Faversham Transport Festival Part 2 – 19th May 2019

Take two with the transport festival today. Yesterday (Saturday) was the transport portion of the festival, today is the car portion of the festival.

We had a bit of a rocky start to today. I ended up waking up at 7am. For some reason I just couldn’t get back to sleep so instead I got up and throught I’d edit the photos I took yesterday. At least then I was doing something productive with my insomnia.

I’ve started shooting in RAW mode on my camera. It’s a bit of a new area for me but I thought I’d give it a go as it’s suppose to be better than any other mode. Apparently it makes it easier to save photos you think are beyond editing. However it’s meant I’ve had to purchase LightRoom to edit the photos and it’s such hard work to edit them and saving them all using LightRoom. Turns out I hadn’t taken many photos on the first day of the transport festival but then again there wasn’t much to take photos of.

Today we were getting the train to Faversham for the festival and Daly’s parents were going to meet us there. So we got up, sorted ourselves out, I packed us some snacks and we took off walking to the station. It was a lot warmer outside that it seemed. The weather is horrible and gloomy but warm. Bella didn’t want to walk to the station but luckily we’re using the Orb today. So need to push the horrible heavy buggie that doesn’t steer well.

On our way to the station I picked up some drinks and Bella a gingerbread biscuit. I swear she’s going to become gingerbread. We made it to the station just in time. We got the lift down to the platform just as the train pulled into the station. This seems to keep happening that I make it just in time, but at least I made it.

Bella enjoyed her train ride. We had messaged Dalys parents and they were going to meet us by the station.

We started at the top of the town near the station. There were several Mustangs – which I love! Grandma was happy pushing the pram around while we looked at the cars. I did a bit of artsy photos as there’s only so many you can take of a street full of cars.

We continued down the street, every now and then chatting about the cars we saw. There was a beautiful VW camper with flowers on it. Really cute.

We found a few Minis and some convertibles near the post office. There was also a massive steam locomotive thingy. I’m not sure what it was but it looked cool. Dawn had Bella and the pram still so I could take photos.

We saw Daly’s Aston Martin at the end of the market place. And we saw the Shepherds Neame vehicles parked outside the brewery. It was cute there was a big Shepherds Neame truck and a baby Shepherds Neame truck.

We then made our way into the swimming pool car park. There weren’t as many cars as there normally are at the swimming pool. There’s normally a few attractions for the children in the car park as well but nothing really this year. It was a shame. Hopefully there will be more when it’s the Hop Festival.

Once we’d looked round all the cars there seemed to be in Faversham we went with Dawn and Grant back to their house for something to eat and to wait for Daly to finish work so he could pick us up and take us home. Grandad and Bella had fun playing. Bella especially enjoyed playing with the push up thingys I had won yesterday on the tombola. She had decided they were shoes and was walking around the living room in them.

Eventually Daly finished work and it was time for us to head home.

Anyways, night all and let’s see what adventure tomorrow holds for us

Love CiCi x

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