A little bit of shopping – 20th March 2019

Today was a shopping day with Rachel. We hadn’t done one for a while and Rachel wanted to go to the B and M in Folkestone. We hadn’t been spending our usual Mondays and Wednesdays together. We’ve both admitted we’ve been bad at it but we can’t afford to do what we did with mum every week. We’ve come up with the plan to save up and do a big family day once a month but still meet every Wednesday and do something together.

We hit B and M first. I picked up a few bits for Easter. We’re planning on doing an Easter egg hunt at Rachel’s this year. Rachel bought lots of bits for her garden. That girl loves her garden. I’d picked up a dodgy trolley to go round the store though. The child’s seat was stuck so I had to just put Bella straight in the trolley. She didn’t care though.

Like usual we stopped at McDonalds for lunch. Not that Bella ate much. It was an excuse for some selfies. McDonalds Monopoly is back and there’s loads of prizes available however we didn’t get any instant wins.

After lunch we went to Pets at Home. Bella and I went to look at the fish while Rachel looked at bits for her guinea pigs. We’ve been playing with the idea of getting Bella a fish. Well I’ve actually been playing with the idea of getting a fish for ages. I’m just struggling with the idea of being responsible for an animal. I find it stressful enough looking after the two cats we have but a fish I might be able to handle. I know Bella would like a fish. Bella has a real soft spot for the rabbits but I can’t cope with an animal that requires a long term commitment at the moment. She’ll just have to cope with seeing them in the store or seeing Rachel’s guinea pigs.

Next we hit Folkestone town. We love a Primark but sadly I was very disappointed with the selection. I couldn’t find anything I really liked for me or Bella. Then we visited ASDA before heading home. I found a really cute dress for Bella on the sale rack and Rachel found some cool sparkly shoes then it was time for the long drive home.

I had said that as we hadn’t celebrated pancake day on Shrove Tuesday we’d celebrate it tonight. Oliver had a work do so Rachel was staying for dinner and pancakes. Bella helped me make the batter which we had three attempts at. Stupid weevils. Mum had always said she wanted to find weevils and now she’s dead my flour was full off it. I honestly wanted to throw up. I did a quick dash to Sainsburys and returned with fresh flour and we tried the batter again. This time all good.

We had a nice chilled evening munching on our pancakes.

Let’s see what adventure tomorrow holds for us.

Love CiCi x

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