Daddy came to Ballet – 16th May 2019

Daly stayed at his parents after work this morning as I still had the car from our spa day. He was getting a lift home from his Dad when his Dad went to work. We however didn’t have time to worry about Daly we had Babyballet to worry about.

I got Bella all dressed in her ballet outfit and got her in the car, but forgot her bow. Which she got upset about once I mentioned it. So back in I went and found her bow. Then just as we were about to leave I suddenly thought she needs her ballet shoes. So again I had to run back into the house and pick them up. Finally we were able to get on our way.

As we got to the bottom of our road we saw Daly walking up the road towards the house. We stopped to say hello and then I persuaded him to get in the car and come with us to ballet. Bella always loves to show her daddy what she does.

We made it to ballet with time to spare and Bella showed Daly where to go. We took our shoes off and Bella showed us where we were going to sit on the mats. Daly tried to sit on a chair by the wall but that didn’t last long. Bella got him to come sit on the mats with us.

Bella joined in pretty well but she especially enjoyed doing some of the dances with daddy like humpty dumpty, hickory dickory dock and round and round the garden. There were lots of giggles today.

Mummy however had to do the jumping with Bella. But Bella refuses to actually jump. She makes me physically lift her up and then fully squats. It kills my back.

Bella was very good when it came to the final activities with Twinkle Bear. She gave her bear a bath but then got distracted as Miss Paige used a bubble gun to cover everyone in bubbles. Always a good way to end a ballet session.

After ballet it was back home for lunch and getting ready for nursery. While I was inside with Bella, Daly was out in the front garden cutting the grass. The garden was beginning to look like a jungle.

The time came for me to drop Bella at nursery. We headed off and left Daly with the garden. It looks so much better now. Can’t loose a small child in the grass anymore.

I went and picked Bella up from nursery. Everyone was coming out with butterfly life cycles. I was hoping Bella was going to bring one out but in the past everyone has come out with various crafts and Bella has none because shes been too busy playing outside. Bellas nursery nurse gave me her cake butterfly that she had made.

Once we’d come home from nursery we went upstairs as Daly had gone upstairs to rest. He’d only had about an hours sleep after work last night so I couldn’t blame him. While I was talking to Daly about nursery Bella disappeared off to her own room. As Daly was sleepy I decided to leave him and see what Bella was up to. I walked into her room and found her asleep in bed. She’d obviously was tired after all the fun.

Not a very exciting Thursday but a nice family day with various jobs done.

Anyways night all and let’s see what adventures tomorrow holds for us

Love CiCi x

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