Bella’s Day – 3rd April 2019

Oh man I swear my Narcolepsy is getting worse. Bella woke up crying at about 6 this morning so I went into comfort her. I had to lay down in bed with her to get her back to sleep. The thing was everyone of my muscles felt it was shaking uncontrollably. I felt so drained, it was horrible. I mean to wake up feeling exhausted is horrible and what’s worse is it’s becoming more common. And what’s the cure – nothing! My muscles are that tired and nothing makes them feel better.

We had a massive layin this morning with how bad I was feeling. We were going to get some friends to come round and help us sort the house out but obviously waking up half way through the day that didn’t happen. So we all ventured downstairs to try and find some energy to do something. Rachel turned up like promised but we were struggling to find something to do for the day. We have very little money at the moment. I spent my morning, well early afternoon sorting out my Universal Credit claim.

As we were struggling badly with an idea to do for the day we laid our fate in Bellas hands. I gave her some picture cards and let her pick which ones she wanted. She chose the library. She kept pointing at the picture saying books. We got ourselves sorted and all bundled into the car to go to the library.

We arrived in town and we went in to the library. Bella knew exactly where to go and she settled down in the kids corner to read the books. She found an ocean flap book that she had borrowed before that she loves. We sat and read it together. She told me where the fish, shark and turtles were.

She had a hunt around for a couple more books that she wanted to bring home. We then headed into town. Rachel wanted to go to Greggs to get something to eat and I wanted to go to Poundland to get some craft bits for Bella. We, however, never made it to Poundland. I tried to walk was the pub and Bella threw a fit wanting to go in. So in we went and found uncle Nathan. Just as we settled on our normal table Daly ran past the windows. He had seen our friend Char on the way to pick up her little boy and then we’d discussed about meeting up so Daly was just letting her know where we were.

Rachel arrived with a sausage roll for me and a gingerbread man for Bella. We sat and had our little picnic, I’ve said we need to turn up with a picnic basket and a gingham tablecloth where we keep turning up with food. Daly turned up and we had a few games of pool. I have no idea what was going on with me, I was shocking at pool. Normally I’m ok but I couldn’t hit a damn ball. I decided to go get Bella a craft activity from Poundland, especially as there were going to be two children to entertain.

While I was round at Poundland, Rachel had a game of pool with Daly. I found the kids a simple craft activity that would keep them occupied. Outside I bumped into Hannah and Jess. We stood chatting about Hannah’s day and I could see in the distance Char coming up the hill. So we continued our chat and then we decided to move it to the pub.

Inside Bella and Chars little boy were having a nice time chatting and we all had a drink and chatted. I got the kids started on the craft activity and Hannah and Jess had a go at darts.

Our afternoon was pretty chilled. The kids crafted and the grown ups chatted and played darts. How a nice chilled afternoon should be. The last game of the day was a game of Killer Darts with all of us. Sadly Rachel had gone home at this point but our friends Richard and Joe turned up to pick up Char so we got them involved as well. I was the first person out in Killer Darts. It was not a good day for pub games.

So our day started off as a rubbish what do we do day to Bella choosing what she wanted to do and it turning into a good day with friends.

Night all and let’s see what adventure tomorrow holds for us

Love CiCi x

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