Back to norm – 25th April 2019

Bella decided she was a morning person this morning. She woke up at 7.30am which never happens. I was not happy with this so I left her in her room until 8am. I wasn’t prepared to get up and begin my day. I went and opened Bella’s gate and invited her to join me in bed. She sneakily followed me into my room as she never comes and snuggles up with us. She climbed into bed with baby and blanket and snuggled into Daly’s pillow. Then she sat up and announced ‘drink!’ I told her she must have left it in her bed and to go get it.

I was still extremely tired so must have fallen asleep again. I woke up at 8.30am to the sound of the stair gate at the bottom of the stairs opening. It creaks when it opens so it’s extremely easy to identify. I then heard some sounds like cupboards opening and closing. At this point I thought I should probably get up and see where the little person had got to. I came downstairs to find Bella sitting on the sofa with a yoghurt in one hand and a spoon in the other with the yoghurt lid on the arm of the sofa. Apparently Bella wanted a yoghurt for breakfast today. Good to know my daughter doesn’t need me 24/7 I’m raising an independent girl

Today Babyballet restarted so we had to get ready to go do some dancing. Bella was excited to go back to ballet. She missed it during the Easter holiday. She happily got dressed into her ballet outfit. In fact we were ready early for ballet. I actually got bored waiting around to drive to ballet. Eventually it was time to get going. On our way to ballet we ended up following Grandad in his ‘pretty bus’ Grandad drives the Age UK bus and because it has the rainbow pattern on it Bella calls it the ‘pretty bus’

Bella had a wonderful morning at ballet. She was so happy to be back. She joined in so nicely all class. she’s made friends with two other little girls so she enjoyed marching round the class with them and copying them during the activities. Today in class we practiced bends and points, and twirling. They sang lots of new songs today and Bella especially enjoyed singing ‘Round and Round the Garden’ and drawing circles on my hand. Oh and of course tickling me.

The only bad thing about class was I forgot her drink. He spent the whole class moaning that she wanted her juice but sadly I didn’t have any to give her. I had to keep telling her she had to wait until we got home which did not please her at all.

After class we went home so Bella could have a snack before we got her ready for nursery. Bella decided she wanted a banana as her snack. She happily sat on the sofa watching TV while she munched her banana. A little while later I made her some lunch for before nursery. I was extremely impressed Bella finished all her lunch. At least I wouldn’t have to worry about her getting hungry at nursery. She was extremely excited to go back to nursery.

We got her dressed and set off to nursery. Bella was so happy when we got to nursery, she happily walked up to the door and was upset it wasn’t open. As soon as the door was opened and she saw her key worker she was so happy to leave me, It’s nice that she’s gone from tantrums and tears to happily marching through the door.

I went home with the plan to do some house work. In reality all I actually got done was the washing up and then I crashed on the sofa. As I didn’t have the energy to get house work done I thought I’d try to get on top of my blogs. Easter has just thrown everything out. It’s insane to think while I’m away on holiday or away for a weekend I can write and post several blogs a day but at the moment I’m struggling to keep on top of them but I won’t let it beat me. I’ve done so well keeping this up since January and I like having this record of everything we’ve done.

Soon it was time to pick up Bella from nursery. When I got there she was with a member of staff and didn’t seem too happy but she soon cheered up as soon as she saw me. We went home and I continued to work on this site. After not being home too long Bella came over to me with her blanket and snuggled up on my chest. She was asleep within seconds. Obviously being back to normal had worn her out. She never normally has a nap after nursery but today it was definitely needed.

That’s how Daly found us two hours later when he came home from work. Still snuggled up on the sofa with Bella still asleep. She eventually woke up to the sound of daddy. I had to get up to cook dinner so I left Daly and Bella on the sofa watching Paw Patrol while I was in the kitchen. Those two love their Paw Patrol.

Night all and let’s see what adventure tomorrow holds for us.

Love CiCi x

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