Spring walk and a Roast – 14th April 2019

Our day started like it normally does. With Bella waking me up and wanting to go downstairs to play. We’d invited Daly’s parents around for a roast today – I always do one on a Sunday when Daly is on days. We don’t have enough time when he’s on nights. He’d be waking up to have a full blown roast and then running of to work. It doesn’t work for us. As I knew his parents were coming round I wanted to tidy the house up a bit and I knew I needed to clear the dinning room so we could sit up to the table.

My first job of the day was to sort some washing. I had some washing that needed hanging up and I wanted to put another load of washing on. The washing hasn’t built up as much as it had in the past but at least putting a load on every now and then keeps my washing pile down.

While I was sorting the washing Bella was on the sofa having breakfast. She loves her fruit for breakfast and chose an apple for breakfast this morning. She used to have a banana every morning but apples seem to be the hit at the moment. Once she’d finished her apple she came into the kitchen to get a yoghurt. Now yoghurts I will not allow her to sit on the floor or sofa to eat especially as she went through a phase of eating them with her hands. She’s very good at knowing she needs to sit up to the table to eat her yoghurts.

We’d run out of cat food so I needed to walk into town to get some. I also wanted some cleaning products and some orange juice and oranges. I’ve been feeling so rubbish recently. The migraine I had on Thursday seems to have actually been the start of a cold. I haven’t been able to shift this headache or rubbish feeling so some cold and flu tablets and some vitamin C is the way forward. Daly had already left for work. Being on days he starts at 5am which meant he had the pram in the boot of the car. Luckily we have our spare in the garage so I had to grab that out so we could head into town.

We walked into town down the back alleys like usual. Although it looked nice and sunny outside it was breezy so felt chilly. First stop in town was Poundland. I wanted to see if they had any carpet shampoo for the hallway. I didn’t find any shampoo but I did find some cute like egg lights. I bought three big LED eggs and then two strings of battery operated eggs. I bought them for when I do Easter photo shoots. I just need to get hold of a big bunny and some chicks and lambs.

As Poundland didn’t have the cleaning products I wanted we went to PoundStretcher. Bella wanted to get out and walk around with me. I found the products I wanted and Bella wanted some juice. She happily gave the juice to the lady on the till and the lady nicely gave it back to her. We wandered around the rest of the shopping centre and Bella ran off to the ride on toys. She happily sat on Thomas the Tank Engine and then joined Postman Pat in his van. I don’t put money in them as Bella freaks when they move but she likes sitting on them.

I told her we needed to get going and go pick up the cats food from Sainsburys and she had a little fit as she did want to leave the ride ons. This resulted in her actually trying to run away from me. I seriously need to remember her reins.

We eventually made it to Sainsburys once I’d put Bella back in the pram. While we were in Sainsbury’s I had a hunt for a pram clip. The one I used to have broke sadly and if I’m going to use my Orb pram I need one. Sadly had no luck finding a clip, I’m going to have to order one online.

I bought all the bits we needed and then walked home. Half way home Bella got out of the pram to walk, and it also meant I could put the bags in the pram. They were heavy. We went a different route home today. Where we live there’s lots of alleys so there are about 20 different routes home from town. As we walked through the alleys Bella stopped to pick some daisies. She was getting tired so her walking didn’t last long.

When we got back home Bella went to have some lunch and play while I tidied. I’m pretty proud of what I got done. The house looks much better now. I tidied the living room, dinning room, kitchen, and the downstairs toilet. It feels much nicer now the place is tidy. I even cilit banged the bathroom. That’s when you know I mean business. I love my cleaning products.

I started the roast once I’d finished tidying. We had roast beef. I’ve been dying to have roast beef for ages but it’s so expensive so it’s only worth it if there’s more of us. I cooked us all roast beef, stuffing, runner beans, carrots, peas and roast potatoes. We didn’t have Yorkshire puddings, I’m trying to run down the freezer so I have no where to store any.

We had a lovely roast as a family then we all sat down round the TV and looked through our wedding photos. Bella had fallen asleep while eating at the dinner table so she was crashed out on the sofa but luckily she’d had time with Grandad before dinner. Soon it was time for them to go so we said good night and they went on their way.

Anyways night all and let’s see what adventure tomorrow holds for us.

Love CiCi x

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