Impromptu shopping day – 27th March 2019

Daly was up before us this morning. He actually woke me up. I didn’t realise how early it was (in my world) until my alarm went off at 10.30. By then we were actually all up and dressed ready to take on the day.

Because we had had no luck finding a present for Sophie yesterday I wanted to head to a B and M so Bella could have a look a choose a nice toy to get. I sent Rachel a text before we left especially as we normally spend the day together on a Tuesday. We decided we were going to head to Ashford because there is a Smyths in the same retail park as B and M.

Rachel hadn’t replied to me so we just turned up on her doorstep. Turned out she’d been having a chilled morning watching films. She thought I was a delivery but nope just little old me asking her if she wanted to come out with us. She got dressed and then we hit the road again.

There were roadworks around the retail park so we had to go round a roundabout to come back on ourselves. Only problem McDonalds was on that roundabout and it was lunchtime. So guess where we went.

Bella sat colouring with Rachel while we waited for our food. A lady came past with balloons and offered Bella one. She chose the blue balloon which she quickly handed to me so she could go back to colouring.

Our food turned up and it was time to munch.

After lunch it was time to head back to the car and disappear down the road to the retail park. Auntie Rachel had to carry Bella to the car as she wanted to just run around and crossing a car park was not the time or place.

The first place we hit in the retail park was B and M. Daly pushed Bella around in the trolley while Rachel and I went off and shopped. There wasn’t really much that we wanted but Rachel picked up some more bits for her garden. We luckily found a present for Sophie so the purpose of the trip was complete. Didn’t mean we had to stop shopping though.

I let Bella walk the last bit of the shop so she decided we were gonna go outside in to the garden centre bit. Bella liked trying out the different types of seats they had. She also told me all the different things outside, flowers, stones, plant. I even popped her in a giant garden pot which she found funny.

We paid for our bits and then decided to look round the other shops. First up Hobbie Craft. We took a look round a Rachel bought a few crafty bits. I found a little cross stitch. I always get the little mini ones. I can keep my concentration long enough to complete them. I usually finish them in a day.

We moved on to Smyths. I had said it was Daly’s job to go with Bella to find something to spend her birthday money on. He always says he’s a big kid so I though it was the perfect activity for them to share. Off they went up and down the aisles while I wandered. After about 20 minutes we met back up but there had been no luck finding a toy that had taken Bella’s interest. So tag, it was my turn. She marched off to the Paw Patrol aisle and showed me the toys but still didn’t seem too taken. Peppa Pig was behind us and she seemed pretty interested in those toys. I hate Peppa Pig but Bella seems to like it. We found a doctors set and she happily picked it up and marched off round the shop to show Daly what she had found.

We found Daly by the sit in electronic cars. While Daly and I were chatting about the car Daly appeared to like the most bellahad climbed on to the shelf and climbed into a pink Fiat 500. She pretended to drive it, turning the wheel and pressing the horn going beep beep.

Daly was quite taken by a yellow mclaren. And this one actually worked. We put it on the shop floor and in Bella got. Daly showed her how to use it and she really enjoyed herself – not freaking like she normally does when she’s in something that moves.

We put the Mclaren back on the shelf and Bella climbed back on the shelf switching from one car to the other. We had a bit of a melt down when she had to leave the cars and we had to leave the shop.

We popped into Argos but Bella was still crying and screaming. I kept asking her what was wrong and she kept saying “oust” because I didn’t understand her it just caused her to cry more. I decided to take her outside for a walk to calm down.

She calmed down and then we found what she’d meant when she was saying “oust” it was house. There were a couple of play houses outside Smyths. She played inside them while we waited for Daly to bring the car over.

It was time to go home. Sadly Bella was screaming again. She just wanted cuddles and her balloon. Luckily within minutes of driving Bella was fast asleep.

So even though it was an impromptu shopping trip it was a successful one. When we got home. Bella was soundo. She slept for two hours and hen I had to wake her otherwise she isn’t going to sleep tonight. She was still extremely grumpy when she woke up but we managed to wrap Sophie’s presents.

Anyways night all and let’s see what adventure tomorrow holds for us.

Love CiCi x

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