Play date – 18th April 2019

I woke up to a missed call from Daly this morning, only thing was he was in the other room sleeping so I was extremely confused. However as he was asleep, just coming off a night shift I didn’t pester him to find out what he wanted and thought nothing of it. We planned to go and see our friends today, my friend Mog and her daughter.

I was extremely anxious about going to see Mog. I kept humming and haing about cancelling or hoping she’d forgotten but I really need to not let this thing beat me and I can’t abandon my friends just because my brain is in constant panic mode. While I was doing Bella some breakfast Mog messaged me asking if we were still coming over. The main part of my brain went dang it, she remembered but the logical part of my brain was in the background whispering away, that I hadn’t seen Mog in ages, she’s one of my best friends, I can’t just hide at home, I would be safe at hers and it would be good for the kids to see each other and play. Good thing that logical side still works.

I told her we’d be over once Bella had had her breakfast and I’d got us sorted. While Bella ate her breakfast I hunted for some clothes. I was going to put Bella in warm clothes but looking outside it was gorgeous today so I changed my mind enough to put Bella in a T-shirt. There was still a breeze so I grabbed a jumper for her and made sure I had a warm one with me. I feel the cold so easily. Once we were dressed and I’d packed Bella a lunch and her bag we got in the car.

I almost had a heart attack about 10 seconds down the road. Bella was in the backseat screaming her head off, which I thought was a bit strange as she had been perfectly happy when I put her in the car and even helped me put her in, finding the straps and giving me each arm. I glanced behind me to find her screaming with her harness undone. I’m proud of her for alerting me of the problem. I instantly pulled over and ran round to sort her out. This seat has been having moments of being temperamental but if it’s going to come undone it does it as your tightening the straps letting you know you haven’t clicked it in properly. Not today, I had done it up and tightened the straps and it was fastened when we left. Well I’ve now lost all trust in that car seat. It’s now in a pile of bits for the dump. Back to her rear facing seat.

We set back off to go see Mog and Bella fell asleep. As I pulled up to Mogs one of her cats was laying in the road right where I was going to park. I had to stop the car and get out to scare it off so I didn’t hit it. This alerted Mog and her daughter to the fact we were there. Sophie came running up to the gate to say hello. I parked the car properly and Mog walked round to see Bella. She was surprisingly nice when we woke her up.

Her and Sophie had a lovely time playing in the garden while Mog and I sat on the door step chatting and watching the kids. I love it when Bella and Sophie get together, they have such a nice friendship. They fight occasionally but they can actually play together. They were taking it in turns to play on the slide.

They were riding up and down the path on the scuttle bug and sit on car. That scared us a few times. Mog was constantly panicking that Bella was going to smash her head open on the path but she didn’t. And every time she fell she just got up straight away and carried on playing.

The kids both wanted to play on the swing but it’s not ready to play with yet so instead they either pushed their dolls in the swing or played with the box of water under the swing. Both of us had to keep sending the girls away from the water as it wasn’t clean.

Sophie has one of those sit in cars. Bella has them at nursery so she loves them. We got the car out for them. There was a little bit of an issue about who was playing first. Bella let Sophie have the car first, even opening the door for her and Bella used to sit on car. Then Bella had a turn in the car, Sophie tried to sit in with her, it was so cute but sadly they don’t actually both fit in the car together.

The afternoon continued like that with the girls playing nicely. We got some prams out the girls looked after their babies. Bella’s baby even had a go at driving the car.

The girls sat down in the sun and had a mini picnic as a break from all the playing.

Daly rang me to find out what time I was coming home as he needed the car to get to work and needed to go to his parents first. We chatted for a bit about why he had rung me this morning. Apparently it was to give him confidence driving home this morning. It was so foggy Daly could barely see. He made it home though.

The girls played for a little bit longer although they seemed to be getting into more trouble than actually playing. I decided it was time to get Bella home, although I wanted to go to Sainsburys first. Mog had mentioned she was having baked potatoes for dinner and suddenly I was craving one. Off we went to go get me some potatoes.

We went round Sainsburys and Bella carried our shopping. She wanted one of the little veg bags as when we normally go and take her down the veg aisle we grab an onion or an orange and pop them in one of the little bags. So off Bella went with her bag with baking potatoes in it. And then I grabbed some coleslaw. She even helped me scan the items and put them back in her little bag. She proudly carried the shopping back to the car.

She dozed back off on the car journey home. Not that it was a very interesting drive home, I was stuck behind two tractors so never managed to go faster than 25miles an hour on a 60. Daly was out on the drive when I got home all ready for work. This time Bella was grumpy when I woke her up. She walked up the drive crying straight into Daly’s arms and then climbed inside the house. She refused to say goodbye to Daly when he left for work though.

I put our baked potatoes in the oven and did a bit of tidying while I waited for them to cook. Joe was coming round to see us at about 6 so we had dinner slightly early – I was also starving. I did us a bit of salad with our baked potato like mum used to. It reminded me how much I miss that meal. I need to do it more often. I know Daly doesn’t really like baked potatoes but it reminds me of summer dinners with mummy.

After dinner, Bella relaxed on the sofa watching Moana. Daly rang me to confirm Bella is going to his parents tomorrow for her usual Friday play date with Grandad. Joe turned up and we chatted about the house and the garden and my anxiety. I told him how much I’d had to fight it to go see Mog. We were suppose to meet up last weekend and apparently joe had been waiting for my text but I just couldn’t bring myself to leave the house, or instigate going out. So next time he’s going to come round and drag me out. Sometimes that’s what I need.

We’ve had a lovely day with friends, I love days like this.

Night all and let’s see what adventure tomorrow holds for us.

Love CiCi x

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