Princess for a day – 4th May 2019

A nice chilled day today. Although both of us struggled to sleep last night. I had wicked insomnia, I have no idea why. I mean I’m shattered. Bella woke up about 2am and decided it was time to play oh and be very insistent on watching Paw Patrol. However before she woke she had been screaming in her sleep so I’d ended up laying in bed with her and her snuggling up on my chest. It’s nice to have some snuggle time with my girl.

I woke up this morning to Paw Patrol still playing on the DVD player. Bella was bouncing all over the bed, could tell she was ready to get up and get downstairs. I dragged myself out of bed and went downstairs with Bella.

This mornings breakfast was two bananas – she wanted more but I refuse to let her have more than two bananas a day. Then it was an apple followed by two biscuits. I’m guessing she was hungry this morning.

We put the Princess Diaries 2 on as I’d watched the first one yesterday. Bella got really into it, especially all the princesses at the slumber party. She found her toy crown in her toy box and brought it to me as she wanted to be a princess. I asked her if she wanted to wear her princess dress. I went and found it and Bella got all dressed up as a princess. She looked so cute.

Towards the end of the film Bella decided she wanted to do some colouring. I found her princess colouring sheets. She pulled out a Sleeping Beauty sheet to match the dress she was wearing. She started colouring laying on the floor. She has amazing hand eye coordination. She colours so nicely.

She then decided she’d rather sit up to a table to colour. She sat very nicely colouring watching Cinderella 2. That’s a weird film. It makes no sense. It’s like they came up with a few storylines but none were long enough to make an actual feature film. Instead they just threw them altogether and said sod it.

While Bella was happily colouring I did some sorting in the kitchen. I rearranged our drinks cupboards and sorted out our mugs. I boxed all of dads up and put mums to one side for Rachel to go through at some point to take the ones she wants. I also sorted out guest mugs so they are easy to get to. Rachel gave mum a Tassimo machine about a year ago and it never really got used so I thought I’d give it a go. I think I need to buy some more pods though as mums seem to be out of date.

Bella was started to get a bit grumpy so I made her some lunch and continued to sort. I feel a bit more accomplished today knowing I’ve started to sort through the kitchen and also got a few loads of washing done.

I joined bella to watch Cinderella 3. Again another weird film but makes a better film than the 2nd. Bella loved all the dances. She kept grabbing my hands and getting me to dance with her. She found my flower Garland I bought on Wednesday and decided I should wear it so I was a princess too. So we enjoyed some time as princesses together.

We went upstairs to wake up Daly at 3. I popped Bella on Dalys stomach. Both of us were shaking him saying get up. Then we switched to how I used to wake Daly up. When we first started dating I used to call Daly fishy! So I encouraged Bella to call Daly fishy, haha, he was not impressed. She was so cute though. Daly got up and got dressed for work.

He commented on the fact Bella was finally seeing Cinderella. I pointed out that it was the third film as she’d watched the first the other day and we were having a princess day. Daly gave us cuddles and kisses and headed off to work.

I spent my afternoon sitting on my sofa watching Disneyland Paris videos while Bella played with her stacking cups and reading the Disneyland Paris brochure. She was telling me who all the characters were but kept getting frustrated when the brochure fell off her lap. To stop her shouting at it and getting so frustrated I gave her the table to rest the brochure on.

The afternoon pretty much carried on like this. I sorted out Bella some pizza for dinner – her choice. I however had pizza yesterday evening so I didn’t want it two nights in a row. I decided I was gonna have a baked potatoes with salad. Can tell it’s getting warm I’m starting to want fruit and veg. Bella enjoyed her dinner while I had to finish waiting for mine to cook.

Once mine had finally cook Bella decided that was the exact time she wanted cuddles and to sit on my lap. I got a bit frustrated with her insisting on climbing on me while I was trying to eat, sadly I had to tell her off and ask her to leave me alone so I could actually eat my dinner. I also didn’t really want her to get her blanket covered in my dinner. That would not have gone down well.

After dinner we cuddled and made up and Bella enjoyed jumping all over me. She’s got a thing about tummies at the moment and keeps walking around pointing at mine and at hers and say ‘tummy’

She must have got a bit cold before bed – to be honest she was just wearing a nappy so a possibility. She found her hoodie from nursery and decided to put it on. She got her first arm through and then had a bit of a struggle to get her second arm through. She kept spinning round in circles but she eventually succeeded. I was so proud it’s the first time shes even put on an item of clothing without help. And she didn’t give up she got frustrated and stopped but she tried again. My determined little girl.

Anyways night all and let’s see what adventures tomorrow holds for us.

Love CiCi x

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