Pointless trip to the Doctors – 9th May 2019

This morning Bella seemed a little bit better but we’d had a rough night. Bella had been burning up to the point I was led a foot away from her and could feel the heat coming off her. One of the hardest things a mum ever has to do is watch her baby be sick. She had such a disruptive sleep, crying and screaming in her sleep. Luckily mummy cuddles seemed to ease her tears a little bit.

When we got up this morning I was humming and haing about taking her to ballet. I was always told as a dancer and cheerleader that if I was ill or injured – unless I was contagious to turn up to my classes and I decided to take the same view with Bella. I wasn’t going to force Bella to join in but I was in her class so if she wanted to join in she could or if she wanted to cuddle up on my lap and watch that was ok.

She had actually managed to eat some breakfast this morning so that was a step in the right direction. We headed off to ballet but I kept telling Bella it was ok if she just wanted to watch and sit with mummy.

She seemed quite happy at ballet but wouldn’t leave my side. She was very happy to see her dance teacher Miss Paige. Miss Paige was very happy to see Bellas smiley face as she went into ballet.

We took our shoes off and chose a place to sit on the mats ready for class. Bella decided blanket, baby and her juice were going to join us but that was ok. Bella didn’t feel like joining in very much. Towards the beginning of the session Bella joined in with peek a boo and the jumping as she always loves her jumping.

She came back to sit with me for the rest of her activities until it came time to use the shakers. Bella happily got up and chose her shakers but then came and sat back on my lap. When the class marched round the room Bella wanted to join in but only if I marched with her.

Eventually it was the end of class and time to get out Ted and Twinkle. Bella ended up with one of each some how but Miss Paige needed to borrow one to show what they were going to do. Bella panicked and burst into tears, hiding herself in my chest. Definitely a sign she still isn’t right. She cheered up quickly though and happily wrapped up her teddy to put it to bed at the end of the class.

When we got home from class I made the decision that she wasn’t going to nursery. If she wouldn’t separate from me there is no point putting her through more stress when she already feels rubbish. I decided we were going to take her to the doctors instead just to get her checked over as her temperature had been worrying me and I felt she was breathing too fast. I rang nursery and let them know Bella wasn’t going to be in and taking her to the doctors.

Daly had woken up and dresses and we made our way over to the walk in GP. We’ve only just registered at our doctors so cant get an appointment yet and besides we all know it’s a nightmare to try and see a doctor.

When we got to the doctors at the hospital I was confused as anything. I’m used to Medway hospital so any other hospital completely throws me. We collected the forms we needed and Faly sat and filled them out. He got well annoyed with me because I was taking the mickey out of his speed of writing. I suppose going to a grammar school I had to learn how to speed write so I don’t do slow writing. Daly was not impressed with me.

Bella seemed absolutely fine in the doctors. What a surprise! We went into see the doctor and he checked he over and told me she was absolutely fine. If anything she’d had a bug but she didn’t have a temperature, her breathing was fine, her sats were fine, her throat was fine. How to make me feel like a crazy paranoid mum. I walked out extremely unhappy. Especially considering the heat was still radiating off of Bella.

We decided to go visit Dalys parents. First up we stopped at Sainsbury’s to get some bits to eat and Bella some lunch. It was so cute to see her walking around with Daly. She seemed to be a right daddys girl today.

We got to Dawn and Grant’s and Bella seemed back to her normal self. Bella happily played with her kitchen while we watched films. I also sat playing on my phone, I wasn’t really into the film. Half way through the film Daly disappeared to go pick Paige up. She had forgotten her house key, everyone was out and it was raining so she was coming back to her parents so she was stuck in town.

When Daly got back we headed over to Cathy’s to see Zach and her. Daly also needed to pop Zach’s car battery back on his car. When we got round to Cathy’s Zach wasn’t feeling to good. He had a bit of a headache. Daly sorted Zach’s car while I had a cuppa with Cathy. We chatted for a bit but headed back to pick Bella up once I’d finished my tea.

We picked up Bella and headed back home to go have some dinner.

I had an exciting package waiting for me when we got home.

A cute package from a company called Glitter Hair Bows by Sabrina. Inside were 5 Disney themed bows. Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, Rapunzel, Belle and Minnie Mouse all ready for our trip to Disney next year. I know it’s over a year away but I’m so excited. We’re currently waiting for Sabrina to see if she can do an Ariel bow for Bella. I like things to match so I don’t really want to go to another bow company. Also these bows are beautiful. So happy with them, cant wait to go to Disney.

At least by the time we got home Bella seemed to have got her appetite back and actually ate some dinner. Hopefully shes on the mend.

Anyways night all and let’s see what adventures tomorrow holds for us

Love CiCi x

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