Lazy Sunday – 12th May 2019

Beautiful day today. Considering how miserable its been recently, it was nice to finally see the sun. Bella however woke up with a rash. So we’ve gone from a fever and sleepiness to now a red blotchy rash all over her chest, back and upper arms. Not sure what it is though. I’ve googled pictures of rashes in kids but nothing really matches the rash and the symptoms. Well Bella doesn’t have any symptoms apart from a rash. Sadly if it doesn’t go down it’ll be another day off nursery. They’ve had chicken pox go round but it’s not that.

Anyways as it was so pretty I let Bella I the garden to play. She played in the sandpit building sandcastles. Although she told me her sandcastles fell.

As it was so pretty I took my camera outside to take some photos. I haven’t picked up my camera in a while. The photo shoot I was so excited about next week turned out to be a massive scam. Not a huge confidence boost for me. Oh well I need to pick myself up and not let it kill my passion for photography. Hopefully I’ll get some clients soon. Need some other people to gain an interest in my photos.

While Bella was playing in the sandpit I decided to paint her blackboard from Zach that she got for Christmas. It needed a bit of going over with blackboard paint. Bella wanted to help but that’s not going to happen. I’m not letting her near any blackboard paint. Especially in her little outfits. I’m not having her ruin them with paint.

As I was painting her indoor blackboard in the garden she wanted to pull her outdoor blackboard over. I went and found her some chalks and she did some drawing. She’s very good at drawing lines.

After a bit of drawing Bella wanted to go in the water tray sadly it was full of dirt and bugs for some reason. Bella helped me empty out all the toys and I cleaned it out before I filled it with fresh water.

The water tray didn’t last long though the sandpit is so much better. As it was so pretty outside I thought Bella could plant her seeds.

I completely emptied the concrete planter that mum had. It had pretty good dirt in it but was filled with bulbs that had been compacted in the dirt with so many rainfalls ontop and no TLC given to them. So I emptied them and the dirt all out and moved it to another part of the garden. I came across a few spiders and worms in planter. No idea how they had been living in there I had proper had to attack it with my mini garden fork.

Once it was empty I got bella to come help me fill it with compost. I thought we might need some more. We might do if we plan on planting anymore plants. Bella raked the compost with her own mini rake to make sure it was all level.

Then she chose with flowers she wanted to plant. She decided on the Sweet Peas she had recieved from Toddler sense. I put the holes in the compost and Bella dropped in the seeds and then covered them over.

Once we’d planted all the seeds I added a few Forget Me Nots we had recieved when mum died from the funeral directors. Bella water the plants using her little watering can and the water in her water tray.

Once we’d planted our flowers I decided we should go in for a bit and have some lunch. Also I was starting to feel cold. I don’t do sitting in the garden. Daly however is an outdoor person and for some reason today before work he decided her was going to clean the car. In full uniform.

Anyways Bella and I went inside and had some lunch. Bella had one of her cakes she had baked yesterday and some fruit but the main thing she wanted for lunch – a pepper. Nothing else just a pepper. She eats them like apples. However I won’t let her eat them like that, I don’t want her eating the seeds. I cut her pepper in half and we found baby peppers inside. Cute little biddy green peppers.

Off Bella went with her pepper and had a bit of a chill out on the sofa. She was starting to get grumpy. I could tell she was in need of a nap but she would not give in.

In the hopes of trying to get her to settle I put the Disney movie channel on and we snuggled up to watch Cinderella. It seemed to work because half way through the film she crashed out

While Bella slept I decided to attempt to sort out all our clothes. There was a lot to sort out. I spent my afternoon/evening sorting out all the clothes.

Splitting them in to Bellas, Dalys and my clothes and then sorting through Bellas putting all the stuff that didn’t fit her anymore into bags. Bella didn’t wake at all during this process. She must have been tired.

Anyways night all and let’s see what adventures tomorrow holds for us

Love CiCi x

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