Let’s get this garden sorted – 26th April 2019

I didnt want to wake up this morning. Daly had got up early to take Jess to work and pick me up a Costa coffee. I really was struggling, I ended up getting up at 9 once I heard Bella wake up. I thought it was a perfect chance to get up and get started with the day. We were planning on getting the garden sorted so we could have a BBQ at the weekend. I also want the garden sorted so Bella can go outside and play without me worrying about her.

I went into get Bella and brought her into our room. I told her to wake daddy up but she’s not a huge fan of Daly first thing in the morning. While we were in the bedroom Bella pulled out the Penguins DVD. I told her that she could watch it once we were downstairs. She was very disappointed there hadn’t been penguins at the Rare Breeds Centre so I thought this might make up for it. I took her downstairs and set about sorting out breakfast while Bella enjoyed the DVD

The weather wasn’t too bad outside so I thought we’d have a pretty good chance of getting the garden done. I messaged Dawn to make sure she was happy to have Bella during the day. While I was sorting Bella out so she could go out, I was also trying to get hold of Liam. He does gardening so I knew he’d be helpful while sorting the garden. I guessed he was asleep so I just kept trying.

While I was trying to get hold of Liam, Grant rang Daly to see what time Bella was coming down. He loves his Fridays with Bella. Actually he loves any chance he gets to have Bella. Those two have always had an amazing bond. It’s lovely to see how much she loves her Grandad. I explained that I was waiting for Dawn to reply as I know Grant is always happy to have Bella but I didn’t know if Dawn had plans in the afternoon so it meant they wouldn’t be able to have Bella while Grant did his afternoon pick up in the bus. Apparently Dawn is having problems with her phone so she hasn’t been receiving messages but of course they’d be happy to have Bella for the day.

I’d already prepared Bella’s bag for the day so as soon as Daly got off the phone he took Bella off to her grandparents. He also said he needed to pop into town for a bit so he was going to kill two birds with one stone. I tried to get some tidying done while they were gone but kept checking my phone to see if Liam had replied to me. Eventually I got a reply. Liam was happy to help us so I tried to get hold of Daly to let him know. I must of called him about 15 times before he answered. Turned out he was already at Liam’s to go see if he was up to help as I had managed to establish he was at home at least.

After what felt like hours the boys turned up. Apparently they had taken a while as Liam had woken up seconds before he replied to my message saying he was able to help. Daly had had to wait for him to wake up properly and get ready to go out. Anyways they set to work on the garden as soon as they turned up. Daly strimming lawn, and Liam taking down mum’s broken garden swing. It had just been left in the garden to get battered by the elements making it less likely to ever be saved. One of the seats had completely torn meaning no amount of fixing was going to make it useable.

I tidied and cleaned living room while the boys sorted the garden for us. Apart from making the garden safe and suitable for Bella to use during the summer. We had decided we wanted to have a BBQ to celebrate our first wedding anniversary so we needed to get the garden acceptable to have guests. I was making sure the inside of the house was presentable in case the weather was bad, as predicted, and we needed to enjoy our day inside. It didn’t take me long to do the living room. I didn’t see the point in doing the kitchen and dinning room until we’d had dinner. No point tidying those rooms to make them messy again with dinner.

I wanted to clean out sandpit, Bella loves playing in the sandpit at nursery. Dad had started to sort the sandpit last summer but it was never completed. The sandpit had become a bit of a pond. It was full of leaves and water, I was actually surprised there wasn’t a frog or two inside it. Liam helped me by tipping out all the water on to the plants and then move it out into the garden so we could clean it out. I turned the hose on so we could wash the sandpit out and then Daly and Liam used the hose to clean the patio. While the boys were doing that I gave the sandpit a good clean with this cleaning spray called Elbow Grease. I absolutely love the stuff, I use it on everything. It managed to clean all the scum out of the paddling pool and take it back to it’s lovely green colour.

While Daly mowed some more of the lawn round the daffodils and the edges of the lawn Liam edged the lawn. I cleaned the garden table with good old Cilit Bang. I knew it wouldn’t clean it up 100% but it would look a lot better than it did. The garden was looking a lot better now. I also had a hunt for some more chairs for in the garden. Can’t have a BBQ without somewhere for people to sit. I knew we had some deckchairs in the shed so I set about pulling them out. It went well for a bit and then I saw a massive spider so I freaked and left the shed.

We decided we should probably get hold of everything for the BBQ. We visited B and M first. I wanted to see if they had any play sand – sadly not but Daly picked up some BBQ tools and fire lighters. So not a really successful trip but a trip. Next up Home Bargains. Inside we picked up the sauses and also some charcoal as we hadn’t been able to get any in B and M.

Next door is Food Warehouse where we planned to get all the food. While we were in there Dawn rang to ask if Bella needed dinner. We were planning on picking up Bella when Daly took Liam home that evening. Minutes after Daly hung up to his mum his dad rang me. He wanted us to pick up some R Whites lemonade for him for the BBQ.

We decided to pick up KFC for dinner. I was in no mood to cook, we also didn’t really have anything in the cupboards or freezer to cook. We went through the drive through, grabbed our order and headed home for dinner. We enjoyed our KFC while sitting on the living room floor watching TV. Daly had to make sure he got Liam home before 7 so he could go to work so the boys headed off.

While Daly dropped Liam home and picked Bella up I stayed at home and chatted to Morganne via messenger. We were arranging to meet up once Daly got home. The plan for tonight is a trip to McDonalds and have a chat. And from there we’ll see where the night takes us.

Night all and lets see what adventures tomorrow holds for us.

Love CiCi x

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