Dentist trip for Bella – 26th March 2019

It was an early morning for us this morning. Bella had the dentist at 9am. I spent the whole night panicking we were going to be late. I got up and got dressed but Bella wasn’t feeling it today. She was barely awake when I brought her downstairs. Instead of trying to battle with her to get dressed I just packed a few outfits and took her in her pyjamas. She was happy with that and it meant we got to the dentists on time. In fact we were slightly early. We had to wait outside on the steps.

Finally we got inside the building and I was handed a patient form for Bella. Pretty normal I guess except the questions were not relevant at all for a two year old. My daughter doesn’t have a mobile, a work number, an email, an occupation. And then the questions they asked with regards to health. Do you smoke? Do you drink? Are you pregnant? I asked Bella all the questions. She openly admitted to smoking but apparently she doesn’t drink and when I asked her if she was pregnant she gave me that look that said she’s been caught out. I’ve said next time I’m going to let her fill it out and I’ll just sign it for her.

Bella’s dentist was running late so I got her dressed to save us doing it later in the morning. She kept saying hello and goodbye to every patient that came in and out the room. Eventually the dentist turned up and we were called through. Bella sat on my lap in the dentist chair and the dentist looked at her teeth. She was a bit reluctant to show her teeth but was a bit happy once Bella had used the dentists mirror to look at Mummy’s teeth. The dentist said her teeth looked good and she’d see her again in 6 months. She even got a sticker for being so good.

After the dentist we went to Costa for our usual Tuesday morning routine. Today we sat in Costa as we had an hour and a half before we had to go to toddler sense. Bella was very disappointed they didn’t have any gingerbread men and I had to get her some waffles. I had my usual decaf tea and a tea cake. We sat in Costa, Bella watching a bit of Paw Patrol and I went through the birthday party blog.

We left Costa and set off to toddler sense. As we pulled up to the hall Bella got all excited and started shouting Tod. It’s typical, just as we make the decision to stop her classes she stars to seem to love them. We were about 20 minutes early today so we sat in the hall way and waited. Another family turned up and Bella played chase with the children. They had a wail of a time laughing and screaming.

It was the mother’s day session today. With the aim to get the children yo help us with the house work. There were little duster around the place, an ironing board and a couple of vacuums.

The giant inflatable assault course was up today. Bella loves it but can’t quite get onto it so needs a little help. Baby went on the course with her.

She really enjoyed the little houses that were dotted around. She was playing house and I kept asking if I could come in but nope. So instead I was the postman and kept bringing her letters.

Baby had a go on the little cars. Bella pushed her along.

Bella wasn’t really interested in doing any of the house hold chores but she did give ironing a go. Not sure on her parenting though because was lead on the ironing board while Bella ironed. Amazingly she didn’t iron baby. She just didn’t want to put baby on the ground.

The first activity of the session was to wash the car. They had two big inflatable cars to wash and everyone was given a damp sponge. Bella was off and happily dived into washing the car. Obviously it’s something we’re going to have to do in the future. We even had bubbles to add to the car wash theme.

After washing the car it was time to dust the house. Bella took her duster and tried hard dusting the roof and floor of the house.

The final chore we had to do was hang the washing out. The children had a washing line and lots of pegs to try and hang up the pretty coloured scarves we use for class. Bella tried really hard with her pincer grip but she found it extremely tricky. I kept telling her to use her pinchy fingers and squeeze. We managed to hang one scarf up using the pegs.

After all this hard work it was time for a rest and something to eat and drink. The children had a picnic while us adults enjoyed a cake and received a flower.

Bella enjoyed the picnic and saw there was a little boy sitting on his own. Bella decided she was going to go sit with him. He didn’t fancy the idea of her sitting with him. It looked so cute though. It looked like the cutest little date ever.

After toddler sends it was off to the pub to meet daddy. Daly however was at home tidying. Luckily Ed came and joined us at the pub at our table and we sat and chatted about various things. He let Bella play on the pool table putting all the balls in the pockets before he had a game of pool with his friend.

I am still getting my bad head at the moment so I just relaxed while I let Bella watch Paw Patrol again. Daly came down and joined us bringing me more of my anxiety medication.

Daly and Bella went up into town to go choose Mother’s Day card and to get a birthday card as we have another party to go to at the weekend. They came back with lots of cards and chocolate. I was trying to find out what my goddaughter wanted for her birthday from her mum so we could go choose something in town.

Bella and I went for a walk up the high street but sadly we had no luck finding anything for Sophie. We did however see Bella’s godfather Zach who was at work. We chatted while Bella happily played on the ride on toys in the shopping centre.

As we hadn’t been able to get Bella a gingerbread man in the morning we stopped into the Costa and managed to pick one up before we headed back to the pub and then to venture home.

A very long day but some nice quality mother daughter time.

Let’s see what adventure tomorrow holds for us.

Love CiCi x

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