Rocking the Summer Hat – 14th May 2019

Up early this morning. We took Grandma shopping today. I had a meeting at half 1 but Grandma wanted to go shopping and the only time I had free was Tuesday morning. But that meant being up early for us to make sure Grandma had enough time for shopping. Although we were only hitting Primark but you never know how long a Primark trip is going to take. We’d agreed to pick up at 9.30am which meant we had to leave home at 9am.

We made it to grandmas and picked her to take her shopping in Canterbury. We had a nice wander round the store. Bella wanted to get out when we got to the shoe section so I let her walk. At one point she disappeared giving me a heart attack but I’ve learnt by going ‘Wheres Bella!’ In a playful way she’ll jump out of her hiding spot shouting BOO!

She found a nice large wicker bag that seemed to take her fancy so proudly carried it around. She decided because we were shopping Bella needed to shop too. So she started to fill the little wicker bag with items. She picked up a nice little clutch bag, a bra (but she didn’t like it so put it back) and some tights. She definitely loves to shop.

We did a bit more shopping. I managed to pick up some pretty summer dresses for Bella and Dawn wanted to go to Sports Direct to see if she could find Grant any shorts.

We dropped Grandma home but popped in to say to Grandad as we had a bit of time before I had to be home. I had a meeting at half 1 so we had about an hour at Grandmas. Bella was happy playing with her kitchen and food. Offering us all ice creams while we discussed what Dawn had bought. Soon it was time for us to go home so we said our goodbyes and headed homeward.

When we got home the lady I had a meeting with was already waiting for me. I dealt with the lady while Bella played in the garden. Bella wanted to build sandcastles as she gets frustrated when she isnt allowed outside. It was a beautiful day so no harm in her building some castles.

Because she had liked this wicker bag so much this morning I had bought her the little matching bag that went with her hat that we’d bought previously at Primark. She was happily walking around the garden with her bag and hat filling the bag with stones.

Once my meeting had finished and Daly was awake we got ready to go into town to see Nathan. Daly dropped us off behind the pub but I wanted to go into town first to do some bits. I had said we’d find Bella a gingerbread man as we used to on a Tuesday.

We walked up to the shopping centre to see if Costa had any gingerbread men – nope. So our next stop was Gregg’s, they usually have tons – nope. So we ended up having to walk down to the other bakers at the end of town. Luckily they had loads of gingerbread men and various biscuits. Bella had a hard time choosing what she wanted. Eventually she chose a doggy biscuit.

We also stopped at my opticians to book me an eye test. Apparently the last time I had my eyes tested was back in 2014. Oops.

Bella enjoyed her biscuit. Seems it was a shortbread covered in icing. She was happy to munch it. She obviously made a good chose. It seemed to go down better than the unicorn. I think the unicorn she thought was too pretty to eat.

Ed was working at the pub but during a quiet moment he gave Bella a pound to put in the pool table. The pair of them went round the table popping the balls in pockets. Before rolling the balls to each other.

After a lovely relaxing afternoon at the pub we wandered home via Sainsburys to pick up some dinner. On the walk home Bella fell asleep in the pram. She seems to be struggling with getting up early at the moment. I think it’s where shes not really sleeping through the night. Hopefully that gets better soon as it’s both killing us. Oh well we keep going.

Night all and let’s see what adventures tomorrow holds for us

Love CiCi x

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