What to do today? – 21st May 2019

No blog yesterday. Monday was a bit of a boring day. Toddler group in the morning and then nursery in the afternoon – also I’ve got a bit bad at taking photos to record the days. Need to get better at it.

This morning we started off having some fun in the garden. It’s been so pretty outside recently so we’ve been making the most of it. This morning we played with all the equipment in the garden apart from the swing. She enjoyed using the slide, the seesaw and the sandpit.

I sat on one of the deckchairs in the garden with Bella while she played. She was enjoying building sandcastles. It seems to be a huge hit this spring/summer. I’m glad we bought the sand and made it so she was able to play with the pit. Although it does mean there’s some sand sprinkled over the grass.

We had some lunch and waited for Daly to wake up. We were of course waiting to do our usual Tuesday routine and head down to the pub. Daly eventually emerged and we got ourselves dressed and out of the house.

For once I decided to treat myself at the pub. I rarely drink so a glass of wine is a definite treat for me. Bella obviously had herself a fruit shoot and Daly was on the coke.

After a while Daly had to head off to work and we stayed to enjoy the rest of our afternoon. Ed was working so Bella couldn’t play on the pool table with him but Nathan came down and he played with Bella instead. Bella enjoyed playing her usual game of knocking all the balls on the pool table into the pockets. Baby even joined in this time.

Bella happily crawled round the table before practicing rolling the balls between the two of them.

After a bit of playing between Nathan and Bella it was time for us to head into town before we headed home.

We took a nice leisurely walk home. Well I walked and Bella ended up falling asleep in the pram. I stopped in Sainsburys to pick up a bit of shopping. I also grabbed myself a snack for the walk home. I was starving.

We made it home with Bella still sleeping the whole way and further on into the evening. Bless her she was shattered she always seems to be when the weather starts the get warm.

Anyways night all and let’s see what adventures tomorrow holds for us

Love CiCi x

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