This is the Greatest Show – 21st March 2019

Today was a normal Thursday. Baby ballet in the morning and nursery in the afternoon.

I was woken up by Daly phoning me. He’s developed a tooth abscess and was in desperate need of a dentist appointment to help him. Apparently he had had a rubbish nights sleep, tossing and turning in pain. Luckily he had managed to get a dentist appointment and was going at lunch time to see what could be done.

At Babyballet Bella was better than last week but she did keep running off. She likes the little trampoline in the corner of the room but her teacher said she could use it while the rest of the class did the jumping activity. It’s funny, the first half of the class she’s a wild child and the second half she is so engaged yet she will practice at home all the time.

After ballet was lunch and then nursery. Bella was fine in the car going to nursery until she recognised the buildings and then she had a complete melt down, screaming and crying. Not sure why she reacts like this, she enjoys nursery. I dropped her off with a hug and a kiss and reassured her that mummy was coming to pick her up and she was going to have lots of fun. I’m lucky that I’ve worked the other side otherwise I’d probably be refusing to leave her and crying myself but I know she will be fine and have fun. Within minutes if not seconds she’ll have stopped crying and having fun.

While Bella was at nursery I sorted out her play room as it had become a bit of a dumping/storage area and I want Bella to actually be able to play with her toys. I pretty proud of how it looks. It’s not finished but it definitely looks better and Bella has been using it much more.

When I picked Bella up she was still a little clingy with her key worker but she seemed happier. We’ve come to the conclusion she loves the garden. I always knew she loved being outside but she cheers up as soon as she knows she’s going outside. I had a cookie waiting for her in the car in a hopes she can associate nursery with good things.

When we got home I let Bella play in the playroom for half an hour before sending her upstairs for a nap. We were going to the circus and I didn’t want her to be tired.

Daly returned from work, the dentist and the pharmacy and died on the sofa. I cooked him some Supernoodles and he was fast asleep within thirty minutes. Daly was suppose to be coming to the circus with us but he was in no state to go. He didn’t even wake when we said goodbye to him and left.

We were meeting Zach and Cathy at the circus. Zach had been the one who wanted to take Bella. We met them at the main entrance and headed inside the tent. I hadn’t been to the circus in years. I know I went when I was younger with mum and dad but that’s all I know.

The circus was brilliant. Bella was throughly spoilt by Zach. They returned at the interval with a balloon and a flashing wand.

I loved the tightrope walkers and trapeze. I love things like that. I think they are amazing. I swear I watched almost the whole circus with my mouth wide open.

I loved the clown as well. He was funny and very clever. He entertained the crowd while they set up for other acts. His main act was the trampoline. He was very funny and even managed to do 15 sumisaults in a row. Very impressive.

Bella and baby seemed to enjoy themselves. They spent most of the evening cuddled up with Zach and Cathy fighting sleep. I’m glad we went. I think we’re definitely going to have to go again in the future and this time hopefully Daly can come with us.

It was a long but good day.

Let’s see what adventure tomorrow holds for us

Love CiCi x

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