The Next Step Marathon- 3rd May 2019

I ended up sleeping with Bella last night. I tried to sleep in our bed but Bella was screaming in the night, I just can’t leave her when she’s like that, it’s doesn’t feel fair. Especially as she is teething so bad at the moment. I can’t wait until her back molars come through. I can’t believe they are taking so long to come through – well actually I can. Bella woke up before me like normal.

When I eventually woke up Bella was happily bouncing around on the bed not really wanting to go downstairs, normally she can’t wait to get downstairs. I had to tell her she was going to Grandma and Grandads then she find the motivation to go downstairs. She happily munched on an apple while I got hold of Dawn to check they were happy to have Bella but to let them know I had know way of getting her home where Daly was at work. Luckily Grant was happy to drop her back after dinner.

I got Bella dressed, sorted her bag and then we headed to the grandparents. I think we need to get Bella some new trainers. They seem to be getting a bit tight so might take a trip to find her some trainers tomorrow so she has some when she goes back to nursery. I don’t want her shoes hurting her and their not suppose to wear sandals or pumps to nursery where they are running around and climbing during the day.

I dropped Bella and stopped briefly to chat. Apparently there is a quiz at the pub on Tuesday night. Hopefully I’ll do better than I did last time. I said goodbye to Bella and then headed back home. Daly was up now but I curled up on the sofa and watched a few bits on Youtube. Turns out Daly was having a shower upstairs and getting ready for work. Once he’d finished he came and joined me for some cuddles on the sofa. Was nice just to get some us time. Daly then curled up on his sofa and watched his videos on Youtube although I’m convinced he fell asleep.

Daly kept claiming I was grumpy today but I wasn’t, I was OK. I decided to try and put up my photos on Facebook. I hadn’t uploaded any since the middle of April so felt I should get them sorted before I fall too behind. Daly left for work while I was uploading them.

Once I’d finished uploading all my photos I turned the PlayStation on. I thought about watching a film but there was nothing good on the movie channels. Instead I went to Netflix and decided to have a Next Step marathon – a TV show about a competitive dance team for those who have never heard about it. I absolutely love this show. Well the original cast and the first 3/4 seasons. I absolutely love the characters James and Riley.

*spoiler alert*

I’ve just got to the part of season two where Riley and James have broken up and chaos with members leaving the team.

*spoiler alert*

Grant and Dawn dropped an asleep Bella home. She kinda woke up to say goodbye, she was giggling but as soon as she said goodbye to grandma and grandad she fell back asleep as if nothing had ever happened. I watched a few more episodes of the Next Step and then decided I should probably take Bella upstairs to bed. I got her changed into her PJs and then popped her up into bed. Luckily she fell straight back to sleep upstairs and I could get back to my marathon – so much for tidying the house. Oh well tomorrow is another day.

Anyways night all and let’s see what adventures tomorrow holds for us.

Love CiCi x

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