Well deserved sister spa day at the Ashford International Hotel- 15th May 2019

Today was a much needed day. We’d been trying to plan a spa day from this time last year with mum but sadly it never happened. We didn’t have the money, doctors appointments, time of work. Obviously giving mum a spa day just wasn’t on the cards. It was hard for me to do the spa day without mum. Knowing we’d tried to arrange one but kept failing. And also as swimming had become mine and mums thing going weekly with Bella. Mum had so wanted to go back and it kills me we never gave her that experience again. Maybe I should have tried harder to organise it or maybe it just wasn’t meant to be. Just hate doing things like that knowing mum isnt here to enjoy it.

Anyways, Rachel and I had booked a spa day as soon as we could both afford it as I felt we deserved it. I mean we’ve been through a lot over the last 5 years let alone the last year. We both need time to step away from the real world and just have some us time not worrying about anyone or anything. We’d been looking forward to it since we booked it. The idea of being pampered and relaxing soooooo exciting.

We decided to make a full day of it. I picked Rachel up just after 9. Although like a donut I drove straight past hers too focused on getting Bella to aunty Paiges. Anyways I turned around and went back to get Rachel. We got her and then dropped Bella off with Paige. Now it was time to just focus on us. Off to the Ashford International Hotel we went.

We chatted on the trip about how horrible the road surface is on the M20. The random thoughts that come into your head on a long drive. I struggled a little with the SAT NAV. I’ve decided we need to get a proper SAT NAV holder so I can see it properly. I’m amazed we didn’t get lost but we made it. And in good time. I had aimed to get to the Hotel at 10.30 and we got there at about 10.15.

We parked up in the car park – it was a little busy but there were still plenty of spaces towards the back of the car park round the back of the hotel. We walked round to the main entrance and headed in to the hotel. Luckily we had been before when it was Rachel’s hen do so we knew where we were going. We knew we needed to head right to the back of the main floor of the hotel.

We arrived at the reception and booked in. As soon as we turned up and I said my surname they scared us by saying our treatments had been booked in for 10am. I had made a phone call a few weeks ago to book our treatments in and I had booked them for 12pm. It turns out the email booking under my married name had made a general booking for 10am but I had made the booking which had been put under my maiden name as our previous bookings had been made in that name. They were booked in for 12pm. Talk about a panic. I thought they’d screwed up and we’d missed our treatments. You know the whole reason we’d gone to the spa.

Luckily after some explanation of the fact my maiden name and married name had both been used, it was believed we’d been booked in twice. Once with my married name off the email booking and then my maiden name when I rung and booked the treatments. Panic over, it was solved we still had our treatments booked in for 12pm. We were shown down to the spa and facilities with our robes, towels and slippers and got a little lost trying to find the pool. Luckily Rachel managed to point me in the right direction.

We got changed into our bikinis and had great fun trying to get the digital lockers to work. After a bit of playing around we cracked it and managed to lock our stuff away and head to the pool. We left out towels on a seat on the side of the pool along with my waterproof bag of bits.

Rachel tried the experience shower which has lights, fragrance, you can have it cold or hot. I was a bit unsure of it. I waved my hand under the water but hate water splashing in my face so heading into a fast shower was not my cup of tea. Rachel, however, had other ideas. She shoved me into the shower causing me to scream. So embarrassing when there are several people using the pool and jacuzzi. But at least they found it funny.

We went in the pool first. It was freezing. Rachel got in and under the water, she tried telling me it warmed up once youd been in it for a while. She lied, it didn’t get any warmer. Rachel did a bit of swimming up and down while I stayed on the edge bobbing. I can’t swim so it’s not as if I could do much else. Rachel and I discussed booking another spa day at a luxury spa.

The jacuzzi became free so we went to spend some time in there. We were joined by two other women but they didn’t stay as long as we did. While I stayed in the jacuzzi Rachel tried out the sauna. I was having great fun playing with the bubbles. They feel so funny against your skin, it’s so weird.

Rachel got out of the sauna had a shower and then disappeared off to the locker room. I had been keeping an eye on the clock so I guessed she was getting ready to go into the actual spa. I stayed for a few more minutes in the jacuzzi and then thought I should go check on Rachel to see if she’d actually gone to get ready or if something was wrong.

Turns out my first guess was right. Rachel was drying her swimsuit for going in for her treatment. That made me think I should probably dry mine as well. It’s not nice sitting around in a damn swimsuit. Luckily they have those water extractors that you put your swimsuit in and it spins it round really fast causing all the water to come out of it. Rachel had to use it about 4 times before her suit was dry and then I used it 3 times to get mine dry.

We grabbed our robes and our slippers and made our way round to the relaxation room

We chilled out on the beds they have and listened to the relaxing music. It’s such a nice room. I could of happily gone to sleep. It definitely gets you in the mood to be pampered. Rachel was saying she was going to take one of the beds home with her. They even had extra fleeces in the room folded up on seats just in case you get cold. I mean they’re just begging me to fall asleep.

Soon we were called into our separate treatment rooms for our booked pampering. Rachel had a facial with a scalp and back massage while I had a body scrub and back massage.

OMG! I’ve decided I need to go more often. The whole treatment was amazing. She’d rub the scrub in and then wipe it off with a warm flannel and then pat the part of the body she had done dry. I did randomly think what possesses people to want to touch peoples naked bodies on a daily basis. I just couldn’t get my head round it but she was amazing at massages. I could have quite happily died it was soooooo good!

After an hour of being pampered, Rachel and I reunited in the relaxation room with a cup of water. Apparently having a massage dehydrates you or something which is why they always advise you to drink loads afterwards. Lunch was scheduled between 12.30pm and 2pm and as it was gone 1pm we decided to go get changed and have some lunch.

We headed into the restaurant and was greeted by a very friendly member of staff who talked us through the buffet style lunch. They had a hot food bar, a salad bar, soup and a dessert bar. We were expecting nibbles or something little but it was lovely. We had some roast chicken pieces, new boiled potatoes (which were amazing!) and steamed veg. I went and bought us some drinks as Rachel doesn’t drink tea and I couldn’t be bothered to walk around the hotel looking for the free tea facilities.

We sat and enjoyed our dinner and chatted about how good the treatments were. Another couple of women we had bumped into in the spa were also in the restaurant. The waiter came and warned us that a large group was going to be entering the restaurant soon so to grab what we wanted especially from the dessert table.

Rachel stocked up on some chocolate cake, fruit and a strawberry mousse. I grabbed some fruit and a strawberry mousse. I managed to drop melon all over the floor, typical of me. There was a lovely lady who worked at the hotel who kept coming round and asking if we were ok and offering us little bits of advice. She felt a bit like a mum checking that she was ok to leave you for a little bit.

The large group descended and Rachel and I sat there trying to work out what sort of conference it was. We’d heard they were staying at the hotel for 5 days but we couldn’t work out where they were from. We finished our desserts and headed back to the spa.

We got dressed back into our swimsuits and went back to the pool. Turned out after lunch is the best time to hit the pool. We had the whole area to ourselves for at least an hour. We went into the jacuzzi for a bit but then I decided to give the sauna a go. I cant go in the steam room because I don’t know what’s in the stream and it could trigger my allergies. We had to be careful of that on our honeymoon as well.

I think I spent about 10 minutes in the sauna. Definitely long enough to dry my swimsuit off. It felt just like when I have a bath. My baths are always boiling hot I’m sweating. The whole time I was in the sauna Rachel stayed in the jacuzzi. Every now and then she’d move to press the button to turn it back on.

I eventually had to leave the sauna as it was starting to make my breathing feel weird. I don’t like the heat on my nose. I have the same problem when I have a sinus infection and have to steam my head. It just burns trying to breath.

I went and laid down on one of the heated loungers and it was a perfect time to crack out my headphones and book. I had a lovely time relaxing and getting further into my book. I never have the chance to read any more really. Too busy with everything else. And I cant exactly read my book to Bella. Far too dark.

After reading my book for a bit I was starting to get cold so I went back to my locker to grab my robe. Rachel followed me and grabbed her robe as well. We then went back to the pool. I found one of the wicker loungers to lay on and Rachel went back into the pool. She was swimming up and down while I just chilled.

The pool started to get busy with children finishing school and coming in and people finishing fitness classes. Rachel came and joined me on the loungers and the pair of us were a bit naughty watching YouTube videos and online shopping. When there’s only so much relaxing you can do with kids jumping in the pool and splashing you.

We managed to enjoy the spa and relax from 10.20am to 5pm that is a good amount of relaxing. And definitely deserved. Hopefully we will be revisiting soon.

Anyways night all and let’s see what adventures tomorrow holds for us

Love CiCi x

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