What’s in my Spa Bag!

We are off to the Spa! Now I hunted far and wide for a list of things to pack for our spa day and couldn’t find anything so I thought I’d write my own to hopefully help others in the same situation as me.

First things first you need a bag.

Now I haven’t taken a photo of my bag but I used a big cloth tote bag. It did have a few pockets inside it but I didn’t use them at all. I like the cloth ones because you can squish them down if you need extra space in your locker for things like your shoes or robe.

A swimsuit

I found this lovely bikini in ASDA George. I normally go for boring blacks and blues so this was a bit of a change for me. Bikinis and Tankinis are idea for the spa. If your having something like a massage you can take the top off without worrying about getting fully naked or rolling a suit down which can be uncomfortable.

A Bikini Bag

Primark sell loads of these. They’re cheap and so useful. I find it handy to store my suit in it all the time whether its wet or not as I can just grab the bag and throwing it in my tote without having to hunt for my bikini everytime. They are waterproof so it means nothing in your bag gets soaked. No need for a carrier bag or wrapping you suit in your towel.


I decided to help me take in the full relaxion of the spa to take a book with me. It’s good because it helps you relax but for people that are go all the time you don’t feel like your doing nothing. I took the book ‘Alice’ by Christine Henry. My favourite book is Alice in Wonderland and my friend Leanne bought me this book for Christmas 2 years ago. It’s a really interesting take on the original books. Very dark but captivating. I also have the next book ‘Red Queen’ at home waiting to be read. Again bought for me by Leanne.

Headphones and a phone/mp3/iPad etc

If you’re a Stay at home mum like me, you are probably used to the sounds of Paw Patrol and Peppa Pig rather than music you actually enjoy. Having headphones at the spa means you can shut the world out and fully immerse yourself in your music, or YouTube or what ever you decided to listen to. Maybe some nice meditation music or a book on tape. Obviously you need your phone/mp3/iPad etc to play said music and videos on. Just try to steer clear of social media. You’re suppose to be relaxing so no need to be absorbed by other peoples dramas.

A waterproof bag

A waterproof bag, like this wallet one, is perfect for your spa day. You can carry it around with you poolside with your phone, headphones, book etc in and not worry about them being splashed. I picked this one up in Primark. I came as a set of two with a smaller opaque bikini bag. It was the ideal size for all my poolside bits.

Water bottle

I took my sports bottle that I had bought to go to the gym with ….. hahahaha. I recently found it and thought it would be perfect to take with me. There are water facilities at spas but I like to have my own water bottle that I can carry around with me. Means I’m able to stay hydrated while relaxing.


I take daily medication for anxiety and suffer from migraines so I like to have a supply of my anxiety meds and some form of painkillers on me all the time. As well as my medication I also took with me some lip balm as I’ve been struggling recently with chapped lips. It also helps to take some deodorant with you. My sister and I completely forgot but if you using things like the sauna and the steam room you may want some to feel a little fresher.

Hair bands and a Hair brush

You’re going to want this for when you get out of the pool or shower. I always have my hair up at the spa or even just when I go swimming so I don’t have to deal with it but you never know when a brush will come in handy. The same with hair bands. I like to have a few on me just incase one breaks or my hair is in a ponytail and I decide it’s time for a bun.

I kept all of these stored together in another bikini bag, just to keep them safe.

Shower bits

Always handy to have some shower gel and shampoo with you to help with that clean relaxed feeling.

Spare Clothes

I always take a change of clothes to the ones I turned up in. I like to go for loose fitted clothes. It just help keeps that freshly pampered feeling for longer.


For those just in case moments. The spa we went to had free tea and coffee for spa visitors but Rachel doesn’t like them so being able to have money to buy drinks from the bar was a bonus. Also helpful for any last minute treatments you want to book or purchase some spa quality products.

Hope this is helpful to anyone that needs it. Enjoy your spa day.

Love CiCi x

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