So dizzy – 2nd May 2019

None of us wanted to wake up this morning. In fact Daly slept on the sofa last night for some reason. I kept waking up an expecting to see him in bed with me but by 7am I guessed he’d fallen asleep on the sofa and wasn’t coming upstairs. In the end I woke up 10.45 and my muscles were still shaking from all the walking we’d done yesterday. Bella was still asleep. Obviously teething and shopping are tiring.

I went into her to wake her up before 11 as she needed a bath before she went to nursery. She decided to colour in her nails again last night before she went to bed. For some reason Bella wasn’t right this morning though. She seemed really shaky when she woke up, just like I do when my muscles are exhausted so that was a bit worrying. I told her she was going to have bath and she became really clingy. She’d been getting so much better at having baths but we tried anyway.

When I put her in the bath she just sat there. Normally she’ll play but not today. So I washed her over. She helped a little bit, instructing me what to wash. But she didn’t last long so we got out of the bath and went downstairs to snuggle and watch some CBeebies.

We found Daly asleep on the sofa. We thought he was asleep but he claimed to have been awake for 30 minutes. That’s pretty much how our lazy morning went. Bella didn’t want to do anything and Daly had his sofa.

Now normally Bella has ballet on a Thursday morning but not today, which was probably a good thing considering how tired we were. The classes had been cancelled due to the local elections happening. The hall where her classes are held was being used as a polling station. It meant we could have a nice easy morning and not be rushing around like we normally are on a Thursday.

I did bella some lunch for before she went to nursery which she ate all of. After eating she seemed much more like her normal self. She got all excited when I told her she was going to nursery also the fact Daly had said she could have a fruit shoot.

I dropped Bella at nursery, she happily walked in but this time I actually got a kiss goodbye. As I was walking back to the car I found I had two missed calls from Daly. Turns out he’d left something in the car he wanted. So I drove home and persuaded Daly to come shopping with me. I need to do a food shop.

We went to Asda to get the fresh food as we were going to Food Warehouse to get all the frozen bits. In Food Warehouse I picked up a massive box of strawberry cornettos as I’ve been eating like 3 a day recently and also picked up a box of Gregg’s sausage rolls. Daly wasn’t too impressed but I told him at least this way I wouldn’t have to keep going into town for a sausage roll. We went home to enjoy the hour we had before we had to go get Bella from nursery.

We went to meet Bella from nursery, on the way passing our friend Lee in his bus. It was extremely busy outside the nursery, we couldn’t park where we normally parked so we ended up parking on the main road for once. Daly and I both went into get her. She was extremely happy when we picked her up, apparently she’d had a great day again so it seems this term at nursery is going extremely well. She had been outside playing again, of course, she loves the garden.

On our way home we saw Grandad in his pretty bus. Bella waved to Grandad as he drove past. I told Daly we were likely to see him on our way home.

Once we were home, as the weather were so nice I opened the back door. I had promised Bella she could watch Pocahantus as it had been on the Disney cinema channel on Sky last night but she had had to go to bed before she could finish it. I popped it on for her and Bella led with me and watched it while Daly got ready for work.

Soon she got bored of the film so I opened up the sandpit for Bella so she could go outside and play. Bella had great fun sitting in the sandpit building castles. Every now and then Bella decided she was going to throw sand out of the sandpit, so I had to tell her off.

After Daly had said goodbye and gone to work I went outside into the garden with Bella and I tried to empty a concrete planter we have so we can plant some flowers in it. While I was in the garden our neighbours were in their garden enjoying the weather. We had a chat about all the changes that had occurred in out garden and how it looked much bigger now.

I was beginning to feel really rough by this time. For some reason I keep getting really bad dizzy spells at the moment. I feel proper washy and struggle to focus. Daly rang me to tell me not to need to go to hospital. I didn’t think that was going to happen though. I get dizzy every now and then but I haven’t been this dizzy for a while. Hopefully its a case of being over tired and nothing else. So my evening very quickly went from doing gardening to laying on the sofa and trying to get the room to stop spinning.

After some more misbehaving in the sandpit I pulled Bella out of the sandpit and told her she had to come in. She wasn’t being sensible and I hadn’t bought sand for her to throw all over the place. She wasn’t happy about me bringing her in but she settled once she realised the Disney movie channel was on, she became engrossed in Wall-E while I decided to have a look at the Disneyland Paris brocher to see what sort of holiday we want to book for next year.

Soon it was time for dinner so I set about cooking while Bella played in her playroom.

Anyways night all and lets see what adventures tomorrow holds for us.

Love CiCi x

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