Bella made a unicorn – 1st May 2019

Today’s blog is a little different. It’s not a full blog but I wanted to record Bellas trip to Build a Bear to create a teddy so here it is.

We went shopping today at Lakeside. One of the many shops we visited was Build a Bear. Rachel seemed to really want to go in and Daly was the one who encouraged Bella.

Bella looked at various teddies to see which one she wanted to take home. Rachel really liked the special addition Toothless and the Jasmine and Genie bears. Bella seemed to be quite taken by the unicorn bears. She seems to really like unicorns. Mum always said she wanted to be a unicorn so it meant a lot to me that Bella chose a unicorn to make.

She picked her teddy but then found a Chase bear on roller skates and wanted to take it for a walk. Bella actually tried to walk out of the shop with a Chase and an unmade unicorn.

Bella gave her unicorn to the lady and it was time to make the unicorn.

Bella put her foot on the pedal to help blow the fluffy into the unicorn. Daddy helped her a little bit.

To make sure her unicorn was filled Bella gave it a squeeze.

And then we checked it could stand up.

Once the unicorn was filled Bella chose a heart to go inside it. She chose a rainbow one which matched her unicorn.

Bella then had to rub the heart for the magic to happen. She had to rub it on her muscles to make her unicorn stronger, on her heart to share her love, on her arms so it gives good hugs. It was so cute I videoed it.

Then she gave the heart a kiss and popped it inside her unicorn. Then it was sewn up already for Bella to have.

She went to choose an outfit for her unicorn. I thought she might choose a rainbow tutu for it but she rejected it when I mentioned it. Instead she liked the hair brush and hair dryer. So that’s what we got.

She proudly placed it all on the till ready for mum to pay. She then walked out the shop proudly carrying it.

While we were walking through the shopping centre we came across some ride on toys. Bella decided she wanted to take unicorn on the bus. Unicorn sat in the back seat

While Bella drove

Bella sat in the back with her unicorn and asked daddy to drive but sadly Daly was too big to get in the bus.

So as I said a bit different today but it would have been a bit borning just listing shops.

So night all and let’s see what adventures tomorrow holds for us

Love CiCi x

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