Easter eggs are doomed – 15th April 2019

Bella had a rough night last night. I didn’t get to spend much time in bed with Daly because of her crying. I went and joined her in bed to try and calm her. The only problem with that is because I was tired too I fell back to sleep. I was rudely awoken by a puddle of water under me. Bella had woken up and decided to try and drink my water, however that didn’t go so well. She had managed to tip the whole bottle over the bed.

We got up, went downstairs and had breakfast, obviously after I had changed my clothes. Bella was quite happy playing with her toys in her play room while I lead on the sofa. I wanted to relax and watch some Friends episodes. I’ve really got into Friends at the moment, I’m currently on season three (apparently Ross and Rachel were on a break)

Bella decided she wanted to play with her toot toot cars, so I got down all her boxes containing all her pieces of track and dotted them around her play room. She wanted them in the living room but I’d rather the chaos was in the play room and she just brings what she wants into the living room.

I went upstairs briefly and came downstairs to my little peanut sitting on the sofa looking suspicious. I couldn’t quite see what she had, then I realised. She was eating an egg, an Easter egg. She had found Adams egg, ripped the top off the box and pulled the foil off it. She was happily sitting munching. I had to laugh, we have a determined little girl. I shouted up to Daly, who was not happy I called him down. We decided Bella was trying to save Adam as he’s not suppose to have gluten. Pretty considerate I think.

I’ve had this idea that I want to do an Easter shoot with some daffodils. I had been emailed locations with daffodils and I’ve bought my props so I thought I’d find the outfits I wanted her to wear. Bella has this cute kinda patchwork top with yellow leggings which I thought would be perfect with the daffodils. I also found a pretty pink dress for a shoot with a pretty blossom tree. Yeah I found all these outfits but I didn’t get far. My anxiety has got worse recently. It seems unless I have someone with me actually getting me out the house or have made solid plans I can’t bring myself to leave the house.

Daly eventually got up and sorted himself out for work. He came and sat downstairs with us for a bit. I was actually surprised he wasn’t in his work uniform. Sometimes, well most of the time, he’s ready, dressed and halfway out the door about 3.30. But today he stayed until 4, he didn’t even rush to get dressed.

As we never made it out to do my photo shoot I thought I’d give an indoor shoot a go. I bought a pretty flowery backdrop for mother’s day but never used it so thought maybe I could use it today. It needed ironing as when they turn up they are folded up and get creased badly. I ironed it but once again nothing actually got done with it. I cooked dinner while I ironed the backdrop. We had spaghetti Bol so pretty easy to do both at the same time.

However while I was in the kitchen cooking Bella found another Easter egg to eat. This time Aunty Paige’s. I only realised when I picked her up to bring her to the table. I suddenly realised the demolished box behind her was not the Easter egg box she’d opened this morning. Oh dear.

Bella loves spaghetti Bol but today it appeared to be the end of the world. She screamed and shouted when it came to dinner. I had to move her away from the table so she didn’t hurt herself as she wacked her head on the table at one point which of course made her cry more. So Bella didn’t eat much dinner but fortunately she did eventually calm down and enjoyed a nice bath before bed.

Anyways night all and let’s see what adventure tomorrow holds for us.

Love CiCi x

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