Date Day – 17th May 2019

Today was the day I was suppose to be doing my photoshoot. But nope just people trying to scam me. What a kick in the teeth and a confidence knock but I refused to let it ruin my day. I was going to make the most of it.

Bella had stayed at her grandparents last night. It was arranged so we didn’t have to rush around with her trying to get to this fake shoot.

So how did our day start? With one huge layin. Daly and I were shattered. I woke up at 12.30pm. We had wanted to go to spoons for lunch but that wasn’t going to happen now. I had an eye test booked for 3pm. Instead we decided to get up and go down to Nathan’s pub for a drink as its practically opposite my opticians.

We went down to see Nathan and I decided to challenge Daly to a game of pool. He let me set up the balls which I have never done. I had to Google photos of how to set up the pool balls. The big confusing thing is there are several right ways to do it. So I just went with the first one I found on Google images. Daly didn’t argue so I guess I did ok.

I ended up with the red balls which never goes well. I just don’t like them. I do so much better when I’m yellows. However I won via default. Daly managed to pot the black before he’d finished potting the yellows.

We enjoyed our drinks but then I had to go to the opticians to see how blind I am. We were a little bit early so Daly and I played around with different frames seeing which ones would suit us. Turns out my usual thin frames are the only ones that suit me. I tried on wide framed ones that look awful and round ones do nothing. And Daly can never have glasses, no glasses suit him. So he’s screwed if he ever needs any. I chose the only pair I could find I liked. Still with a patterned side but a bit more solid than normal. I wanted Lipsy ones again but they only do stupid wide frames so nope.

I went and had my eye test. I honestly thought he was going to say my eyes were rubbish and I need glasses permanently but nope. I’m only a little more short sighted than I was last eye test. I still only need to wear my glasses for driving and when I’m out and about for distance viewing but I can still get away with not wearing them inside unless I need to read something on the TV. Turns out I’m not as blind as Daly thought I was.

We walked up to wetherspoons after my eye test to go get some dunch or maybe some linner. Haha brunch is a thing so why not those.

I finally managed to get one of the jail cells (our wetherspoons is a converted court house) I’ve never sat in one before so it was pretty cool. We used the app to order today. I’d never used it before but it’s really easy to use as long as you don’t want to change anything on your order. Daly ordered a burger and I had the gammon steak with some extra onion rings.

After dinner I started to feel a bit poorly. Not because of the food. I just started to feel a bit rough. I’d had a headache for a few days so maybe it was that making me feel sick. We went home and I rested a bit before we went out again. We were going to the funfair. I was so excited. I love fun fairs but very rarely go. We were meeting up with Joe and Jess to go. Apparently Joe is my funfair husband because Daly hates rides and Joe always manages to find himself on rides.

We met Joe and Jess at Sainsburys and drove down to the fair. The first port of call were the air rifles. Joe and Daly had to knock down 7 targets with 7 pellets each.

The boys did ok but Daly didn’t manage to get all the targets down so he tried again. This time he succeeded in getting all the targets down. This meant I could choose from the slightly bigger teddies. I chose a nice big purple teddy with a pink star. Turns out the star said ‘ ‘ perfect for me. Joe and won the same amount of tickets as Daly so Jess could choose from the same prizes as me. She chose a cute tiger teddy.

Next up the first ride – mega drive. One of those swings that rocks from side to side and goes up and down. Joe hates them but I love them. I find them funny. This time it felt a bit squished though. I couldn’t pull my arms though really but it didn’t have any impact on the ride. Still funny with Joe sat next to me saying he hated me and I was a b***h. That just made me laugh more.

Daly and Jess stood and watched us ride. Jess even videod the fun.

Next up the cage. This is where the tables change. I hate the cage but Joe loves it. Joe and the person working it were trying to persuade Daly to come on but he’d never do it even if you paid him.

We went to hook a bag to try and win Bella a prize. There were giant unicorns hanging around the stall so we wanted to see if we could get Bella one. The rule was you hooked two bags, if you got a gold star you got a giant unicorn if you didn’t get a star in either bag you were able to chose which teddy out of the two bags you wanted. First off Daly hooked a bag with a monkey. Apparently that’s his monkey.

Joe managed to hook a bag with a minion for Jess.

The boys decided to try again to see if they could find the gold star to win the unicorn. Joe hooked two bags together. Then Daly tried to hook two from the very centre.

Out of the four bags between the two boys we chose a dinosaur for Bella and Jess chose a dolphins.

The last ride of the night were the Waltzers. Omg they were so much fun. They spun so fast but I didn’t feel sick or anything. I just found it funny and kept laughing. I think the fact it was getting dark made it better with all the lights.

While we were on the Waltzers Jess and Daly sat in the field having a teddy bears picnic. We eventually got bored. There were no other rides to enjoy so we headed home. On the way home Jess gave me the dolphin for Bella to have.

So all the fun of the fair had tonight.

Night all and let’s see what adventures tomorrow holds for us

Love CiCi x

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