1 Year of Marriage down – 28th April 2019

We had our BBQ yesterday. I didn’t write a blog as I didn’t really know how to write it. We had family and friends turn up. The weather was cold and miserable. Daly took forever to light the BBQ (we’re talking hours) we tried everything but it wasn’t having any of it, fire lighters, paper, lighter fluid and in the end brake cleaner but still it wouldn’t stay lit. Dawn did all the food for us. I declared I was on strike. I can’t do this hosting stuff it just sends my anxiety through the roof. We had a good day though.

I was exhausted this morning, I could not wake up at all no matter what. I knew I needed to get up, today was our first wedding anniversary and like an idiot I had forgotten to get Daly a card. I tried to not let on and said about meeting him in town and going for lunch as I knew he needed to go home to pick up my present. However I apparently had to be home when Daly got back and I couldn’t guarantee I’d be back in time so I had to own up. Daly said he’d drop me in town to make it easier on me and he’d ring me on his way home to see if I was at the house or ended up at the pub. I think he’s trying to make out I’m always in the pub.

I was dropped in town and Daly headed off to his parents via their town centre. I went to Card Factory and found him a perfect card. Saying how things aren’t easy but we always get through them. I thought it was perfect for our whole relationship but I can safely say our first year of marriage hasn’t been easy but through no fault of our own.

I walked home after going to Sainburys to pick up some nappies for Bella. We’ve just moved her up a size. That’s the problem when your child is tall.

It was nice, relaxing at home while Daly was out. He rang me after I’d been home for 5 minutes saying he was getting the car washed and then he’d be home. At least that meant I had a little time to write his card. I’d remembered to get him a present just gutting it’s not going to be here until Wednesday but I’m sure Daly is going to like it.

Daly turned up home and snuck into the house with his hands behind his back. Obviously I guessed my present was behind his back. I did wonder what he had got me. Turns out he had bought me a photo frame which he had filled with photos from our wedding day and a pretty bunch of flowers. I quickly sorted them out a placed them in a vase and sat them on the side in the living room. I always think Daly is the romantic one in our relationship. I suck at this stuff.

We headed into town to have lunch at spoons. I had mentioned it last night before we went to bed and Daly had said he’d think about it. I was quite surprised we still did it considering he’d offered to take me out for dinner this evening. We drove and parked behind the pub and walked round. Daly had never been in my spoons so he was completely thrown by the fact you can sit in old prison cells, our wetherspoons is an old magistrates court. Sadly all the cells were full so we found a table in a quiet area.

It was nice being out for lunch. We both ordered the all day brunch. I looked into ordering via the app but you can’t change items on your order on the app so Daly had to order at the bar. He doesn’t like fried eggs.

We had a lovely meal chatting and munching. It was nice just having a relaxed day and not have to worry about timings or being somewhere or any disruption to Bellas timetable.

When we finished lunch we walked into town to find Jess, she had finished work at 12.30 and Daly had offered to give her a lift home as he was picking Joe up from hers to take him to Dartford. Before they dropped me home, we went into Card Factory so I could pick up a candle for mum. Daly had suggested getting a balloon to release but I couldn’t find any I liked. Instead he bought me a Magical Mummy candle to add to my collection.

Daly and Jess dropped me home and then set off to Jess’s for Joe. I went inside and sat editing photos. Daly had said I’d be asleep as soon as he left but I didn’t fall asleep at all. Instead like I said I was productive and edited photos so I could complete my blogs and upload them. I then decided to make myself pretty for our dinner out.

When Daly came home I was sat on the sofa and just about to curl my hair. I love my hair curly and at the moment, where bella keeps pulling my hair it’s better for my scalp to have my hair down. Daly relaxed on the sofa blowing things up and I watched videos and booked our table at the restaurant. We had about 2 hours to kill so continuing our lovely chilled day.

At about 6.15pm we drove to the Harvester for our reservation at 7pm. It was the same restaurant we went to for our first meal the day after our wedding. It was nice to go somewhere different for dinner that wasn’t Frankie’s and Benny’s or McDonalds.

We sat and chatted about our wedding and our plans for the week. We had a bit of our wait for our food. For some reason it was really busy considering it was a Sunday night.

We had to go and pick Bella up from her grandparents. When we got there Bella was still playing. She seemed to have a lot of energy. It was so funny though she kept running over to the stairs and then running to the chair the other side of the room, which happened to be where I was sitting. Apparently she had kept doing it during the day. I asked her what was wrong. She told me there was a dinosaur at the bottom of the stairs hiding and it was scary. She’s certainly got an imagination on her.

Anyways night all and let’s see what adventures tomorrow holds for us

Love CiCi x

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