Bella free day – 12th April 2019

First thing this morning I had a Messy church meeting. We’re bringing back messy church. We used to do it but as these things do it stopped for a while. I’ve been asked to help out which is extremely scary. I’m too scared to commit to anything at the moment. I used to do all these different activities before Bella was born but now it scares me. Having agoraphobia doesn’t help. I mean what if I’m having a bad day those days. And helping out means I don’t have the buffer of Bella there for me as I always take the view how can I be responsible for other people’s children if I’m responsible for my own, but also having Bella around pushes me to do things and get out.

The meeting went well. I ended up taking some form of minutes lol my notes were apparently neater and more detailed than others. I had taken Bella with me as the vicar loves seeing her and I hadn’t known what Daly was doing. He had got up with us and ended up dropping us down the church before he went and saw Nathan so he had something to do.

After the meeting Bella and I walked up to the pub to find daddy. He was sat at the bar reading some magazines while chatting with Nathan. I sat at the bar with him and Bella took herself off to our usual table. Daly decided he was going to go sit with her but I stayed at the bar as I was discussing bits with Nathan. After we’d all enjoyed a drink (a pint of coke) we decided we should get a move on with the rest of our day. I said we should drop Bella at Daly’s parents as she goes to theirs on a Friday afternoon so they have some time with her and I get a bit of a break.

We took Bella to her grandparents and found Aunty Becky there doing Grandmas hair. I’d asked Becky to do Bella’s fringe at the beginning of the week but she had been busy so it was perfect that she was there. Bella had been struggling with her hair going into her eyes. Aunty Paige was also there. Bella was suppose to be spending the night at hers but she was poorly and didn’t want to give it to Bella so instead we were all going to stay and Daly’s parents that night. We had some bits to do so we left Bella with Grandma and Grandad and headed off to Food Warehouse to get some bits for Sunday dinner as we’d invited Grandma and Grandad.

After we’d done some shopping we went home so we could pack. Daly needed to get all his bits ready for work for tomorrow morning and I needed to pack an overnight bag for Bella and I. I also packed my camera as I planned on doing a photo shoot with Bella at the country park tomorrow.

Daly had agreed to pick our friend Joe up from work so to make life easy I decided I’d go with him so he didn’t have to come back home. Not that it worked out that way. We set off to pick up Joe with me directing Daly as he’d got a little muddled after he’d dropped Joe off this morning. I know the area ok as he works just round the corner from the hospital where mum went for radiotherapy.

Joe works for Land Rover so while we were waiting for him to finish I had a look round some of the cars to see which one I liked. Turns out I like the new Discovery, especially in white. I do have a soft spot for white cars. Joe eventually finished work and I needed Sainsburys for a drink, well several drinks. The girls had planned a girls night so I was also on the hunt for some wine and lemonade. If I’d have thought of it I would have picked up some spirits from home. We’d been asked to pick up our friend Char from work at 6.30. We still had a bit of time before we had to pick her up so we stopped at home so we could pick up my Southern Comfort.

We picked up Char and then dropped her and Joe home. We’d been asked to go pick up dinner so we stopped in town and picked up fish and chips before heading back to Daly’s parents. So back at theirs we had our chips before Dawn, Becky and I headed down to Char’s for our girly night of drinks and chatting.

Anyways night all, and let’s see what adventure tomorrow holds for us.

Love CiCi x

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