if we were going to do it we were going to go full out.

Normally on a Tuesday we head down to the pub but today Daly had the car for work. Also the idea of potty training while out is a bit scary but if I dont do it we’ll never do it. So we got ready to go into town with a bag full of nappies, knickers, spare clothes and the seat for the toilet. I thought we’d start the day as we planned to go on so we started with knickers and no nappy and we’d see how we get on.

We walked into town and things were good. We quickly popped into the pub so we could use the toilet. Bella was a little bit panicked the first time she used the toilet. I’m guessing she was scared she was going to fall in. I promised her I wasn’t going to let her go and she seemed to accept that. She gradually relaxed although she still wouldn’t let me let her go.

After our quick pitstop we walked up into town to do some jobs. I needed to pick up some cleaning bits. Especially as I’m planning on selling our old pram. I need to give it a good clean. I picked up Bella a gingerbread man well gingerbread ice cream and then got me a Gregg’s sausage roll. Then it was time to pop back to the pub.

I was feeling really sick. In fact I had been for a few days, no idea what’s wrong with me though. At the pub Ed was moaning about the fact I had a Gregg’s sausage roll and hadn’t got him one. A little while later I was nice enough to go get him one though, well two. At the pub we carried on with the potty training.

The first time Bella actually had to go on the toilet she panicked, bless her. She cried but I gave her a hug the whole time and she was so proud of herself afterwards. The after noon went really well. I took her to the toilet every 20 minutes to avoid accidents and it was pretty successful. She even started to come and tell me when she needed to go. She’d run over and give me a hug. I’d ask her if she needed to toilet and then off we’d go. I’m so proud of how well she did.

She started to get a bit tired as the day went on so I popped her in the pram to have a nap. I could tell she was tired, she tired curling up on a pub stall to go to sleep but that was not happening. If I’d let her sleep on a pub stall she was going to fall off. She wasn’t feeling napping in the pram though.

I’d messaged Daly and asked if he was able to pick us up from the pub. I’d didn’t feel like walking home especially where I was feeling so sick. So we stayed at the pub until Daly picked us up after work.

We continued with the potty training at home but I’ve discovered it’s harder to potty train at home than out. Bella seems more reluctant to use the potty at home but we’ll continue and see how well we do.

Night all and let’s see what adventures tomorrow holds for us

Love CiCi x

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