Bella’s first trip to the cinema – 25th May 2019

Today Daly finished the jobs he was planning on doing yesterday. The tip run! We had several things from when we started clearing the garden, like mums old broken swing chair and our old paddling pool. I was still keeping an eye on Bella as she still wasn’t 100%. Considering the back door was open Bella didn’t venture into the garden once.

Daly filled the car with all the bits and then it was time for the old swimming pool. When Daly first started to sort out the pool I heard him shout from the garden. He had found a massive spider on the pool while he was trying to roll it up. So he then was rolling it a little and then standing on it. Daly hates spiders although he said he didn’t want it to get out in the car and then appear while I was driving. My knight in shining armour.

Daly went off to the tip while Bella and I stayed at home relaxing. She still wasn’t very well so didn’t want to do much just cuddle up with mummy.

When Daly came back we decided we were going to pop down the pub. Daly had planned to meet up with his dad for a few drinks later on but we knew Grandma was down at the pub and we never turn down an excuse to go down there. It’s our second home.

The pub was having a bank holiday celebration with a BBQ and their outdoor bar. The courtyard was full of tables and when we got down there there were quite a few people enjoying the weather and the atmosphere. Nathan had music blaring out and the weather was wonderful so it was perfect.

We all sat around with our friends and enjoyed a drink and a chat while Bella slept. In fact Bella fell asleep as soon as she had cuddles with Grandma. Everyone could tell she wasn’t 100% she wanted sleep and mummy.

When Grandad turned up, Bella finally woke up. She seemed a little bit better but not back to normal yet. Cathy gave her some strawberries and she munched on those while she watched Peppa Pig on daddy’s phone. Peppa Pig seems to be a bit of a hit at the moment, sadly. I can’t stand Peppa Pig I think she has such an attitude and even the adults all seem to be so self absorbed. I mean daddy pig dropped his keys down a drain and coz they couldn’t reach them they dug a massive hole at a known beauty spot and completely destroyed it. But don’t worry Mrs Rabbit was still there to cash in by saying it was now a cave.

Rachel and I had arranged to go to our local little town cinema the night before. Rachel had messaged me last night asking if I was able to go but of course we were celebrating Dalys parents wedding anniversary so I couldn’t go. We were going to see the new Aladdin film. Now because Daly was going down the pub with his dad and everyone else we normally ask to look after Bella were either at the pub or busy, it meant Bella had to come with us to the cinema. Luckily Aladdin is a PG and to be honest I guessed Bella was going to sleep through most of the film.

We walked down to meet Rachel at the cinema. Now Rachel and I hadn’t been to the cinema since the 2000s so it was a bit of a change for us. The cinema had changed from what we remembered. It used to be as you walked into the building you bought your tickets right next to the main entrance and the tickets would say a 1 or 2 on them depending on which cinema your film was in.

Now the tickets are at the concessions stand – which funnily enough hadn’t moved. I realised there were far to many steps in the place. This cinema is not disabled friendly at first look. We bought our tickets and some snacks. Rachel and I had our sweet and salted popcorn (separate, we’re not animals) and I got Bella some chocolate. We took our snacks and headed up more steps to cinema 1.

We went and found some seats and settled down. Bella was very excited and chose her own seat inbetween Rachel and I. Rachel and her shared the sweet popcorn and I opened Bellas chocolate up for her. I had got her some areo balls as they were the closest thing to plain chocolate, well chocolate without a filling.

Bella was extremely excited when the adverts came on. Especially the one for the Paw Patrol film. I’ve told her I’m going to take her during the holidays so she can see it. She also gets so excited when she sees the Disney castle intro in any advert.

Bella managed to sit and watch Aladdin for an hour before she became restless. Sadly she didn’t decided to fall asleep at this point instead she wanted to go up and down the stairs. So to get her to sit with us I brought one of her games up on my phone and turned the sound off. I was so scared someone was going to moan about her but we had no problems with anyone.

Every now and then Bella would be pulled back into the film. She really liked Princess Jasmine and panicked everytime she wasn’t on screen asking where the princess was.

So although it may have not been what I planned for Bellas first cinema trip it went alot better than expected. Next up the Paw Patrol Movie.

Night all and let’s see what adventures tomorrow holds for us

Love CiCi x

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