Princess Aurora in the house – 22nd May 2019

We weren’t sure what was going to happen today. Wednesdays are our days to go out with Rachel but I hadn’t heard from her. So I had no idea if we were actually going to see her.

We started off nice a laid back today. With of course a bit of playing in the garden.

Today Bella decided she wanted to be a princess. I pulled out all her fancy dress costumes and she decided on the Aurora dress. She looked so pretty wandering round the house. She wasn’t too happy though I’d told her she wasn’t allowed to play in the garden while wearing it. I didn’t want her to ruin it as it was brand new.

We had a few jobs we needed to get done in town. I thought about trying to get Bella changed into normal clothes but I thought there was no point. She’d fight me on it so was easier to just do a bit of shopping with Princess Aurora.

Our first job in town was to go to Card Factory. We’ve got a few birthdays and celebrations coming up so we needed to get some cards. Bella decided while we were in Card Factory she wanted a Paw Patrol balloon. The only sad thing was where Bella kept dragging the balloon on the floor I believe it managed to get a hole in it as by the time we’d got home later it was going down. And for one of those foil balloons on a stick that’s very rare. I mean we have a Dory balloon that Bellas had since she was only a few months old and a princess balloon that shes had for a year and they are fine.

We did a few other bits in town and then I checked what time we had before Daly needed to go to work. We still had an hour so we popped into the pub to see who we could find. We managed to find Nathan and Cathy was there as well. She was very impressed with Bellas princess. I sat and chatted with Cathy and a few of the locals while Princess Bella did some drawing. With fathers day coming up I asked her to draw me a picture of daddy. First she drew a tinnie tiny picture in the corner so I asked her to draw me a bigger picture.

Ed appeared and we decided to have a game of pool. I did pretty well at one point potting three yellows in a row but then it all went down hill. Bella had kept trying to go off into the garden. Luckily the pub community are lovely and they all look out for her so although I’m aware of where she is I don’t have to panic as if shes too quick for me I know theres always at least one other keeping an eye out for me.

While we were playing our game of pool Bella really wanted to go out into the garden however I didn’t feel comfortable her going out there. It leads out on to the high street and the side gate at the rear is normally open (it refuses to stay shut) so I didn’t want her out there without me. So I told her she was not allowed in the garden and needed to stay inside. So Bella planted herself right in the door way to the garden and played there instead. Fair play to her trying to get the best of both worlds.

We went back home to find daddy before he had to go to work. Princess Aurora was happy playing with her pram and baby in the living room while I relaxed and watched TV. While I was relaxing Daly rang me to tell me the idiot had managed to lock his car key in the car so his dad was going to drop round at some point to pick up my key.

As dinner time approached I decided I should probably make my way into the kitchen to do some cooking. Tonight’s meal of choice was egg fried rice. While I was in the kitchen frying my mince to go in my egg fried rice, Grant turned into our drive. Dawn was with him, they both popped in to say a quick hello to Bella before disappearing back out with my car key.

Bella loves mummy’s egg fried rice and her dinner was inhaled. After dinner I decided to see if Bella was going to try one of her unicorn sundaes we had bought from ASDA.

They looked really cute with the rainbow pastel mousse and sponge. On top was a sparkly unicorn horn and hundreds and thousands. Turns out Bella didn’t like them, instead there was mousse all over the high chair and she was not interested. Turns out unicorn impulse buys are not a good idea.

Anyways night all and let’s see what adventures tomorrow holds for us

Love CiCi x

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