The Travel Blogs – Friends New and Old – 16th March 2019

After lunch Bella went to make a new friend. My uncle Barry has a tortoise and she needed a bath. Bella had been interested in the tortoise and kept going to look at her habitat. My aunty had asked Bella if she wanted to help bathe and fed her. Bella seemed extremely interested but she can be a bit funny about animals. I mean we have two cats and she likes them for 2 seconds and then she’s over them and just wants them to go away.

First up was a bath. Sheron had got a washing up bowl with a bit of temped water in for the tortoise to go in. Bella sat up to the table so she could watch the tortoise walk round in the water. Bella wasn’t too sure and this point and was a bit weary. She was happy just munching her apple and watching. She did however try to feed the tortoise some apple.

Next up Sheron took the tortoise out of the bowl of water and dried her. She showed Bella the tortoise up close but Bella was still unsure.

Sheron had given Bella some greens to feed the tortoise. To begin with Bella was too weary to feed her. So instead I fed the tortoise. I’m still a weary of animals I don’t know so I wasn’t too sure about feeding the tortoise but I gave it ago.

After I’d fed the tortoise for a bit Bella became a bit braver and attempted to stroke her. Bella had noticed that the tortoise had missed some of her greens so moved it in front of her so it could get them.

We went back into the living room to play. While we had been looking after the tortoise, Jamie and Daly had been outside looking at Jamie’s car. Like the boys do.

We all congregated in the living room and watched the end of Rango. The boys sat on the floor watching car videos on YouTube while Bella played. Bella’s cousin Shelby turned up but she was very tired so wasn’t ready to play so instead she had cuddles with daddy.

The girls spent all afternoon playing. Sharing toys between them. Shelby wasn’t too sure of Bella to start with but warmed up to her quickly. Bella had found the little sit on car and was playing with that.

The girls ended up in the dining room playing peek a boo behind the curtain. And then wanted to sit together on a spinny chair in the dinning room. I managed to take a few photos of them sitting together. It reminded me of a photo I have of me and one of my cousins. Friendships made for life.

It was lovely seeing the girls play together and also Bella playing with her great aunty Sheron. Bella showed Sheron her dinosaurs and they also looked at the dinosaur book Barry and Sheron had bought Bella for her birthday.

Shelby kept chasing Bella around and trying to give Bella hugs. Bella however does things on her terms so she wasn’t too fond of Shelby being too cuddly. However Bella enjoys a game of chase.

We did catch the two girls in the bathroom playing with the bath ducks. They kept giggling and running in and out of the room, it was so cute. They were soon shooed out of the room when they kept trying to shut us out.

This pattern of play continued until Shelby left. Bella did manage to share a little with Shelby. She did learn that it was ok for Shelby to play with her toys especially her toot toot dog she had got for her birthday and it wasn’t going to get hurt.

After dinner Jamie and Daly had a games evening playing CoD while I sat in the living room and chatted with Barry and Sheron. Sheron and I were discussing Easter events I could do with Bella near home. In the end we found a few egg hunts near us so just need to make an actual decision on what were going to take Bella to. It was a wonderful chilled evening with the family and everyone had a good time.

Night all and let’s see what adventures tomorrow holds for us

Love CiCi x

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