Shopping Haul – 1st May 2019

We had a big shopping day today and for once I actually treated myself rather than just getting bits for Bella. Of course I bought Bella some bits. And even Daly some bits lol.

The first shop of the day Build a Bear. We treated Bella to a bear. She chose a Rainbow Unicorn. She didn’t want to get any clothes for it, instead she wanted to get a hairdryer that buzzes and a hair brush.

Although we went round the whole of Lakeside my next stop and second to last was Primark. Now this was a big shop.

First up let’s see what I bought Bella.

I love Primarks kids tshirt. They are great quality and cheap. I picked up these ones for nursery. They are great to just throw on in the summer. I bought 3, with the phrases Daddy’s girl, Mummy’s little butterfly and Happy.

I bought a set of two Bambi tops. I love Bambi and they do some nice Disney stuff. This set contains a white top with Bambis face on it and the other is pink with flowers, bambi and thumper over them. These won’t be used for nursery but they will be nice for a chilled day.

Next up this cute little blue striped shirt. It’s a nice light cotton material perfect for summer. It had tiny red cherries all over it. For some reason cherries are in this season.

I got this lovely cotton play suit. I love these for the summer. So easy to just throw on Bella and let her go out and play.

I picked up some more denim shorts for Bella. I have ones that match these. I love dressing Bella and I in matching outfits. With the way Bella is growing I bought her the next size up just in case hers don’t fit anymore

Bella chose this lovely white knit cardigan. I thought it would be good in the summer for chilly days rather than always being in hoodies. Even though it has a good.

Talking of hoodies. I saw this floral hoodie and had to get it. I love florals.

I knew Bella needed a hat for the summer. All the ones we had at home were far too small. I chose this one as it’s a simple design and perfect to keep in her bag for nursery.

Bella chose a pretty straw hat. She’d seen one in Sainsburys but they didn’t have it in her size so she was happy we found one.

The last item we got for Bella in Primark was some sandals. I did look for some trainers as well but they didn’t have any sadly. Bella had some sandals like this last year and I like the fact they can go with most outfits. Can’t beat cute butterflies.

Now my turn. First up the go to tops from primark. I always end up grabbing a couple of these every time I go in. This time I bought some colourful tops. I always buy white ones so thought it was time for colour

I also bought several summer tops. I bought two strap tops. They are really light material and sit so nicely. I live in these over the summer.

As well as the strap tops I also bought a vest one which is more of a swing top. I thought I’d go for a bright colourful top this summer.

I picked up some bras. I love primark ones because their cheap. Doesn’t matter when the underwire comes out of them.

I thought I better get some shorts for summer. I saw these white lace like ones last year but didn’t buy them so I thought why not this summer. Especially if the predictions for the summer are right.

I saw some pretty trousers that I thought were new for me. I normally wouldn’t have bought trousers like this but I thought for once I needed to treat myself. I’m hoping these are nice and light for in the summer.

Time for accessories. I bought myself some hoop earrings. I love rose gold and silver jewellry. I bought a couple of sets but I know I’ll end up losing them. I always do.

As well as earrings I bought myself a new flower headband. I tried to get one last year at the hop festival in Faversham but couldn’t find any I liked. Primark had lots and I found one with pretty butterflies on it.

The final purchases from Primark for me were some shoes. I’ve been desperate for some new pumps. Mine are all battered and worn so at least I have some that don’t have holes in them. The problem with comfy shoes, you never want to give them up.

I also got two pairs of beach pumps. They are the same material as the black pumps I bought but a different style. More like pimsols. Just thought they’d be better for certain activities in the sunshine.

For Daly he got some denim shorts. He doesn’t have any for the summer. Cant beat the summer essentials.

That was the end of our Primark trip. Daly bought some other bits some socks and some pyjama bottom shorts. He likes to lounge around in them.

The final shop we hit actually in Lakeside was the Disney Store. I treated myself to a handbag. I’d seen it when we had first gone into the Disney store and thought why not. It’s a cute bag from the Animators Collection. Its covered in images of the Disney princesses when they were younger.

I also got an Ariel beach towel. It was on offer if you spent over 10 pounds in store. Bella loves Ariel but I don’t have a beach towel so I thought I could use it for me. Bella has a Paw Patrol beach towel so I feel it’s only fair.

We headed into the industrial estate. First up Rachel and I wanted to go to the Range and B and M.

In the Range I picked up my diary. I love the Dovecraft diaries as you write everything in so you can have the same version of diary every year. You write all the dates in, it has to do lists, important dates, a month view and a week to a page. I love their style of planners. I saw their Baby Planner but I knew Daly wouldn’t be happy if I bought it and felt like I’d be tempting fate.

We visited B and M. I wanted to get Bella some gardening bits so we can actually plant all the flowers we keep buying. I found a nice gardening set that came with two trowels and a little fork. It had a unicorn design on the box but the tools are just pretty pastel colours. As well as picking Bella up some tools I also bought myself a fork and a trowel as well as some gardening gloves. I don’t like gloves and don’t know if I’m going to use them but I thought better to be safe than sorry.

As well as gardening tools I also picked up some more flowers to plant. This time Sweet William’s. They were mums favourite plants so I thought it would be wonderful to have some in the garden.

Daly wanted to go to Sports Direct. He needed some new trainers so that’s what we got. Some nice grey Adidas trainers.

Next on our list of shops to visit was Asda Living. I went into the baby section and bought Bella some more clothes. She has nearly grown out of all the clothes I have so it’s completely justified.

Ever since Bella has been born we’ve bought her Nemo outfits. Her Grandma brought her her first outfit. So to stay with the trend I bought her a cute little romper with Nemo all over it.

I love George’s little vest top and short combos they are so soft. And of course any outfit with some cute mummy slogan on it is a winner with me.

We had to pick up some basics for the some so I got a pack of strap vests and for when i feel it’s too hot to wear a vest under her dresses I bought some pretty little frilly nappy covers. I just hate the sight of nappies under her dresses so I feel these are a better option.

We also bought a hose attachment for our garden hose so Daly could use it the wash the patio and the car. That way he doesn’t have to keep running off to the car wash. He also got some Redex for the car.

That was it for our shopping haul. We definitely had a successful day. And although I feel like a right mum with all the bits I bought for Bella I at least treated myself. I never do that so I guess it was a good thing I put what I wanted first.

Anyways night all and let’s see what adventures tomorrow holds for us

Love CiCi x

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