Uh oh! Poorly Girl again! – 24th May 2019

Last night did not go well.

*warning – description of sickness below if you don’t want to read skip to the stars*

I struggled to fall asleep so was laying in bed watching Friends while Bella was asleep next to me. I must have dozed off for about 10/15 minutes. I know because I remembered the beginning of the episode and I woke up to the end of the episode. Now what woke me up? Bella throwing up. She is very rarely ill to the point where she is physically sick. I’ve known of a few things going around but her immune system is normally pretty good. I’m guessing where she had slapped cheek two weeks ago has taken her immune system down.

I’m glad I was in bed with Bella because she didn’t wake up fully to throwing up. I had to sit her up so she didn’t choke on her vomit. It scared me so bad. She was covered in sick and was crying but still very sleepy. I grabbed her up and set about cleaning her up. Bless her, she was covered so I popped her in the bath. We needed to wash all the sick off her and especially out of her hair.

Luckily when she threw up she managed to miss her blanket but baby got the full brunt of it. While we were waiting for the bath to fill, I had to strip the bed and pillows so they could be washed. I stripped both Bella and I of our pyjamas as I’d managed to be caught in the firing line together.

Eventually the bath was ready for Bella so I popped her in. While Bella was in the bath I rang Daly to let him know what was going on. I was also hoping that Bella hearing Daly would calm her down. It didn’t work, she refused to even sit in the bath. She was crying the whole time she was in the bath, it broke my heart. Poor baby.

I got her out of the bath and wrapped her up in a fuzzy towel and took her back to the bedroom. She was sad and asked for Paw Patrol. Of course I was going to let my baby girl have some Paw Patrol if it was going to make her feel better. However she saw Peppa Pig on Nick Jr live so instead we ended up watching that instead.

While she was in bed dozing and watching Peppa Pig I chucked all the bed clothes and our pyjamas in the washing machine so they were cleaned and we could get rid of any germs. I also showered baby off before hand washing it downstairs and then placing her on the side to dry.

Bella and I snuggled up in bed watching Nick Jr. she was still very upset. She kept asking for juice so I got her some water but was a bit resistant to give her the water. I didn’t want her to drink the water and then throw up again. However I gave in.

Big mistake! An hour after the first bout of sickness, Bella threw up again. I knew it was going to happen. Luckily it was all water so at least I knew she’d got everything out of her system. So again we went through the routine of tidying her up and the bed. Again luckily she’d missed blanket again.

So I’d learnt my lesson with the water. So after the second sickness bout I re did her water and then everytime she cried for juice I gave her just a sip and we managed to avoid anymore sickness.

* * * * * * *

Our night was very disrupted. Bella was extremely clingy all night insisting on pretty much sleeping on top of me. I could feel the heat radiating off of her all night and she was crying every hour. Stupid mum sense means everytime she stirs or cries, I wake up to her. I got hardly any sleep last night so I’ve been exhausted.

Today Daly’s family are coming round for a games evening to celebrate their 20th wedding anniversary which was Wednesday. So we had to tidy the house. Luckily Daly is now off for four days so I’ve got help. Perfect with a poorly baby.

Daly wanted to sort the gardens out so he spent the morning cutting the grass and making them tidy. While Daly was in the back garden cutting the grass I was being snuggled by a Bella. She came and snuggled into me on the sofa and fell asleep. And because she’s ill I can’t leave her because she will fuss again. It was so cute though because she came and snuggled up on top of me while wearing her hat and sunglasses and she actually fell asleep while wearing her sunglasses. So she maybe sick but she’s still cool.

I felt so bad I wasn’t helping Daly. I kept asking if he loved me and if he was sure. I knew I should be helping but also I needed to look after our daughter. It was funny Bella didn’t stir at all while Daly was mowing the lawn or hoovering the carpet but she did however everytime Misty meowed. That just proves how irritating that cat is.

Daly was picking up his sister to bring her over when she finished work and was going to pick up a few drinks for us all as well. While Daly was out I actually managed to get myself out from under Bella without waking her so I could put the washing out and get all the bed clothes and bits dry that I had put in over night.

Daly returned with Paige and lots of drinks. Now Daly’s parents weren’t being picked up for a while as Grant was at work so I hunted around for something for us to watch on tv to pass the time. Of course I cracked out the Friends episodes. Paige and I sat there enjoying Friends until I was called to help Daly hunt out all the games we have. Turns out we have a lot. I needed help to bring them all downstairs. Paige and Daly helped me bring them down then we all went back to watching Friends until Daly went to pick his parents up.

He arrived back with his parents. Bella was still being extremely clingy no matter what Grandad said. Eventually she was able to be coaxed into the garden by Grandma and Grandad. She showed them her sandpit and Grandad tried to get her to build some sandcastles with him. It worked slightly. She built a few sandcastles with them before coming back in and snuggling with mummy again.

We decided to order Domino’s for dinner. It was the easiest way to feed 7 of us especially as they deliver to my house now. We did their party deal which meant we ordered 4 large pizzas, two boxes of chicken strips and three boxes of potato wedges.

We sat and chatted while we waited for the pizzas to turn up. We were also waiting for Adam to turn up so we could start our games evening.

The doorbell went and we got all excited that it was the pizza but nope it was just Adam. Paige kept checking on the app to see how our pizzas were getting along. Daly got a text saying our pizzas were on our way but Paiges app was still saying that they were baking. Turns out the text was right, a few minutes later the pizzas arrived. So it was time to start our feast. I grabbed out some paper plates that we still had left over for our anniversary BBQ.

After dinner we started our games evening with Articulate. That was entertaining. It’s funny with people getting frustrated with their partners. It certainly shows which couples brains work the same. We had a little problem with Bella though. Although she was poorly and clingy she kept disrupting the board and move the pieces around. It was finally time to go to bed for her so Daly popped her upstairs to bed while I cleared up all the pizza boxes.

After Articulate with cracked out Family Fortunes. I swear the people they asked these questions to had really random thoughts. We played girls vs boys with Grant being the question reader. The girls won the first game we played. However the boys won the second game – that time Daly and Grant played together while Adam was the question reader. We only managed to score 40 bonus points out of 6 rounds thanks to Paige. We were rubbish. It was kinda a good thing when the game was over. The answers were just too stressful.

The final game of the evening was Cards Against Humanity. That game is such a laugh. I absolutely love that game, wish we had the chance to play it more. Paige and Adam had bought their copy as we don’t have a version at ours. I want to get one though. We had quite a few laughs while playing. But the day had been long and we were all getting tired so we decided to finish the game after someone had managed to receive 5 black cards.

Today had been a really nice day – despite the illness. We had such a laugh playing games, we’re looking forward to the next one.

Anyways night all and let’s see what adventures tomorrow holds for us

Love CiCi x

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