Daly’s day didn’t go to plan – 19th April 2019

I woke up briefly when Daly got home from work. I could hear him banging around downstairs. I originally thought we were being broken into but then I heard the kitchen cupboard go and more familiar sounds so guessed it was Daly and went back to sleep. Probably not the best move if we were being burgled but at least I was with Bella.

We eventually got up at half ten. It was a beautiful day outside. As soon as we got downstairs I opened the back door so the cats could come in and then left it open so we could enjoy the weather. While I was sorting out my breakfast it seems Bella made her way into the garden as when I returned to the living room I could see Bella through the window bouncing on her trampoline.

She had a few turns on the slide. As it was so nice and Bella loves to play outside I filled her water tray with warm water and brought her toys for the tray back outside. I also hunted around and found some of Bella’s animals that live in and around water. Straight away Bella was in the water and telling me what all the animals were. She was having a lovely time.

I packed some bits ready for Bella to go stay at her grandparents and then got Bella dressed. I went upstairs to say goodbye to Daly but he was dead to the world. I did try to wake him but he didn’t even stir. He was still wearing his thermal that he wears under his work shirt so I guessed he had just crashed after work rather then getting himself sorted for bed. Because of that I didn’t bother trying to wake him, I figured he needed the sleep.

I took Bella over to her grandparents for a sleepover. I stopped for a bit and chatted. I had to double check that Bella was allowed to stay, or welcome to stay. When I asked Daly he said he thought so but that I needed to check. Turns out grandma and grandad are always happy to have Bella. She loves going for sleep overs.

When I got home Daly was still asleep so I left him be while I did a bit of tidying and cleaned the kitchen, making sure all the washing was done. Once I’d finished cleaning I chilled on the sofa.

Daly eventually woke at 3 apparently he’d had many plans for today. First he was planning on coming with me to take Bella to his parents. Then he’d planned on one of two things, either we were going to go to Canterbury to test drive cars or he was going to pick up Joe so he could help us with the garden. He wanted to get the car washed on the way home. He wants it clean inside and out. He’d said if we’d got Joe to come round he’d have picked up Joes girlfriend Jess when she finished work and then we’d all have dinner together. None of these plans happened.

So we decided to wing it. First up washing the car. Then our next job was to go to Home Bargains and Food Warehouse to do some food shopping. Daly had said we needed a new brake light. So while I did the food shopping he decided to get out of my way and ran off to Halfords.

I seemed to finish before Daly so I drove over to Halfords to pick him up. It’s on a different estate to Home Bargains. He came out of Halfords just as I parked the car. Next job, Morrison’s to pick up the extra bits of food I hadn’t been able to pick up yet. We also needed to grab replacement Easter eggs for Adam and Paige. Sadly Morrison’s was pretty much out of eggs. When I had gone to Asda on Wednesday they had had tons so I suggested going there to see if we could find any.

While we were in Asda we bumped into Mog and stopped and had a chat before heading to the check outs. Daly moaned that I hadn’t bought him an egg, I told him I had bought an egg. It just wasn’t as big the one he’d bought me, at which point he grabbed a giant malteaser egg. He then let me choose another egg to make it fair.

When we returned home Daly set to work cleaning the inside of the car. While he was hard at work with the hoover I started on dinner. The evening was going to busy one so we just wanted to relax for a little bit.

So night all and let’s see what adventure tomorrow holds for us.

Love CiCi x

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