Cleaning + Friends marathon = Saturday – 11th May 2019

Oops. We got up a bit late today. I don’t even know why. We got up at midday which was a bit naughty of us. I think I’ve turned all thr alarms off on my phone.

Bella and I went downstairs, Bella was extremely insistent. She wasn’t happy I hadn’t got up earlier. I decided today no TV for Bella. We always have to TV on and it means she doesn’t play often. I know shes been ill recently but I think it’s time she starts playing again. She wanted a banana for breakfast well brunch. Sadly we didn’t have any, I offered her an apple but that did seem to work. I then remembered we had strawberries in the fridge so asked if they would do. Turns out, winner.

Once Bella had had her strawberries she wanted to wake Daly up. I was quite surprised. She never wants to wake him up. She always seems scared when she wakes him up. Not today. She happily climbed the stairs and ran in to wake him. She needed a little nudge to actually wake him but the girl did good. I was planning on doing us bacon sandwiches for lunch so I left Daly to wake up properly while I started lunch.

I severed up Bella her lunch first. She doesn’t like bacon but she chose she wanted a yoghurt, some raisins and some crackers. Annoyingly the bread needed defrosting so I only had enough bread to do Daly a sandwich. While I was cooking Dalys lunch I decided to clean the sink and all the drainers we have have. I’m gradually making my way through sorting the kitchen. One side of the kitchen looks lovely and tidied. All sorted out.

Daly spent his afternoon led on the sofa watching videos while I sat on the other side of the room with Bella. For some reason she was really snuggly. I started my friends marathon while we were snuggled up. I’m not quite sure where in the season I was. I just know I have watched a lot of episodes today.

Once Daly had headed off to work I encouraged Bella to come join me in the kitchen to do some cooking. I decided we should probably make the fairy cakes we had planned on cooking last week. It took a bit of persuading but eventually she joined me.

First job was too pour the mixture into the bowl. Bella managed to get it all in the bowl.

While Bella stirred the mixture while I added the extra ingredients. First was the eggs, then water and finally the vegetable oil. Bella stirred the mixture all up and then I finished the stirring while she put out the rest of the cupcake cases.

Bella scooped the mixture into the cases. We managed to fill 24 cases. Way better than the little kid packets that only make 10.

Bella went back to playing in the living room. She was playing with her bus and her Paw Patrol characters. I popped the cakes in the oven and then tidied the kitchen up. Like I said one side of my kitchen is tidy and sorted.

I took the cupcakes out of the oven. They had turned out really well. Although next time I’m thinking I might use the hand whisk to make the mixture have more air inside it. Maybe they will rise a bit better but I’m still really proud how well they rose.

I cooked Bella some dinner. I decided some pasta with tomato sauce. She normally loves it and I was looking for something quick and easy to do her as I wasn’t feeling hungry. Sadly Bella didn’t really want her dinner. Instead she decided to tip out her water bottle out on to the high chair tray and thought it was time for water play. She had a great time splashing around in the water. Not the aim of dinner but oh well.

After dinner I decided we’d take a little walk. It was so pretty outside and it’s pretty great that I’m able to get out of the house to go for a walk. Normally I’d be freaking out. I think I can cope with it because I’m not going to bump into anyone and have to deal with them. Bella walked a little bit but quickly wanted to get in the pram. It soon became apparent why, she fell asleep pretty quickly. I thought she would. One of the reasons I actually took her out for a walk. Also she was getting a bit ratty being stuck in the house. She kept asking to go in the back garden to build sandcastles but it’s too cold to go out the back of an evening. Our garden doesn’t get any sun in the evening.

When we got back from our walk, Bella slept on the sofa while I sat on the kitchen floor and sorted out the Tupperware. We have so much and no need for it. Dad said I can start to sort out stuff so that’s what I’m doing. While I was sorting I got back to my Friends marathon. “Why hello Mr Rachel!” Hehe.

I popped Bella up to bed as it was bedtime and popped my Friends episodes on Dalys Playstation. I wanted to tidy the living room up. I’m fed up of clothes and toys all over the place. Especially as I hate them being in the background of my photos but I guess that’s life with a toddler.

Well I managed to get quite a few jobs done today as well as loads of washing. Hopefully I can keep this up and it’ll help with my anxiety and agoraphobia.

Anyways night all and let’s see what adventures tomorrow holds for us

Love CiCi x

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