Springtime has sprung – 2nd April 2019

Today was Bellas last toddler sense session. We finally made the decision to stop her classes. She loves the free play and will join in with the activities but only after a lot of persuading to come and join the group. And as soon as she’s done the activity for two seconds she’s running off again. I’m thinking a better use of our money might be an annual pass to Kent Life so we can go see the animals whenever we like. You visit four times and you’ve saved money and Bella loves it there and has the confidence to feed the animals now.

As usual our Tuesday morning started with a trip to Costa. I bought my usual decaf tea and Bella had her gingerbread man. I swear they actually hold one back for me or last week was a one off where they actually had none. I gave Bella her gingerbread man and today baby got first bites.

This week’s toddler sense was Springtime/Easter. There were lots of springtime animals dotted about – sheep, cows, pigs and of course lots of rabbits. Bella found a group of flowers in the soft play which she kept lining up.

She enjoyed sitting and reading some Easter books with me. We chatted about the animals and what was happening. Bella wanted to sit on the soft play to read it but other children were climbing over the soft play so she wasn’t able to relax and read the books.

The large inflatable obstacle course was at Toddler Sense today. Bella had great fun jumping with her friend and sliding down the slide.

There was the large paddling pool filled with ball pit balls, chicks and eggs. Bella liked sitting in the pool and finding the chicks.

Soon it was time to sit down and start the guided activities. We sang our welcome song and then it was time to move on to the first activity. First up was some dancing and shaking with some egg shakers. Bella loved dancing around and giving the eggs a good shake. She even went and got me an egg shaker but she quickly wanted it for herself.

Next up was mark making. Everyone was give an egg colouring sheet and some crayons to share. Bella did really well with her colouring. She started but colouring the spots on her egg. And then colouring the ribbon across the centre of it. She may struggle to stay inside the lines but she did really well and gave it a good go.

The next activity was a team game trying to keep all the bunny’s on the cloth and preventing them falling through the holes while we bounced it up and down. Bella always enjoys this activity and always disappears under the cloth to find all the bunnies that have fallen through the holes. Lots of tods also ended up on the cloth. They obviously wanted a bounce.

Next up, the egg and spoon race. Bella tried really hard with this game. She was able to balance the egg on the spoon and walked really carefully across the mats. The egg did fall off and crack and everytime Bella screamed and then laughed. We have the same game at home which I bought Bella last year for Easter. I will have to hunt it out again.

Of course no Easter session is complete without an egg hunt. The teacher had a chicken that had lost all her eggs. They were dotted around the free play. All the children had to see if they could find all her eggs. Bella and I had a hunt in the ball pit and managed to find one.

At the end of the session everyone received a packet of seeds that they could plant. Bella came back with a packet of Sweet Peas. We will have to plant them at the beginning of the holidays and see if we’re able to grow anything.

So that was the end of Bella’s Toddler Sense experience well at least until we think about revisiting the sessions when Bella is a little older. We’ll have to see what happens.

We headed down to the pub to see uncle Nathan. When we got there someone was sat at my table 😮 and there was someone sat at our backup table. Double 😮😮 so we sat in front of the fireplace. That way Bella has easy access to the toy box. We sat and enjoyed our drinks and Bella and I played Pictionary. Bella was very good at guessing what I drew. I was impressed. Obviously means my drawing isn’t that bad.

Bella’s turn. First she drew a balloon with a long string.

Then she drew a picture of me. I’m so impressed as she’s never drawn anything that you can actually see has some resemblance to something. She was able to tell me where my eyes, hair, arms and legs were. I was very impressed. I mean the parts my not be quite in the right place but my baby drew a picture of me.

Daly came and met us at the pub and then we headed home. I felt shattered and Bella was too. We got home and Bella lead on the sofa watching tv and Daly lead opposite on what has become his sofa. And him and Tinsle snuggled up and watched YouTube together.

It’s nice that Tinsle feels so comfortable that she will happily snuggle with him. It’s nice to see considering how timid she is.

Anyways, night all and let’s see what adventure tomorrow holds for us

Love CiCi x

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