I’ve found my motivation – 23rd April 2019

I think I’ve found my mojo. I woke up early this morning and when I say got up I mean actually up and out of bed by 8.30. I got up before Bella that’s a very rare occurrence.

Once Bella finally woke up I got her dressed and myself dressed as I had a couple of jobs to do today.

My first job was to walk down to the new doctors I’d been assigned. Our doctors had been closed just before Christmas. I’d been meaning to get down there to register but things just kept getting in the way. I managed to make it to the doctors once to get to register but then spent the whole time driving around to find a parking space. I’d ended up literally the whole way home to find the nearest space. It’s a joke parking at the doctors. Today however we were walking down to the doctors as although we had jobs to do we had plenty of time to do it in.

We got to the doctors and waited in the queue that was going out the door. The lady behind us commented on how pretty Bella’s shoes were. She was wearing her pretty sparkly silver shoes. We eventually made it to the front desk. The receptionist spoke to us and told us we needed fill out registration forms and bring them back. So what I thought was going to be a pretty easy job turned into a two trip job. Which sucks but at least I’m one step closer now.

We took the walk home and picked up my laptop and the car. I can cope with small walks pushing Bella’s pram but I can’t do long ones anymore. I must be getting old. I loaded Bella in the car and we set off for part two in our day of jobs.

We parked at the pub as we were going to be heading in to see uncle Nathan once we finished all our jobs. I loaded up the pram and we set off into town. First up in town, the library. We needed to take Bella’s books back. I had considered seeing if Ed could look after Bella while I headed into town but I thought if she came with me she could choose some new library books.

Bella loves the library so she enjoyed looking through all the books and choosing a couple she wanted to take home. She chose one book on colours and another on numbers. She was a bit upset when I took the books off her to scan them so we could take them home. We scanned them and then headed on to our next job of the day.

Next job we had to do was to go to the bank to pay in a cheque. I’m always a bit confused when I go into the bank so luckily the very nice member of staff who helped me change my name on my bank account was in the bank. So I had some help and managed to check off another job from my list.

All our jobs were done for the day so it was time to go and chill out at the pub. When we got to the pub I messaged Ed to say we were there. I know he loves playing with Bella and it gives me a break. Ed came down and played with Bella while I sat at the bar with Nathan and filled out mine and Bella’s registration forms for the doctors.

A little while later Cathy turned up and said that Zach would also be down in a bit. She had brought Bella’s Easter present from them.

Nathan gave Bella her Easter egg. It was a Paw Patrol egg that came with a breakfast set. I love these sets. Their so useful and the bowls are ideal for sweets.

As soon as bella was given the egg and realised what it was she wanted me to open the box. Bella wandered off to our table with the egg and the breakfast set and made herself comfortable. She broke the egg up into the bowl and sat eating it with the spoon. Cathy and I went over to sit with her and Bella was upset there was nothing in her cup, so we poured her fruit shoot into it.

Cathy had rung Zach to let him know we were at the pub. And he arrived shortly after. He had got Bella some Easter presents as well.

The first item she found and was interested in from the bag of goodies he’d bought her was a teddy bear. She pulled the teddy bear out and then Zach pulled the rest of the goodies out to show her. The teddy came with a little bed, with a pillow and a cover. He’d also got her an egg with a unicorn. There seems to be a trend when it comes to Zach and unicorns. This one had a name though. Its Sparkle the unicorn.

Bella spent the rest of the afternoon putting Sparkle and the teddy to sleep in the bed. It was so cute. Obviously uncle Zach did a good job.

While Bella played Cathy and I sat and chatted about what we’d been up to. We had a nice chilled out afternoon talking and drinking our drinks. While Bella played quietly.

After a bit I got my laptop out and did some editing like I had planned to do. I can’t believe how many photos we had taken over the weekend. I’m sure there was over a thousand. That’s a lot to go through.

While I was editing I recieved a text from Vodafone saying my Spotify would be up for renewal in 30 days. Now my Spotify is linked to my Vodafone contract so that got me thinking that my contract was up for renewal as well. I went on to the My Vodafone app to check it out. Turns out woohoo I can get my upgrade.

I asked Bella if she wanted to come up town with me to go and get my upgrade. Instead she ran behind the bar and hid behind Nathan. I guess she didn’t want to come with me. Cathy offered to watch her for me and told me to go. It’s nice being able to just relax and know Bella is with someone I trust and know will keep an eye on her.

I headed up to the Vodafone store and upgraded my phone. I was planning on getting the S10 but when I looked at the specifications for the new Samsungs turns out the S10+ has a better camera. Obviously for someone who is glued to their camera the best one I can get on the phone is obviously ideal.

I had a pleasant time in the store with the sales assistant chatting. It always takes forever to upgrade with all the checks and updating of details. And I got to walk away with a brand new phone. Very exciting stuff.

I headed back to the pub to meet Bella and Cathy. It was starting to get late so we stayed for a little bit longer before packing up and heading home. Before we left Bella wanted to going into the garden at the pub. She’s an outdoor child. Cathy took her outside while I packed up. Bella was telling Cathy and Nathan what all the little animals were in the garden. She loves the little waterfall outside as well. She’ll stand there, point at the water saying “water, down, down, down” She’s getting clever.

I took Bella home so she could play while I could set my phone up and finish editing photos. Bella happily sat on the sofa watching TV. I sat on the floor with my laptop to edit. While I edited I set my old Samsung up to use smartswich to set everything up on my new phone. So we had an extremely productive day. I got loads done and even managed to do some extra jobs to. All in all a good day.

Night all and let’s see what adventures tomorrow holds for us.

Love CiCi x

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