Never ending migraine – 11th April 2019

Today has not been a good day. First I woke up when Daly got in from work at half five. My head was banging, I had been taking cocodamol during the night to try and get rid of this head ache. It started probably about 7pm yesterday so when Daly got home I took some more painkillers in the hopes of shifting it.

I had fallen back asleep until Bella woke me at 10. She was ready to get up and start the day so I got up with her and down stairs we went. I put the TV on so Bella could have CBeebies and I curled up on the sofa trying to ignore the noise. The good thing is with have two sofa beds in the living room and one you can make the sofa wider without turning it into an actually bed so that’s the one I crashed on.

I must have been tired because I woke up to Daly coming downstairs but managed to doze back off. Sadly Bella wanted to cuddle so climbed up on to me waking me up. Once she’d woken me I couldn’t get back to sleep downstairs. Bella had CBeebies on and Daly was watching videos on his phone and with toys making noises as well my head felt like it was going to explode so I crawled upstairs to bed.

The cocodamol wasn’t touching my head and I’ve run out of tramodol so I just had to sleep the pain off luckily feeling as crap as I did, crashing in bed was easy.

Daly came upstairs at half five to ask what I wanted for dinner. I told him I didn’t care and for him decide. Apparently that wasn’t helpful. I moaned at him that I didn’t care I was just asking him to plan one meal without me. I manage every night without asking him what he wants. So we ended up with McDonalds again. A bit naughty but as a one off having it two days in a row it’s not going to kill us.

Anyways night all and let’s see what adventure tomorrow holds for us. Hopefully I’ll be feeling better.

Love CiCi x

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