Back to normality … kinda – 13th May 2019

This morning it was Bella who didn’t want to wake up. She was having none of it. We had toddler group this morning – all these stupid bank holidays have confused me. I woke up and got dressed and then tried to wake Bella. Nope, too tired. She didn’t want to wake up. She was very grumpy that I tried.

I told her we were going to go play with cars and make cups of tea. Nope still not happy. I eventually managed to get her downstairs but she was still grumpy. We played peek a boo while I changed her and that seemed to cheer her up a little. What do you think actually got her into a good mood about going out … snack time. She must be feeling better if she excited for snacks. She barely eaten the last week.

We got out the door after a bit of fighting over which shoes she wanted to wear and the fact we were taking the car to toddler group and not going in the pram. She was not happy about that. Obviously she enjoys the fact I’ve switched back to her old pram and enjoying “walking” places.

At toddler group Bella was still grumpy, she just curled on my lap and refused to move. I told her that the cars were out and to bring over a few and we’d play together. Suddenly she disappeared. She was off playing with the cars and not fussed I wasn’t with her. Well for about 5 minutes and then she came back asking for snack. It wasn’t time for snack so I had to encourage her to go back and play with the cars. She found one of the garages and also found some animals. After playing with the garage she came back to me this time with a giraffe.

Shes taken a liking to giraffes recently. Mr giraffe even came and joined us for snack.

After snack time Bella was still feeling a bit clingy so I planted myself on the floor near the baby toys. I thought she’d either disappear off to play or bring some toys we could both play with. Instead she had some fun with baby toys. First she found a flower mirror. She kept moving it closer and further from her face before repeating this with me.

She then found a Noah’s Ark. Sadly it didn’t have all the animals to go with it. We discussed what the different animals would have been. There was a giraffe, an elephant, a hippo and a lion. She quickly got bored of that though and found the soft books.

Bella loves her books. We sat and looked at some baby books before Bella wanted to open them all up and line them up. She loves putting stuff in lines. Not going to worry about it though, everyone has little quirks.

Bella played for a little bit longer with the baby toys before playing with the cars, seesaws and slides. Soon it was time for us to go home so Bella could have some lunch before nursery.

Surprisingly Bella sat very nicely and ate up all her lunch before nursery. In fact she was so into her lunch we actually ended up getting to nursery late. She was very excited to be back at nursery after a week off. She happily said goodbye and then heading in the see all her friends.

While she was at nursery Daly and I just relaxed. I tided up a little bit but I wasn’t really feeling it so we decided to just spend some time together.

Soon it was time to go pick Bella up from nursery. When I got there the nursery nurse told me she had been a bit tearful. Happily playing but tearful. She was a bit clingy when we left but seemed quite happy in herself. They had mentioned the possibility of her coming down with something like chicken pox but I said she was just getting over slap cheek and had been playing and fine in herself so didn’t see any reason to keep her off nursery.

We got home while Daly was getting ready for work. Bella said goodbye to Daly before crashing out on the sofa. Obviously she is still getting over being ill either that or her days are just too busy for her. Hopefully she’ll be feeling better soon and back to her normal self but we’ll see how she goes.

Night all and let’s see what adventures tomorrow holds for us

Love CiCi x

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