Printed Pyjamas – 7th April 2019

Busy Day today. I was up early for church this morning. I haven’t been to church since mum’s funeral but today was the churches APCM so I was going along to see what was going on in the church world especially as I’m becoming more involved again.

Off I went down to the church and hoping I didn’t freeze. One of the things I remembered from mum’s funeral was how cold I was in the church but it didn’t seem too bad today. I sat with a friend from Bellas Monday morning toddler group so I wasn’t sat on my own in the service. It was funny everyone kept coming up to me and saying how lovely it was to see me, I used to go to church all the time but now it is a rarity for me to turn up.

After the service it was off to the church hall for the meeting. I kept being asked where Bella was. She’s a hit where ever she goes. I kept telling people I’d left her in bed. Which of course got people thinking as I always have Bella with me. I had to reassure them that my husband was also at home in bed.

The meeting didn’t take too long so I actually had time to relax at home before it was time to go down to Dover for their carnival court selection.

When I got home Bella and Daly were up. Bella wanted to play with the playdough so I let her have it out for half an hour before I had to get her ready. While she played I relaxed and made sure my camera was ready for the evening.

It was soon time to pack away the play dough and start to get ready. I gave Daly the clothes for Bella and started to do my make up. Bella, however, had other ideas. She got into my make up bag, like normal, and decided she wanted to do daddys make up. It was quite funny Daly trying to stop Bella attacking him with the make up brush. In the end while she distracted him, I got him with the blusher brush. Haha!

He managed to get Bella dressed in her cute little outfit for the evening while I continued to do my make up. That didn’t last long though. Bella came and planted herself in front of my mirror so I couldn’t see. But man did she look cute doing her make up in the mirror.

We were soon ready to go. All dressed and the car packed. We headed to Dalys parents to go pick up his mum and our friend Liam as they were also coming to Dover.

As soon as we turned up at the hall I spotted the court practicing their curtsey so I grabbed my camera and set about snapping. As they finished their curtsey their chairperson, Grace, turned to me and said ‘your a judge’ dang it. I’d planned on dressing up for the seniors and chilling during the juniors. Now I needed to look semi decent.

We had a while to wait so I sat at our table and Paige, Adam and cousin Hannah turned up. Hannah and I had a nice heart to heart about photography. It was nice for someone to ask me for advice and discuss ideas. I must be doing something right.

Bella kept playing with the curtains by the bar. Playing hide and seek and running through them. I got some lovely photos. Yesterday I seemed to be having issues with my photos being a bit blurry and grainy but today the only issues I had were some of my photos were over exposed.

Soon it came time for me to do some judging. Paige and Adam were also judging so it was a whole family affaire. We had 6 to judge in the junior section. I’d asked Daly to take photos – Hannah didn’t want to and I know he can take a photo he just doesn’t a lot of the time.

The contestants were asked questions about themselves and hobbies and then had to choose a question card that the MC had. First contestant was asked who their favourite Disney character was – Sleeping Beauty. Us judges all had a bit of a giggle because Sleeping Beauty is my favourite Disney princess so we were joking that I was going to give 10s across the board just for that answer. The final contestant then selected the question, if you could be any animal what animal would you be. Her answer a Panda, again we all started giggling because that’s Paiges favourite animal so we said she was going to put 10s across the board.

We retreated to discuss our judging scores before we returned to our table and I went back to taking photos.

Just as the evening switched from the junior contest to the seniors, our friends Phoenix and Chrissie brought us McDonald’s. So all the food I cooked the day before didn’t really get ate but it would keep so we can keep it for lunches.

Sadly there was only one senior but she still got up and did her on stage interview. After the senior contest it was time for the sad part of the evening again. First the Queen did her speech. At Dover only the Queen gives a speech. Her speech was brilliant, she did get a bit choked up but she got through it.

The court gave all the judges a present for judging so I got some yummy chocolates then it was time for Graces thank yous. She thanked all the people that helped and then called me up to say thank you for all my help. I got a lovely bunch of red flowers. I’ve told her this year I can help out more as i don’t have a link to any other carnival associations this year. Dover is the only committee I’ve ever actually committed to.

Time for the girls to say goodbye. This time there were lots of tears from nearly all the girls. I felt for them as they did their step down curtsey. Especially being a young court.

Before the new court were crowned the raffle took place. I hadn’t bought Bella any tickets today but she was getting tired so I took her to go get our PJs on. There is one person at Dover who always comes up to me and says it isn’t Dover until he’s seen me in my Pyjamas – sounds wrong but I do live in my Pyjamas so everyone had seen that. He had said he’d been watching the clock and something was wrong because it was past 9 and I wasn’t in my Pyjamas so I had to put the world back to rights.

By the time the crowning came I was in my Pyjamas and ready to take photos. The new court were crowned and then all the girls decended. I stayed well away and we got Bella ready to go home. Bella fell asleep in the car on the way home while I hunted for printed pyjamas. I’ve decided to tie in with the fact I always get into my Pyjamas at the end of carnival events and I’m back with Dover I want pyjamas with Dover Carnival Association printed on them. I think it’s only right.

Anyways, night all and let’s see what adventures tomorrow holds for us

Love CiCi x

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