Easter 2019 – Happy Easter everybody – 21st April 2019

We woke up to a beautiful day today. Daly was still asleep but Bella was ready to get up. I took her downstairs so we could start our Easter. I opened the backdoor to let the cats in so I could feed them and as it was such nice weather I thought I’d leave the door open.

I went into the kitchen to sort myself out some breakfast and left Bella in the living room watching CBeebies. When I returned Bella was eyeing up the garden. This child loves being outside. I let her play outside but that then left me in a bit of a pickle. I wanted to edit my photos but my laptop has to be plugged into work. The lead didn’t stretch far enough to the backdoor from the socket and I couldn’t rest the laptop on the window sill and watch her as it was far too bright outside so I couldn’t see the screen. So I came up with a plan. I got the extension lead out of the garage and pulled it in to the garden so I could sit on the patio to watch Bella and edit my photos at the same time.

While I found the extension lead I also found Bellas seesaw, Rachel’s old chalk board and Bellas sit on car from last summer. I also grabbed Bellas tunnel and pram out of the house to bring into the garden. Bella was happily playing in her water tray and then pushing her baby around in the pram.

We had been given some blackboard paint by Cathy at Christmas for a blackboard Bella had got then. Because of the state Rachel’s old blackboard was in I decided to paint it. I felt pretty proud of myself having a productive morning of painting a blackboard and getting some editing done.

I decided it was probably time Daly got up so I stood underneath our window throwing a soft ball at it hoping it would wake him. Apparently he had heard me but he hadn’t got out of bed by the time I went upstairs to get dressed. We all got dressed and then I sorted out the Easter eggs to take to Rachel’s. Daly packed the car while I made sure we had everything then off we went to Rachel’s.

When we got to Rachel’s she was waiting at the door for us. I got Bella out of the car and helped Daly bring in the eggs. We said hello to Rachel and Oli and she announced we were going to do the traditional Easter egg hunt first as dinner was taking awhile to cook.

Before Bella was happy to go hunt for any eggs though she wanted to feed the Guinea pigs a treat as has become routine when she goes and sees her aunty. Once the Guinea pigs had been fed Bella was ready to hunt.

Oli, Daly and I were also involved in this hunt. Rachel went off with Bella and the camera while the rest of us began to hunt. The boys started downstairs in the house so I hit upstairs first. I found one egg sat on Rachel’s bed and another in her jewellery box. There were several others I found upstairs but once the boys came up I headed downstairs. Again finding eggs inside of things. Rachel hides things just like mum.

Bella finished the Easter egg hunt first so was running around the garden with her eggs and eating her chocolate bunnies. Daly was the next to finish. Then he helped Oli find the rest of his eggs. Although Rachel kept sending him to places I’d already found eggs. Rachel helped me find the last egg in her bedroom. Oli eventually found his eggs so I was looking for my last egg with everyone trying to help me. Next time check behind the sofa cushions.

There was still a bit of time before dinner so we all went to chill out in the garden. Oli was having a play about with his punch bag and then Daly was encouraging Bella to give it ago.

I took a few photos of Bella on Rachel’s little bridge in her garden but one of the wooden joints fell out so Bella help Rachel put the bridge back together. It was a gorgeous day and Rachel’s garden is so pretty so it was great that we all got to enjoy it.

Eventually it was time for dinner so we all returned inside and sat down at the table. Apparently it was the first proper roast they had cooked in their house and it was also the first time we’d gone for a meal round there. Bella enjoyed her dinner. She loves chicken.

Rachel had made a lovely Easter cake that was multicoloured inside and covered in chocolate. We all had a piece of Rachel’s cake. Bella tried really hard to eat it with a fork. It was very nice. Rachel’s cakes are always lovely. At least she can bake. I’m rubbish.

After lunch the boys went upstairs so Daly could give PC gaming ago. Rachel and I went back outside into the garden to enjoy the weather. Bella and Rachel enjoyed some fruit while sitting on Rachel’s new garden sofa. Which is extremely comfortable.

After an afternoon of chilling and gaming we exchanged Easter eggs. Bella did a very good job of giving everyone their Easter eggs. She was very excited when she got a chocolate bunny of off Rachel and Oli. She told us all it was a bunny and proudly held on to it.

We said our goodbyes to Oli and Rachel, loaded the car and went off to see Dalys parents. We made it to theirs and stopped and had a chat for a bit. They had Easter eggs for us from Grandma and Grandad which we’d gone round to collect and it was a nice to see them on Easter. As we were leaving theirs we had said we didn’t know what we were going to do about our evening meal. As we were heading out of the front door Daly said something about McDonalds to which Dalys mum said yes please. So we invited them to come with us.

Bella decided she was going with Grandma and Grandad again. Off we went to McDonalds drive through. We like to go to the drive through and then go sit at the beach and have a picnic. We both got to the drive through at the same time but the car in front of us was slow so it meant Grant and Dawn got in front of us. Daly and his dad kept shouting at each other out of their windows and making jokes. We finally got our food and drove off to the beach.

We settled up on the grass above the beach and sat down to have a family picnic.

Bella got a frisbee with her Happy Meal. Once we’d finished eating Bella played frisbee with Daddy and Grandad. At one point she brought the frisbee back in her month like a puppy. So cute.

She practiced her throwing until she got bored and kept running away to a water cover and decided that was a good place to sit or stand. She even dragged Daly and I over there with her.

She decided she wanted to go down to the beach before we left so I walked down with her. We walked down to where high tide would be. The sea was out but Bella was wearing pretty sparkly shoes so I did not want her getting them all wet and mucky.

Bella and I practiced throwing stones into the sea. Bella kept picking up pretty stones she liked the look of and then decided to throw them. She liked it when I made the stones plop in the puddles left by the sea. She giggled everytime. Daly even joined in even though he’d taken over using the camera.

While we were walking up the beach I sat on one of the posts to watch Bella play. She then decided she wanted to sit on one as well. Daly decided to play photographer and gave me directions on where he wanted me to look. It’s very rare there are any photos of me unless they are selfies so it was nice that Daly caught a few.

We walked back up to the cars to say goodbye to Dalys parents and make a move home. We’d had a very busy day in the sun so it was now time to go home to bed.

Anyways night all and let’s see what adventures tomorrow holds for us.

Love CiCi x

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