Time to edit – 9th April 2019

It was a 9 oclock start for us this morning. I had slept with Bella last night, she’d really struggled getting off to sleep. Luckily she was quite happy to snuggle up with mummy and get off to sleep.

Even though we got up early this morning we had a chilled morning. We got dressed so we were able to go into town but I couldn’t quite find the motivation to actually get up and out of the house. I knew however, we were going to go and see Uncle Nathan in the afternoon so at least we had a plan for the afternoon.

Bella once again happily played in her playroom. I heard Daly get up so I asked him if he was going to join us at the pub for a little bit before he goes to work. He decided he would join us. He appeared in his work uniform hours before work so I guessed that’s what was happening.

For some reason I actually get stuff done when I’m at the pub. Even though it’s busy than home and there’s more distractions I can focus more and relax on what I’m doing. Because of that I grabbed my laptop to take it down to the pub with me. I had so many photos to edit from the weekend I thought I might actually get some done this way. I kinda claim the pub is my office because I always get my work done there.

When we got to the pub, like normal Ed was there with his friend and of course Nathan and Cathy were there. Apparently Cathy comes down on a Tuesday because she knows Bella and I will be in, so she gets a chance to see us.

One of the regulars set up a challenge for Ed. He placed two balls covering each pocket and told Ed to pot them all in the fewest shots. Apparently he didn’t do it right because the table was set up again so he could have another. In the end he gave up and let Bella do her usual of crawling around the pool table putting the balls in the pockets.

While the children played I sat at my table and got down editing the photos I had taken at Teynham. With over 900 to do it was going to take a while. Every now and then Bella would sit with me but she seemed to want to spend time with daddy today and kept following him in and out of the building.

Annoyingly Daly had to go to work. I can’t really complain, he had given me longer than I expected in the pub. The annoying thing was when he made me pack up to go I only had 5 photos left to edit but I couldn’t really make him hang on until I’d finished them so I stopped and packed up my laptop. Bella went and gave Cathy and Nathan kisses and we headed home.

When we got home Bella was quite happy to carry on playing with her In the Night Garden characters. She had been placing them in her fire station and playing. She was happy having them act out what ever she was doing so I left her to it while I continued to edit.

That’s how our afternoon went until we had dinner. A nice chilled but productive day managing to complete all the editing ready to upload.

Night all and let’s see what adventures tomorrow holds for us

Love CiCi x

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